Fade to Black: Government Plans To Phase Out Color Threat Alert System

The government is on the verge of doing away with one of its moronic ideas: the color-coded terror alert system. From the outset, many of us objected that this was a system without logic or use — part of an effort to incorporate every American into a terror-obsessed society. Not only did no one know the meaning of the individual colors, few understood what they were supposed to do differently when it moved from blue (guarded) to yellow (elevated). Yet, the government continually informed us as to the color of the day — spending millions on a nonsensical system.

April 27th is expected to be the day we return to a color-blind society.

I will miss it. I would often try to dress according to the day’s alert colors, though orange made me look fat. As a “winter person” I favored the less severe security days for the clear and dark color scheme. Blue was slimming but I felt the need to remain guarded in all of my encounters.

I was hoping that they would simply add such colors as Amethyst (“comfortable but edgy”), Blanched Almond (“insecure, but safe”), Chartreuse (“unrestrained and bold”), and Fuchsia (“confused but happy”). Now, we will have to return to the pre-Bush days where we constantly struggled to put a color to our view of the security status of the nation.

Source: CNN

Jonathan Turley

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