Throwing a Curveball: The Source Used To Justify Iraq War Admits He Made The Whole Thing Up

Curveball has finally admitted that he made the entire thing up. If you recall, we went to war in Iraq based on the claim that Saddam Hussein had developed biological weapons. That account was based on the statements of Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, who our foreign allies warned was unreliable and clearly lying. However, President Bush and his aides were set upon invading Iraqi and relied on Curveball before the United Nations. He has now come out publicly to admit he fabricated the entire thing and could not believe the Americans relied upon his stories to launch a major war.

The interview was published on the eighth anniversary of Colin Powell’s speech to the United Nations

He says that foreign intelligence officials were so keen on confirming biological weapons that they gave him a copy of Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook to help communicate. He still has the book, which he used to fabricate the stories. However, he admitted to making up the stories in mid-2000.

Of course, President Obama has continued to expend treasure and lives in Iraq in the ultimate example of the economic theory of “path dependence.” We continue to fight a war based on a fabricated story because our leaders cannot risk the political repercussions to pulling out from that country. There is also no known punishment for the officials, including high-ranking CIA and Administration officials, who perpetuated this lie. At best this was an act of willful blindness and at worst knowing falsification to justify going to war.

Our intelligence officials appear to continue to accept a good fabricated story over bad facts. Recently, they paid an enormous amount of money to an imposter who pretended to be the head of Taliban in Afghanistan, here. American officials even flew the imposter to meet with Karzai before finding out that he was lying.
Source: Guardian

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  1. Today:

    How the Bush administration sold the war – and we bought it

    We knew WMD intelligence was flawed, but there was a larger failure of officials, media and public to halt the neocon juggernaut

    by Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson

    Wednesday 27 February 2013 03.30 EST


    Overthrowing Saddam Hussein was the right move for the US and its allies

    Opponents of the Iraq war continue to spread myths. The reality is the US achieved many of its goals in the war

    by John Bolton

    Tuesday 26 February 2013

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