Judge Accused of Misconduct Ranging From Pulling Gun To Flushing Evidence

The Atlanta Constitution is reporting on a bizarre case against Catossa County magistrate Anthony Peter who is accused of a rather impressive list of acts of misconduct ranging from smoking pot to flushing a cellphone intentionally down a toilet to pointing a gun at his own head.

Here are the reported acts of misdeeds:

– He admitted to smoking marijuana for three months in 2010.

– He attempted to hold a deputy in contempt for leaving an answering machine message in which she complained about not being able to find a magistrate. (Magistrates sign arrest warrants and such.)

– On Feb. 5, without a warrant, Peters identified himself as a magistrate, forced himself into the home of one Frank Hampton, and kicked in two interior doors.

– While in the company of a judge and other court officers, Peters pointed a firearm at himself and said he wasn’t afraid to die. “I am not scared. Are you?”

– Peters went on the local cable TV show, called “Night Talk,” and referred to the chief magistrate as “spineless.”

– On the same TV show, he displayed a photo of an individual and identified him by name as “a purported confidential informant of the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office.”

– The next day, he called “Night Talk” — attempting to disguise his voice with a foreign accent. He accused the Catoosa County sheriff of soiling himself and called him “spineless.”

– He dropped a Catoosa County cell phone in a toilet in an attempt to destroy evidence.

– In the neighborhood of a Ringgold car dealership, he loudly accused a specific individual of incestuous behavior with the individual’s own mother. Using impolite language.

If you read the Complaint, it ranges from serious destruction of evidence to, in Count IX, which alleges that he screamed “Fuck you, Donnie Land, mother fucker.”

He was previously arrested after allegedly barricading himself in his office.

Read the complaint here.

Source: AJC

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  1. Gyges:

    I confess. I blatantly cribbed from Blazing Saddles. I still laugh when I remember the scene.

  2. Mike A,

    Relevant part is at 2:40
    Also, Not safe for work, people who don’t understand the role of the jester in societies, or small children who randomly pick up words from.


  3. And, as he held the gun to his head, he shouted, “Nobody move, or the judge gets it!”

  4. some people should not be in positions of power, any power. or buckeye’s right, maybe somebodys been eating the mushrooms growing in cowpies

  5. Also, this seems appropriate:


  6. AY,
    That is hilarious. This guy does sound like Palin’s type. Talk about taking the law into your own hands! What took the County so long to rein this guy in?

  7. …something about the ‘pulling gun’ and ‘flushing evidence’ makes me thinks…..oh, nevermind…..

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