Utah Moves Toward Adopting State Gun

Many have long wondered: “I know our state bird, but what is our state gun to shoot it with?” Now, in Utah, the uncertainty may soon be over. State lawmakers are moving toward adopting the Browning M1911 as the official state gun.

This will of course be a bitter disappointment for those who find the Deringer to be a cute gun, but of course that is more an option for Pennsylvania since the first model was from Philadelphia. Then there are the Thompson machine gun advocates, but John Bell Blish the first patent holder hails from Indiana.

John Browning was a Utah native. He invented the single-action, semi-automatic gun in 1911. It was a magazine-fed and recoil-operated .45 calibre.

It would now join the other state symbols, including the state cooking pot (Dutch oven), and the state folk dance (Square dance). The state bird is something of a surprise (California Seagull). Indeed, given Utah concealed weapon permits, you can bring your state Browning gun with your California Seagull stew in your Dutch oven to your neighborhood square dance. If that does not show you are a true Utahan I do not know what would qualify.

Source: Daily Mail

41 thoughts on “Utah Moves Toward Adopting State Gun”

  1. It just goes to show what the Utah Legislator’s priorities really are. They voted down a couple of bills to help improve education dollars but voted for some dumb ass weapon to be the “Utah-rd state gun.” What a bunch of f*#king losers. No wonder utah continues to be the laughing stock of the world…and it would be funny if it wasn’t so damn stupid.

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