Nothing Like a Massacre: Gun Sales Soar After Tuscon Shootings

Gun shops are reporting near record sales after the massacre in Tuscon, particularly of the Glock semi-automatic pistol used by Jared Loughner, 22.

The $499 semi-automatic pistols are “flying out the doors of his Glockmeister stores in Mesa and Phoenix.” The Glock 19 made in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria appears to have impressive many with its capabilities in mowing down the congresswomen and crowd in Tuscan. While many of us were recoiling in horror, a sizable number of people were apparently saying “Wow, I’ve got to get me one of those!”

The article below reports increases in sales across the country. The highest jumps strangely appears to be in Ohio. Notably, gun sales also jumped after the Virginia Tech massacre.

Source: Bloomberg

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  3. Buddha,

    I’d say the stick of butter’s a selling point. I’ve got a cookbook I call my “Stick of butter” cookbook. The only recipe I’ve made from it that doesn’t have AT LEAST a stick of butter calls for a cup of olive oil.

    I save it for special occasions.

    “Bread’s From the Le Brea Bakery” is also good, but requires quite a bit of dedication and is all sourdough (my starter is over 110 years old).

  4. Gyges,


    We do have good food in addition to that classic staple if you don’t mind everything made with a stick of butter and Abita makes some pretty good beer (ranging from excellent to just okay, but none that suck).

  5. Yeah!

    I knew Louisiana had be #1 for something other than ignorant rednecks.

  6. Harris PHD

    Your post about hate speech drives at the truth. Thank you.

    It is actions alone that prove intent.

    And in regard to hate we can only be sure of intent to hate when it is verbally STATED–aloud or written. For example “I hate Mary So And So” There. That is clear as a bell.

    Even so, some hate can be good. For example “I hate litter”. Or florescent light bulbs. Or Nazism.

    Until the verbal admission is made, the emotion could be anything. And so to ascribe an almost scientific certitude that we can determine hate like we can measure the amount of chlorine in water is to travel down the deadly road of criminalizing thoughts and abstractions by interpretations, biases, subjectivity, and mere guessing. (Absent the verbal declaration of hate).

    This hate speech business is moral corrpution meant to destroy others under a pretense of protecting. Also, what if someone hates me and says so? I don’t care. And I’d rather know if someone hates me so I could be on my guard.

    Furthermore, a person can kill (as a soldier does) and it has nothing to do with hate. Cops do it all the time.

    Some people who hate a spouse may never harm them, but some people who love a spouse may end up murdering them. Anger, rage, grief, fear, and a myriad other jello-like substances are at play here and there isn’t one person on earth I know of who is capable of determining these things with perfect or near perfect precision.

    That is why it is utterly stupid to pretend we can determine hateful intent of others. I’m not saying you are.

    This hate speech business is about moving a goal post around the playing field in order to win only because the most powerful team is moving the goal post around.

  7. I too agree Nate, it’s especially upsetting when we cannot control our own arms situation here.

  8. A thing I despise about my country…

    We arm the world.

    It’s the one thing we do best.

  9. I have to agree that “hate speech” may not be the actual problem.

    Let me try some “hate” speech, put into words, yet not spoken:

    Were I to hate anything, I might hate hate itself more than anything else and I might welcome speech regarding hate as a way to learn better how to avoid hatred and how to avoid acting out hatred.

    Surely, were I to say that aloud, it would be of hate speech, given that “hate” is used four times and “hatred” twice.

    I know I probably belong in another universe, probably one that does not exist, yet I wonder if it is hateful actions far more than words about hate which I tend to be really damaging.

    Then, I find I am often mistaken.

  10. It’s always an interesting discussion here (compared to Huff Post) for example.

    For an Australian perspective, let me add that our social support/education structures are very good, but theories I have heard from social researchers (which I agree with) are along these lines;

    You bring your fists, they bring a bat. You bring a bat, they bring a knife. You bring a knife, they bring a revolver. You bring a revolver, they bring a 9mm Semi. You bring a 9mm Semi and…..

    Where does it stop? The killing/maiming capability is measured in dozens. The idea that one has to be ever more dangerously armed to “defend” (a gun owners wet dream) is resulting in a huge unbalance toward rapid fire weapons – they’re everywhere.

    In Australia we have guns but you can’t legally buy anything semi automatic.

    For those that argue that because the drug dealers and bikies have them, the private citizen should carry, our experience in Australia has been they tend to shoot each other, so that’s zero sum (IMHO).

  11. Kay sieverding wrote,

    “2.) Sometimes I get really depressed so I don’t want to make suicide easy”


    I suggest that nothing wrong in your life is worth your depression. You have done what you could, regarding the injustices waged against you. Others and I have had substantive injustices levied against us and we have survived. You have already demonstrated that you too are a survivor.

    Think of all the wonders you possess involving your five senses, especially those of sight and hearing. Anyone who reads your posts and/or who has visited your website knows that you are capable of contributing to society and the documentation of your case cancels out any claims against you involving stupidity.

    Good luck; once again, begin enjoying all those wonders you see.

  12. I was never convinced that having a gun would make me safer. Because 1.) I am afraid of the government and since I don’t have a gun the government has no excuse to say that I am dangerous 2.) Sometimes I get really depressed so I don’t want to make suicide easy 3.) Guns are a major target in thefts and can draw robbers to your home who wouldn’t be interested in your old TV.

    A true story of someone I knew: An old guy hunted and fished his whole life. He had a heart attack and went into a nursing home. Two years after he died the grandchildren found his loaded shotgun behind the washing machine.

  13. “The question is, do Americans really disapprove that much about the occasional assassination?” (Carlyle)

    Lord, have mercy, how so very right you are.

    Consider our populist “art” these days – train wreck, reality TV. Our bizarre existence is, Americans as a group actually enjoy their traumas. (As long as it happens to somebody else)

    “More people in the aggregate die when citizens are unarmed (disarmed) than when they have guns.”

    Not in this country, amigo.

    “This is why you have never seen in America, like Europe or China, tens and tens of millions of slain citizens BY govenment officials. This is why Switzerland never experienced a blood bath throughout the bloody 20 th century: all of its citizens were armed.”

    Right. Don’t you just know our future sinister government with aircraft carriers and Green Berets is going to quake in their boots over shaky-jake citizens with Glocks in their socks.

    “How is it that that Swiss have such a low crime rate and everyone is armed. That alone disproves your theory.”

    No it doesn’t. What it proves is that some societies don’t have the same ugly, ineffective mix of circumstance that we do. And we won’t even discuss the Swiss K-12 education superiority.

    “Everyone carrying makes for polite society.”

    A deranged viewpoint that guarantees bloodshed.

    “Only government carrying makes for mass murder.”

    Right. Pull up a nice, color photo of an F-14 and then look at your little gun.

    No worries . . . ‘cuz by God, you’re armed.

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