Jack & Rudy: Sunday Football Talk

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

JACK: Sheesh, Rudy! It looks like no one will be taking me for a walk today. Football…football…football! That’s all our folks have been talking about around here the past couple of weeks. They’ll be watching NFL playoff games ALL afternoon. What’s an energetic dog like me supposed to do?

RUDY: You can’t reason with football fanatics. I recommend you go with the flow, buddy. No sense getting annoyed with our folks ’cause you won’t get any exercise and fresh air today. Besides…it’s FREEZING outside and the sidewalks are really slippery. Let’s just cuddle up together in the living room, relax, and watch their antics while they watch football games on the idiot box today. It’s the best show in town. BTW, you know which team our folks are rooting for?

JACK: Beats me. I think I’ll go with the Bears. Ain’t no way I’d root for a team called the Packers!

NOTE: Jack and Rudy are my daughter’s pets.

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  1. Buddha

    I made the mistake of telling my daughter what i wanted to name her if she had been a boy. Roland


  2. Buddha,

    I’m not sure whether Jack would prefer to chew on cheese or underwear.

    BTW, Jack is a Murphy–even though he is related to the Clan Magliaro.

  3. Elaine,

    “JACK: Beats me. I think I’ll go with the Bears. Ain’t no way I’d root for a team called the Packers!”

    Does Jack know about the whole Cheesehead thing? I know he’s a sensible dog being a member of Clan Magliaro, but dogs do love their cheese. I’m just sayin’.

    (The preceding should in no way be considered an endorsement for Green Bay.)

  4. pete,

    I’ve got to second Elaine there. That is an awesome dog name. In fact, I think I may name my first child that. Even if it’s a girl.

    When I was a kid, one of our Great Danes was named Augustus Bullwinkle Moose. But I have to give the credit where credit is due. Dad named Augie (he would also answer to Moose).

  5. i’ve got a lab mix. we think he’s got some pointer but who knows. we call him sunny but his full name is sunshine gummibear snickerdoodle amos. my daughter named him when she was about 10. he even had a myspace page.

  6. rafflaw,


    One would never deface this luscious dessert in such a manner.

    P.S. to Elaine,

    I’m going to prepare recipe cards for each guest … forgive my romantic nature but … these women always keep the name of the person whose recipe it is and are all good church goers who contribute to their “Church’s Cookbook”. Fifty years from now perhaps your granddaughter will be traveling through the mid-west and come upon one of these books. She will find “Elaine’s Almond Cake” and tell her mother that the recipe is just like Grammy’s almond cake and the two of them will wonder how your cake traveled so far. Like I said … I’m waxing romantic today … in spite of rufflaw’s boorish suggestions.

  7. Elaine,
    Of course Jack is rambunctious, he is a Lab! Our Buster just cheewed up a Kleenex box into tiny little soggy pieces. At least he didn’t eat them and cause us bigger headaches!
    Blouise, good luck with the cake. Maybe you should decorate it with Da Bears colors in honor of the big game today!!

  8. rafflaw,

    Jack is a tad rambunctious–but truly lovable. Rudy’s a character too. My husband and I always enjoy our visits with my daughter, her husband, and “the boys.”

  9. Blouise,

    You might consider frosting the cake with the whipped cream and then piping whipped cream rosettes, tinted pink, in the shape of a heart on top.

    I’m so glad everyone liked the cake!

  10. Elaine,

    Off topic for a moment … Yesterday I received an invitation to a “Valentines’s Day Tea” with some lady friends. When I called to RSVP the hostess requested that I bring “Elaine’s Almond Cake” which I had served to them shortly before Christmas a month ago. I happily agreed … just have to figure out how I want to decorate the top for Valentine’s Day.

    I knew it was a hit when I first served it but obviously … it was really a hit! Thanks again for the recipe.

  11. AY,

    You are correct! Jack and Rudy are like my grandkids. Last year on Mother’s Day, my daughter presented me with a card from “the boys” addressed to Grammy.

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