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-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

The Right is on a crusade to show that Islam is evil. The use of the attack on Lara Logan to further that agenda is despicable. The assault was almost certainly perpetrated by pro-Mubarak thugs who were sent out to rough up journalists and protestors. Now the Mubarak supporters here in the U.S. are using the attack on Lara Logan to further their own political agenda.

Right wing blogger Debbie Schlussel is one of the Mubarak apologists using the assault on Lara Logan to push her hatred of Muslims.

Her claim that Muslims are evil, when it was Egyptian soldiers, almost surely Muslim, that rescued Lara Logan, is a prima facie absurdity.

I am under no illusions about this leg of the Abrahamic Triad. There is no such thing as a “Religion of Peace.” When someone believes that Jehovah/Allah/Yahweh is giving the orders, any atrocity is justifiable.

Religions are engaged in a continuous struggle for survival. The priests/mullahs/rabbis are not about to give up their power without a fight. A common defensive tactic is for one religion to show how bad the other religions are, a form of “comparative exceptionalism.” Of course, each religion gets to define what constitutes good and bad, so the reasoning is strictly circular, that is, strictly fallacious.

Separation of church/mosque/temple and state is essential to check the power of religion.

H/T: WaPo, Dispatches From the Culture Wars.

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  1. Elaine M., yes, our American society is quite a violent one and that’s why so many people carry weapons to protect themselves. Lara Logan just needs to carry condoms, that’s the best protection she could hope for. Can you imagine if she gets pregnant from for tricking in the Egyptian streets? She’ll have to give up the baby to it’s daddy because she’s obvious unfit to be a parent as she so well demonstrated. No child wants to see their mother out in the streets tricking and on the news, so sad. 🙁

  2. Lottakatz, from your earlier post, I agree, Lara Logan is nothing but a tramp and a prostitute of having sex with people she may not have even known during her “work time” and Lara deserves to be prosecuted for her tricking in the streets.

  3. Michelle, I have about decided you are not only batshit insane, but totally evil as well. Not a word I use lightly, and almost never in everyday conversation. Rape is about as funny as an axe murder, but you seem to find it amusing. I give up. No reasoning with such evil.

    Try RedState. They are over that way >>>>>>>>>

  4. Woosty’s still a Cat, answer: No, sorry. 🙁 But, at least I’m not out in the streets like Lara Logan giving it out for free to anyone in the streets. hahaha 🙂

  5. El Cid,

    – Timothy McVeigh
    – Jared Lee Loughner
    – Columbine, the Virginia Tech masscare, and other cases of students killing fellow students at school
    – The murder of Matthew Shepard
    – The sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests

    Mass shootings are a fact of American life
    A gang rape that took place March 6, 1983, in Big Dan’s tavern, New Bedford, Massachusetts, quickly became national news. The first reports were of a 21-year-old mother of two raped by a half-dozen men over the course of two hours, while the bar’s 15 other patrons cheered. Later investigation of the evidence reduced the size of the cheering squad, but confirmed the other details of the crime. According to eyewitness testimony, two men tried to force the woman to perform oral sex; two others threw her on a pool table and raped her; the bartender was physically restrained from going to a phone; and another nonparticipating man—who first ignored the bartender’s instructions to call the police—dialed a wrong number and then didn’t bother to try again.

    That gang rape happened in the state where I live.

    Our American society is quite a violent one, don’t you think?

  6. michellefrommadison 1, February 19, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    If Lara Logan was receiving, or will receive, any income while she did that story, she met the definition of being a prostitute.
    MFM…are you one of those paid bloggers?

  7. Elaine’s post and article are excellent. Though I do disagree and agree with this sentence: “Sexual violence has always been a tool of war.”

    What war? If it is a war, then put the “terrorists” at Gitmo in a POW camp and proceed accordingly.

    I disagree that this became a big deal because Lara Logan is white (as another posted article suggests). It became a big deal because, unlike FOREIGN correspondents working elsewhere, Lara Logan was working for CBS and so Americans are naturally very interested in the story. Had Lara been black and working for CBS you can be sure the US media would have made a similar issue of it and Americans would have been equally mortified.

    Speaking of race and accusations against all those evil whites. BOY!!! Did you see all those white people protesting in Wisconsin this week? Man! What a bunch of racists! They have a lotta nerve gathering together in a large group while white.

    It looked like a Tea Party gathering. Driven snow.

  8. From ProPublica (2/19/2011)

    Female Foreign Correspondents’ Code of Silence, Finally Broken

    Thousands of men blocked the road, surrounding the S.U.V. of the chief justice of Pakistan, a national hero for standing up to military rule. As a correspondent for The Chicago Tribune, I knew I couldn’t just watch from behind a car window. I had to get out there.

    So, wearing a black headscarf and a loose, long-sleeved red tunic over jeans, I waded through the crowd and started taking notes: on the men throwing rose petals, on the men shouting that they would die for the chief justice, on the men sacrificing a goat.

    And then, almost predictably, someone grabbed my buttocks. I spun around and shouted, but then it happened again, and again, until finally I caught one offender’s hand and punched him in the face. The men kept grabbing. I kept punching. At a certain point — maybe because I was creating a scene — I was invited into the chief justice’s vehicle.

    At the time, in June 2007, I saw this as just one of the realities of covering the news in Pakistan. I didn’t complain to my bosses. To do so would only make me seem weak. Instead, I made a joke out of it and turned the experience into a positive one: See, being a woman helped me gain access to the chief justice.

    And really, I was lucky. A few gropes, a misplaced hand, an unwanted advance — those are easily dismissed. I knew other female correspondents who weren’t so lucky, those who were molested in their hotel rooms, or partly stripped by mobs. But I can’t ever remember sitting down with my female peers and talking about what had happened, except to make dark jokes, because such stories would make us seem different from the male correspondents, more vulnerable. I would never tell my bosses for fear that they might keep me at home the next time something major happened.

    I was hardly alone in keeping quiet. The Committee to Protect Journalists may be able to say that 44 journalists from around the world were killed last year because of their work, but the group doesn’t keep data on sexual assault and rape. Most journalists just don’t report it.

    The CBS correspondent Lara Logan has broken that code of silence. She has covered some of the most dangerous stories in the world, and done a lot of brave things in her career. But her decision to go public earlier this week with her attack by a mob in Tahrir Square in Cairo was by far the bravest. Hospitalized for days, she is still recuperating from the attack, described by CBS as a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating.

    Several commentators have suggested that Ms. Logan was somehow at fault: because she’s pretty; because she decided to go into the crowd; because she’s a war junkie. This wasn’t her fault. It was the mob’s fault. This attack also had nothing to do with Islam. Sexual violence has always been a tool of war. Female reporters sometimes are just convenient.

    In the coming weeks, I fear that the conclusions drawn from Ms. Logan’s experience will be less reactionary but somehow darker, that there will be suggestions that female correspondents should not be sent into dangerous situations. It’s possible that bosses will make unconscious decisions to send men instead, just in case. Sure, men can be victims, too — on Wednesday a mob beat up a male ABC reporter in Bahrain, and a few male journalists have told of being sodomized by captors — but the publicity around Ms. Logan’s attack could make editors think, “Why take the risk?” That would be the wrong lesson. Women can cover the fighting just as well as men, depending on their courage.

  9. Tootie: “Can you dislike Mubarak AND still claim that Islam is evil?”

    If I had a blender, would it blend?

  10. Can you dislike Mubarak AND still claim that Islam is evil?

    First, Islam (Islamic men) have no inherent interest in “Democracy” except to vote it out. This is because Mohammad was a despot and that is why most Muslim countries are despotic and always have been. Despotism is inherent to Islam and that is why Islam is a record of it. Mohammad wasn’t interested in “voting” when he led his military across the Arabian peninsula making “first strike” attacks on those who did him no harm. And Muslims in later times, whenever they had the opportunity, did the same.

    Islam is a polity. Christianity never was. Unlike Mohammad, Christ never led an army nor governed the territory he conquered. And this is why Islam is a threat.

    Mohammad had sex with a child, his wife (oh, that must make it right then) and she was his favorite (they love him anyway!). Perhaps this must be the part Democrats and leftists like. Mohammad owned, traded, and raped his sex slaves. And because of it a Muslim man may do so as well. Perhaps this is where Lara Logan comes in.

    And sexual slavery is still considered virtuous today even where outlawed only because of the pressure from the West only since the 19th century. Darn that Christian West! Nevertheless, sexual slavery is still considered righteous and holy in Islam by the most devout as long as it is practiced according to Mohammad and the teachings of the Koran and Hadith. The Democrats are relieved! If you are going to condone sexual slavery it should be done by the book!

    It makes sense that Democrats are going to have an affinity for a religion that normalizes sexual slavery and having sex with kids. It just makes sense.

    Yes, you can dislike Mubarak and claim Islam is evil. Especially if you can walk and chew gum at the same time and have read even the most basic information about Mohammad and his life.


    Wafa Sultan:


  11. michellefrommadison, there are posters I seldom read because I’ve put them in my mental “Bat-shit Crazy” folder. You haven’t been put there. Blah, blah, strong opinions, blah, blah, don’t always agree, blah, blah, blah. So, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Your original posting struck me as sarcasm and it went downhill thereafter.

    If you’re trying to say something or make a point you need to just make it. She’s been said to have some sexual escapades previously (like she’s the only newsperson that goes off to pursue a story and screws around) and I really don’t have any concern about that. I don’t think that is germane to this situation.

    What am I missing about this?

  12. AY, I knew people who were like ADC, and to me, they were never funny. They told ‘n***** jokes’ only it was women instead of black americans. I’m sure there are some that do the same with gay jokes. I’ve never been a fan of one-note comedians that build their career on the kind of hateful things ADC said.(Or says, if he’s still around.) I’m sure you’re right though that he or his humor still has an audience.

  13. If Lara Logan was receiving, or will receive, any income while she did that story, she met the definition of being a prostitute.

  14. I love Andrew Dice Clay 🙂

    And, he would have made a ton of jokes of Lara Logan tramping through the streets as she did.

  15. Lottakatz,

    I agree. I read MFM’s first post as sarcasm. I think some of the other comments, however, have gone past sarcastic into tasteless. Some material wears thin easily.

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