Mutiny on the Bounty Gorch Fock

The German Navy has a rare mutiny case on its hands. The case involves students who were training on The Gorch Fock, but rebelled when ordered to climb a 40-metre mast in November. One of the students had previously fallen off the mast and died.

A sailor known as Sarah S, 25, had died during a stop-over in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil and the other cadets did not want to continue on the ship.

Their commanding officer, Captain Norbert Schatz, reportedly threatened to return the trainees to Germany and declare them unfit for service. Ultimately, 70 cadets flew home and four cadets were accused of “inciting rebellion.”

It used to be that mutineers ran off with Tahitian women in an island paradise and await for Hollywood producers to arrive. Now you just get a coach ticket back to Germany.

This is all a way of asking the most important question: which Mutiny on The Bounty was the best movie? The one in 1935 (Clark Gable), 1962 (Marlon Brando), and 1984 (Mel Gibson)?

Source: BBC

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  1. : It seems to be that the body height of the killed cadet (1.59 meter) was smaller than the regulation minimum for going up the mast.
    If that was the reason for her death no one can say yet.

    =================================================================somehow i have a picture in my mind of a plaster clown in a navy uniform at the base of the mast, holding it’s hand up with a sign”you must be dis high to climb”

    too many amusment parks as a child i guess.

  2. “Combined with the fact that the dead cadet shouldn’t been in the rigging due to her hight in the first place, this paints an ugly picture of how the ship was run.” -Berliner

    Keep us posted. Thanks, Berliner.

  3. Very nicely said, rafflaw. I was at a loss for words today, but your kindness is evident and you were able to say, so very well, what I couldn’t.

  4. I would think that it was rational for the remaining trainees to not want to climb the mast since a teammate had recently died attempting it. Now, I would imagine that the military might not always do what I consider rational. I have to admit that I liked the Brando version of Mutiny on the Bounty. Sorry about that Mike S. What a sad, sad story from the night you saw the movie. I am sorry for your loss, even if it was many years ago. That kind of hurt never ends. He must have been one tough cookie to keep your family going after your Mom’s battle. He obviously did a good job with his son. You must have many happy memories of him!

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