Mainstream Pakistani Islamic Groups Praise Assassin of Governor and Warn Others That They Would Be Killed For Opposing Blasphemy Prosecutions

The mainstream Islamic organizations have rallied in response to the assassination of of Salman Taseer, governor of Punjab province by one of his bodyguards. However, they are not rallying to denounce the killing but to celebrate it because Taseer had stood up against the country’s notorious blasphemy laws. Islamic leaders warned people not to mourn his death and warned other politicians that they could face the same fate if they tried to curtail blasphemy prosecutions. In the meantime, his killer, Mumtaz Qadri was showered with rose petals and kisses by supporters in court.

Five hundred Pakistani religious scholars issued a threat to anyone who considers mourning Taseer or supporting the campaign against blasphemy laws. For we have shown on this blog numerous times (here and here), those laws are used to persecute religious minorities. As noted in this prior column, the Obama Administration yielded to pressure from Muslim countries to support an international blasphemy law.

Taseer had called for justice for a Christian woman sentenced to death under the blasphemy laws. These “scholars” praised the killer — establishing the depths of their own hypocrisy and immorality. They clearly believe that murder is sanctioned by God as is the use of terroristic threats in the name of piety.

Source: Reuters

Jonathan Turley

8 thoughts on “Mainstream Pakistani Islamic Groups Praise Assassin of Governor and Warn Others That They Would Be Killed For Opposing Blasphemy Prosecutions”

  1. Ask Benny Hinn…or Kenneth Copeland….God has spoken….they are chosen….

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  3. Quoted from the first link:

    “While terrorist acts are generally associated with an extremist fringe, the gunning down of Taseer appeared to have significant support that reached into the heart of society.

    All the big mainstream political parties strongly condemned the murder, and thousands attended funeral prayers for Taseer. However, both the large religious political parties declared that he had deserved to be killed for his views”

  4. They’re charging head first into barbarism, they’re nodding and winking at the Taliban in their tribal areas, they have atomic weapons, and NATO depends on them for a supply route to Afghanistan through the Kyber Pass.

    Whose dumb idea was it to invade Afghanistan?

  5. Authoritarians’ reaction to insurgency no matter that authority’s political, religious, ethnic, or racial composition.

  6. To threaten anyone who would mourn a murdered man sinks to a depth of moral depravity that makes one wonder where their religion and faith is headed. They seem to be charging headlong into the dark ages and want to live there. They have a lot in common with those who initiated and operated the Spanish Inquisition. Every religion has its zealots and whack-jobs, but this latest is beyond the pale.

  7. What’s the answer?

    The education and empowerment of girls/women.

    It’s the ONLY thing that frightens these deluded fundamentalists.

  8. You know you read a headline like this and its no wonder many feel that these people are certified whack jobs. Been in the newspaper biz 40 years plus and man it just is not getting better. What ever happened to news ” news.”

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