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-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

The Right is on a crusade to show that Islam is evil. The use of the attack on Lara Logan to further that agenda is despicable. The assault was almost certainly perpetrated by pro-Mubarak thugs who were sent out to rough up journalists and protestors. Now the Mubarak supporters here in the U.S. are using the attack on Lara Logan to further their own political agenda.

Right wing blogger Debbie Schlussel is one of the Mubarak apologists using the assault on Lara Logan to push her hatred of Muslims.

Her claim that Muslims are evil, when it was Egyptian soldiers, almost surely Muslim, that rescued Lara Logan, is a prima facie absurdity.

I am under no illusions about this leg of the Abrahamic Triad. There is no such thing as a “Religion of Peace.” When someone believes that Jehovah/Allah/Yahweh is giving the orders, any atrocity is justifiable.

Religions are engaged in a continuous struggle for survival. The priests/mullahs/rabbis are not about to give up their power without a fight. A common defensive tactic is for one religion to show how bad the other religions are, a form of “comparative exceptionalism.” Of course, each religion gets to define what constitutes good and bad, so the reasoning is strictly circular, that is, strictly fallacious.

Separation of church/mosque/temple and state is essential to check the power of religion.

H/T: WaPo, Dispatches From the Culture Wars.

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  1. EL Cid
    1, February 19, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    … You all make me laugh.


    Of course we do … everybody loves a good camel joke!

  2. Chan L.,

    I think it’s likely that the pupil/teacher statistic you posted for Wisconsin is misleading. (I’m not blaming you.) All kinds of educational specialists who are not classroom teachers are often included when determining pupil/teacher ratios. Those specialists usually include gym, music, and art teachers; special education teachers; speech teachers, etc. My guess would be that the average public school class in Wisconsin has quite a few more than 14.7 students.

  3. I should have been more clear Elaine….. You had a friend who said the same thing….Sorry…

  4. Blouise:

    maybe so, but I have your burka and inferior societal position waiting for you.

    I also bet the middle east and other Muslim countries aren’t on your list of places to visit or live. You all make me laugh.

  5. Some Wisconsin stats:

    population 5.6 million
    teachers 55,000
    about 1% of the population
    Starting salary $25,222
    Average salary $46,390
    US average salary $49,700
    Students per teacher 14.7
    Total education expenditure $8.65 billion
    Teacher expenditure $2.64 billion
    % spent on teachers 30%

    all kinds of good info from this site. See side bar for additional information.

  6. My post at 1:18 pm should have been addressed to Stamford Lib as I was remarking on the Wis. matter and the Pipe Band video.

    The crime against Ms. Logan could have happened anywhere in the world and does happen all over the world every minute of every day.

    However, it takes a really special person to re-victimize Ms. Logan for political gain … that is a Republican specialty.

  7. Elaine:

    so what they were Muslims.

    Anyway raping an American reporter isn’t exactly the best way to win friends and influence people.

  8. Stamford Apologist:

    I don’t see gangs of Christians raping women and strapping on suicide belts. Nor do I see them cutting off peoples hands for shop lifting, nor do I see them killing their daughters for premarital sex or for wearing the wrong skirt.

    So no, there is no moral equivalency between Christianity and Islam no matter how much you might want there to be.

    And you are a woman? Are you self hating? They would have you dressed up in a Burka in a second and praying 5 times a day. You are just funny.

    With all that being said, I have met some pretty crazy Christians but generally they want to live.

  9. Bdaman, not sick as you claim. Feeling quite well actually. Don’t allow facts to continue to scare you so much, Lara Logan should not be having sex with multiple guys in the streets which she brought upon herself. Especially in a country like Egypt where women are so discriminated against all ready compared to the United States.

  10. AY,

    I didn’t second Bdaman’s statement. I wrote what a very liberal male friend said to me. I was really surprised when he told me how he felt. My friend said–and I’m paraphrasing–that Logan’s producer should not have sent her over to Cairo to cover the story because it was such a dangerous assignment. He also noted that CBS should have provided more security for the newswoman and her team.

    I didn’t agree with him–except for the part about having more security for journalists over in Egypt because so many of them were being attacked.

  11. Knuckle-dragger:

    Muslim extremists are no different than Christian extremists. They’re both terroristic groups. So take your Muslim bashing and stick it where your good lord split ya.

  12. Bdaman,

    Just because you said it I was suspicious and was going to say something to reflect my own disdain for you… However, when Elaine seconded your sentiments, I am going to have to think about it a little more.

    My first response if if a woman wants the same job as a male and to be treated equally….there are certain things that have to happen and that is to conduct themselves….
    If she is running around 1/2 dressed as MFM inferred then make I need to take another look at my own thoughts…..

    In as much….have a good day…. Is the rally going well? It would be a shame if you missed the following Classes:

    1) How to Light and Inflame without Being Notice….
    2) To be caught is only an accident….
    3) Time Really Does Matter, People are Stupid and they Forget…..
    4) How to post on line and not be thought of as a troll…… 5) Trolling in Butter is Better than the Heap of Steam at the Top of the Cistern…
    6) Your Momma Outta Be Proud as Her Son is No Better than a Hack….
    7) How to Hack Your Way Though Someones Doorway…… Lies and Mistruths With Honor….
    8) How to Spin a Defeat into Victory….

    You get the picture now get back to class….. Randy misses you….

  13. It is pretty certain had she been reporting on the teachers strike in Wisconsin, she would not have been gang raped.

    Something is wrong with this religion. Suicide bombers, subservient women, harsh penalties for minor infractions of the law, honor killings and all the rest.

    It aint no religion of peace.


    you Muslim? If so you would be right. I think there are cases over in the Middle East where raped women are arrested.

  14. Bdaman
    1, February 19, 2011 at 1:22 pm
    michellefrommadison 1, February 19, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    you are fucking sick


    michellefrommadison often uses hard sarcasm to make her point … you have misread her

  15. I am not at all surprised by the Republican re-victimization of Ms. Logan for it is completely in keeping with their we hate women mentality.

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