Chickens Coming Home To Roost and Rumble? Rooster Kills Man Before Cockfight

As with the recent case of the man shot by a fox he was beating to death, it is hard to work up sympathy for the late Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, who died from a cut from one of the chickens he was training for illegal cockfighting.

In Lamont, Calif., one of the chicken cut Ochoa on the right calf after he attached razors for fighting. It cut a major artery.

Ochoa paid $370 in fines last year after pleading no contest to one count of owning or training an animal for fighting.

Obviously, no one celebrates the death of a man for his own unlawful act. However, Ochoa clearly would not be deterred from harming birds and engaging in the blood sport that ultimately claimed his own life. Satisfying? No. Ironic? Yes.

Source: NY Post

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  1. My neighbor raises fighting chickens. He has a half acre devoted to this purpose. Each chicken has a “tent” made of two sheets of corrugated iron. There are about 30 of these structures.

    The thug who raises these chickens has several brand new vehicles, an expensive-looking home, and a huge electric wrought-iron remote-controlled sliding gate leading to his property, with videocams on each side.

    Gambling on chicken fights is illegal in Hawaii where I live, but the cops rarely enforce this law, and never arrest anyone for raising chickens for this purpose. So all the security at my neighbor’s home must be to prevent theft.

    I have often wished that something would put an end to this guy’s enterprise, but it never occurred to me that one of his chickens might do him in. If this happened, I would not be sorry in the least.

  2. Poetic justice.

    Thanks for the vids all.

    Woosty, those are damaged chickens. The paper details pecking and cannibalism in the poultry/egg business. Those chickens are stressed into madness very early on. Debeaking (Cutting the end off the beak, a cruelty IMO.) is now standard practice since they don’t forage, No foraging = no beak needed.

  3. Observer:

    yse Capon Red knows what a capon is. Just because Capon Red has no balls doesnt mean he cant speak for his well endowed brothers.

  4. Chickens don’t give scratch for honor:
    ‘In poultry, cannibalism involves beak inflicted injury followed by the consumption of blood and other tissues of conspecifics. Evidence suggests that experiences early in life have important implications for the later development of cannibalism in poultry, and that cannibalistic behavior is a learned response that is enhanced by observing other birds engaging in the behavior.’
    but look how they could look in a factory….


  5. Seems to me the guy didn’t deserve dying. How many of you eat fried chicken and chicken pot pies? Have you seen the way they kill chickens? I would rather have a fighting chance than die in a factory.

    So the guy actually does those roosters a favor, they have an honorable death.

  6. Karma is not about punishment.

    “‘When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.” ~JUNG

    otherwise known as …


  7. M. Wrytter
    1, February 7, 2011 at 12:19 pm
    yes karma Blousie……..don’t you think??


    I do

  8. Karma ….a lovely thing….what goes around comes around eh…cant say i feel sorry for the guy,.,,,,,what was he thinking eh…….

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