Man Charged After Dog Kills Raccoon

Seth Foster, 23, has been accused of a novel form of animal cruelty after his blue heeler cattle dog, Grizz, found and killed a raccoon in his garage.

Foster says that he found his garage in disarray and sent in Grizz, who came out with the raccoon in his mouth. Two neighborhood kids filmed the incident and allegedly egged on Grizz to “tear it apart.” Officials insisted that the raccoon should have been captured and released. They charged both kids as well as Foster.

Foster is facing a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. Blumer insisted that it was the means that pushed this case into a criminal category, noting “[b]ecause you have a license to kill a deer, doesn’t mean you can break all its legs and watch it die slowly.”

The case reminds one of the recent Oregon case where a man was charged after he released his dog on a rabbit in the park.

Source: MLive

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  1. Hereis the link to the video. warning its very graphic. Poor raccoon was tossed all over not only their yard, but the neighbors as well. and they wonder why the neighbor called the cops. But, I guess, according to some of the comments on mlive, and various other places, the neighbors were stupid and should have just minded their own business. I think the neighbors did the right thing. He also got charged for destruction of property, involving an incident not involving the raccoon. A few neighbors commented on all of the articles that the dog is not controlled, not trained to exterminate, and roams the neighborhood all the time. The way I read the article was that he was charged for not disposing of it humanly(they own a wildlife extermination business), instead of letting the dog eat it alive. There is also lots and lots of stupid in the comments from people that think its ok to allow their dogs to inhumanly destroy wildlife. They have no morals, or respect for animals.

  2. I think everyone in this country has gone animal crazy. When I was a kid, the brats next door stuck a Roman candle up their dog’s backside and watched the animal run around the yard yelping like a banshee. And that wasn’t the worst I had seen them do to the dog. But they both grew up to be responsible, law-abiding citizens. I have never believed this garbage about animal cruelty and serial killers, etc. Yes, a few serial killers were unkind to animals, but Ted Bundy for example — despite what some sites that don’t know what they’re talking about say — loved animals and was so compassionate where they were concerned that rather than kill even a moth, he would catch it and put it outdoors — so much for kindness to animals.

  3. Rafflaw –

    This entire story reminds me of the memorable scene on the original “Planet of the Apes” where the hunting party of gorillas mug for the cameras, with their human prey hanging from tree branches.

    Ah, the refinement of evolution, eh? Shouldn’t we all just be proud to be Americans?

  4. Kristin,
    You can be a meat eater without allowing dogs to viciously kill a racoon. The video shows the brutality of the kill and that it was excessive and unnecessary.

  5. My initial hearing of this story leads me to one conclusion: if killing a human intruder, in your home, is legal, then killing an animal intruder in your home should also be accepted. The only difference here is that the video footage may now be used by the prosecution as emotional influence to the jury. If any member of this jury is a carnivore, wears leather shoes, belt, handbag, etc., they cannot rule that this is animal cruelty. Furthermore, this dog was acting on canine instinct–toward a rodent. The only issue here is the children who witnessed the act. Surely many realize that children witness horrific acts (which go unreported) to human parents and siblings. Although this may be something they remember, I firmly believe it is not an event that will breed violence in their futures. I have not had opportunity to see actually video footage–I cannot access it–it is undoubtedly being held for “surprise footage” on the courtroom by the prosecutor. Never underestimate the power of an animal case such as this to be used for political gain, which is apparently being done in this case. Signed…an intelligent, educated, once-successful, now “just” a stay-at-home mom, by choice.

  6. Story says that if the people hadn’t been there it would have been…”nature”.

    So apparently they really have no problem with the way the Raccoon died…they have a problem with the way, they think (I didn’t see video), some or all, of the people behaved.

    And that’s what everyone seems to agree on, the difference in killing for food…and just for the sake of killing…

  7. Gyges,
    Yes I am Vegan but not always so. The majority have the schizophrenia that allows them them to condemn hunters while they chomp on their burger.I was a hunter also up to age 14. Still a marksman now. Field and Stream had an article on my fly tying. Under perfect circumstances a quick kill is possible. It is a rare thing and most hunters won’t admit to their less than perfect shots. Most are not aware of the hits they make that cause the animal to die slowly or cripple them for years. They will say they missed. Bow hunters for some inexplicable reason hold themselves out as the most humane and ethical. Something about giving the animal a better chance of escaping them. ( have to get closer) Humans do not need animal protein to thrive. ( I am a physician) So hunting is really only ethical when there is no other food around or unaffordable. Tradition, culture or taste will drive many to disagree with me. Sadly, they can not admit it to themselves.I have heard just about every rationalization there is. A slow death is preferable to some people as they like the taste. This is the main reason they burn and skin dogs alive before they eat them. They think the suffering improves the taste. Some say the animals are going to die anyway. Well, I might as well rob you now as you will be robbed sooner or later. ( not directed personally to anyone)
    As far as laws, most are fought by hunters groups some successfully some not. short list here: non toxic shot ( shotguns ) snares / traps ( indiscriminate) canned hunts, fox hunting by dog, deer baiting, Razor point arrows, live dove target practice……..
    With all that said, I don’t want to make this my soap box as that rarely influences people. The main story shows us the gray divide of what we as a society will tolerate as fair play.

  8. W=C,

    Pronouns are tricky things and I’m in the middle of potty training season. My apology for misunderstanding.


    I want you to go up and read my first response to you. Notice how I mention there are irresponsible hunters and that they make me angry?

    Now that we have that out of the way, if you want to have a conversation on ethical hunting we can. If you want to suggest laws that you think will reduce the number of foul shot animals, we can. Personally, I’m all for marksmanship tests for hunters of all sorts. Not only for that, but for other safety concerns. I don’t know much about bow hunting, but I do know several bow hunters that I have the utmost respect for, and I don’t believe any of them would let an animal die slowly. Aside from moral concerns, it has a negative effect on the meat.

    Lastly, unless you’re a vegetarian, I strongly suggest looking into who supplies your meat. Just because you don’t kill it yourself doesn’t mean you get a moral pass on how your food was slaughtered. If you are a vegetarian or have done the research then good on you for putting your values into action.

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