10 thoughts on “Perils of the Press . . . and Small Airborne Animals”

  1. Sweet & funny clip, most enjoyable. but i really enjoyed the 2007 clip of Dennis Kucinich and what he had to say, seems he hit a nerve with pretty well everyone there. Me thinks we need politicians like him here in Canada……….and as to Coulter flashing, well the woman was either in heat or a total contradiction of her self…………nice clips all

  2. AY,

    Totally off topic.

    If you’ve tried to call? I spoke to my dad earlier and he has my phone. I left it in his car. I’ll give you a ring when I get it back.

  3. Elaine,

    Yes I am. The only reason he looks taller on his show now is lifts in his shoes and the camera trick of forced perspective (not to be confused with Bill’s forced perspective).

  4. Rob said, “I’ve seen longer versions of this video and it is some sort of small lizard.”

    Which doesn’t rule out it being an intern, Professor.

    Especially in television.

    O’Reilly got started somewhere.

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