Florida Woman Charged With Throwing Former Boyfriend’s Mother’s Ashes Out of a Window

Ashley Renee Oxendine, 22, is accused of a rather bizarre criminal act in Gainesville. After fighting with her former boyfriend, she not only physically assaulted him but threw his mother’s ashes out the window.

The urn shattered the window and some of the ashes fell out. She is now charged with domestic battery and criminal mischief.

The boyfriend could also sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress in this circumstance, but I doubt that he wants to continue the relationship in any form.

Source: ABC

13 thoughts on “Florida Woman Charged With Throwing Former Boyfriend’s Mother’s Ashes Out of a Window”

  1. Gainesville police were finally able to sort it out after the dust settled.

  2. Thanks eniobob! It is just cloudy and about 28 degrees here in Nothern Illinois. We only got 2 inches yesterday so we have been spared the snows that the NE has been hit with.

  3. Cremated remains can look something like crack cocaine…I could see how a desperate crack head could do that.

    This one is just plain sick….but then again we attach significance to loss….and then want to share our pain…

  4. Raff,

    Now that is a truly inspired idea. Would you say it just came to you, out of the blue?

    Too subtle?

  5. Gyges,
    I like the jewelry idea! I just want to get hit by lightning and then they can just sweep my ashes into the curb to save money!

  6. This story reminded me of Meet The Parents! I don’t quite understand the idea of keeping the ashes of a loved one in the house. Bury them or disperse them into the wind, but don’t leave them around so your girlfriend can hurl them at you!

  7. Eniobob have you ever seen cremated remains? How could you mistake that. Maybe they thought it was bath salts. Seen the latest on that?

  8. Bdaman:

    This comment from the link you posted kinda says it all.

    “They should be jailed for sheer stupidity and in order to protect themselves from themselves.”

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