Toronto Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Coercing Prisoners With Taser

Toronto Const. Christopher Hominuk has pleaded guilty to one count of threatening bodily harm for putting a taser to one prisoner’s neck and threatening to taser another prisoner’s genitals to extract information.

The entire incident was captured on video on May 24th.

Hominuk, 37, is a 13-year veteran for the force.

Source: CTV

9 thoughts on “Toronto Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Coercing Prisoners With Taser”

  1. I’m in Toronto, and unfortunately this case is the exception rather than the rule, in that in almost every case the investigation results in no charges being brought forth.

    The most recent year I can find figures for, 2006, had a total of 226 investigations for the Province of Ontario, and a total of 2 of those cases resulted in charges being brought.

  2. He needs a sentence like five consecutive tases, and if he survives that, a swift kick in the butt as he’s discharged from his job, and legally prevented from every holding any similar position in the future..

  3. Exactly rafflaw. The conduct is a problem, and to that I say, O, Canada…. But at least the department is responding to the problem, which is more that I can say for (as far as I’ve seen/read) most departments in the U.S., and to that that I say, Go Canada!

  4. Glad that this is being exposed. We are too close to police-state behaviors throughout the “civilized” world and we must continue to push for having a society of laws and not the wild west…even in Canada.

    I lived in Denmark and I was impressed with the humane treatment that is given to offenders and the public by a non-gun totting police force. Even though we are bigger and have much bigger problems, there is much that we could learn if we copied their respectful authority. The difference between cops and robbers needs to be in authority’s ability to show restraint. Otherwise, they can easily be one of the same.

  5. At least the Toronto PD charged this felon with the crime instead of refusing to admit it like most of the police departments we have seen in these tasering messes. I hope this Constable likes the inside of the jail.

  6. See that’s what this guy & Dirty Harry never got, the reason it’s so hard to be a cop.

    Just because you have to deal with people with criminal behavior, does NOT mean you get a free pass on doing criminal behavior yourself.

  7. This is just revolting…shocking….to say the least… and he did not get charged with the threat….

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