Italian Man Sneezes Out Bullet

Italian Darco Sangermano, 28, took matters into his own hands literally while waiting in an emergency room to be seen after being shot in the head. Sangermano was hit in the head by a bullet fired by one of those morons who like to shoot their guns on New Year’s Eve. Sangermano suddenly sneezed in the Naples hospital and the bullet came out his nose.

If my Italian background serves me, the Italian word for blood is sangue and hand is mano. Sangermano sounds a lot like “blood hand.”

In this case, the bullet passed behind his right eye and lodged in his nostril. It was a .22 calibre bullet and he is expected to make a full recovery after laser surgery on his right eye’s retina.

Source: BBC

6 thoughts on “Italian Man Sneezes Out Bullet”

  1. eniobob,

    Some Happy New Year, I’ve got to see the dentist … or, thank god I’m alive, Happy New Year!

    He must have some very strong teeth to so effectively stop a bullet … I wonder if dentists have to report a gunshot wound?

    Sorry … that story just sent me rambling away

  2. frank,

    lol . . . that’s exactly the comedy bit that leaped into mind when I saw this post. I think it was called “Up His Nose It Goes”.

  3. True story,My cousin was preparing to go out on a New Years Eve many,many years ago,and he stopped by a friends house to say hey etc,etc.

    Turns out the friend was hosting a card game and there was a lot of happy talk looking forward to the New Year,one of the participants had a 22 pistol on the table and somehow he picked it up and dropped it on the table.

    The gun went off and the bullet went into my cousins mouth it knocked out his two front teeth and he spit the bullet out of his mouth onto the kitchen table.

    Don’t know what the moral would be,other than keep your mouth shut around card games and 22 caliber pistols.

  4. I think Cheech & Chong did this as a (rather anti-Semitic) comedy routine back in the 70s.

    “Thank-you doctor, and you can keep the change!”

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