Just in Time For The Super Bowl: The Bacon Mug

Are you like me and constantly complaining about having to reach to separate bowls for my bacon and my cheese dip while trying to watch the Superbowl? Well, problem solved.

I saw this on Reddit and had to get the word out to our regulars since I know our weekend bloggers are too high-brow to appreciate such innovations. Doctors are prepared for the “Superbowel Syndrome” cases that result from consumption of this particular item.

For my Packers friends, I give you self-described Cheeseheads this peace offering in an expression of NFC brotherhood. I hear this is often served for toasts at Packer weddings.

47 thoughts on “Just in Time For The Super Bowl: The Bacon Mug”

  1. Elaine,
    The only way I can make it through the party is to drink my Cherry Coke Zero because of all the other calories coming from a myriad of “healthy” appetizers!
    That mug is one “beautiful” looking delight, isn’t it. I think the Superbowel term is appropriate!

  2. Even something to learn on the bacon/cheese thread … thanks rcampbell for noticing and asking and thanks Nal for the answer … I carry the info with me to “The Big Game” party

  3. LK:

    Thanks a lot,I now have the shakes and I find my self running half dressed to get some bacon and brown sugar.:=)

  4. Elaine,

    Doesn’t it make you wonder if there are some chemicals we’re tossing around now, like they were tossing around the radium then, will turn out to be nearly as dangerous?

    Imagine waking up ten years from now only to learn that some artificial sweetener we’ve been using turns out to be a cause for Alzheimers or vascular dementia.

  5. If you are into bacon and cheese dip maybe this recipe is for you, candied bacon, it can’t get much better than this:


  6. Bob,Esq.

    Interesting…and funny. Radium suppositories for “Weak, Discouraged Men! Now Bubble Over with Joyous Vitality!” Sounds like an early form of Viagra.

  7. If you intend to eat that thing, do not forget to have your Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will in order and 911 on speed dial.

  8. NFL Super Bowl Trademark Regulations

    Without the clear permission of the NFL, broadcasters and other media may not use the following terms or images:

    “Super Bowl”
    “Super Sunday”
    The Super Bowl logo
    “NFL,” “AFC” or “NFC”
    “The National Football League”
    “American Football Conference”
    “National Football Conference”
    Any team name or nickname

    Media outlets may state the following terms and information without the NFL’s permission:

    “The Big Game”
    “The Professional Football Championship Game”
    The date of the game
    The names of the two competing cities, as long as the team names are not mentioned
    Any statement mocking the fact that the NFL doesn’t allow the media to use any of the forbidden terms

  9. With the exception of golf, I do not follow sports. Perhaps our more sports-minded legal brains can help shed some light on a question regarding today’s game name.

    I’ve noticed in the last few years the increasing use of the phrase “The Big Game” instead of “Super Bowl”. Yesterday I heard a commercial spot on a local radio station promoting an event their station is planning in conjunction with today’s game. In the opening line of the promo, the voice rather sarcastically says they’ve been consulting with their attoneys who have strongly cautioned them against using the phrase “Super Bowl” in the naming of their event.

    Why would this be? I would think, from a marketing viewpoint, the Super Bowl people would want that phrase on everyone’s lips, becomin generic in defining something big or important.

  10. PatricParamedic: The “yuk” reaction here at home forced me to move it into the body — the reference that is.

  11. Nice little slur of the words in the title of your article there, Jonathon.

    Keep munching on that thing, and I suspect you will indeed get the opportunity to celebrate a super “bowel” touchdown.

  12. Gadzouks, what the innovative mind mind come up with eh…..amazing, just amazing.

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