Citizens of Utah Demand Recall of Wisconsin Senators

It appears that the people of Utah feel deeply about representation in Wisconsin. A Utah based group calling itself the American Recall Coalition has filed to campaign for the recall of Democratic senators who remain in hiding to stop legislation curtailing labor rules for teachers. It turns out that beyond a few pending matters in Salt Lake, the people of Utah are primarily concerned about matters in Madison.

The group filed with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board to start the process of getting 16,000 signatures for each of the eight Democratic state senators eligible to be recalled. Governor Scott Walker is immune from recall since state law requires that office holders be allowed to serve one year before being recalled.

The question is how Wisconsin voters will now feel about the pending immigration legislation in Utah and whether they will now form a group to have their voices heard in Salt Lake City. I could not find a recall provision in the Constitution but there must be something the people of Wisconsin can contribute to their associates in Utah.

Source: WLUK

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  1. Lottakatz,

    Oh, I get it. They only advocate recalls for those “icky” Democrats and anyone else who dare disagree with them.

    Seems to me that some people have ENTIRELY too much time on their hands. And who would have thunk it considering all of important issues this country is facing!

  2. Dan Baltes is the man in the ExDir chair of two organizations, this one in Utah and one in Arizona.

    From his press release:

    American Patriot Recall Coalition
    PO Box 25444
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84125

    Salt Lake City, Utah-Dan Baltes, Executive Director of the American Patriot Recall Coalition (APRC)
    issued the following statement concerning the organization of the APRC and recalls initiated in the
    State of Wisconsin against 7 State Senators: …

    Dan Baltes
    Executive Director
    American Patriot Recall Coalition

    Dan is also the ExDir of:

    Executive Director. Americans Against Immigration Amnesty

    http ://

  3. wayne in minnesota

    michele bachmann to al franken to jesse ventura
    i bet ya’ll have some interesting pta meetings

  4. Not saying these people are Mos, but as a general rule, I find it sadly amusing that Mormons don’t like things like gays “crammed down their throats” (yes, I live in Utah and have been told that by the Mormon family values crowd when proposing non-discrimination ordinances), and yet it’s perfectly acceptable for them to stick their noses in Wisconsin or California or literally go door to door around the world shoving THEIR beliefs on other people.

  5. Y’all ain’t got NUTHIN’ on Minnesota. Up here, we have a Democrat (Mark Dayton) as governor, who is blessed with a legislature with both houses controlled by goppers. (if you didn’t vote, this is what you voted for.) They know very well that they won’t be able to get their agenda accomplished through the legislative process, so they’re going to go the constitutional amendment route. It takes a majority vote of both houses to get a proposed amendment on the ballot (no governor’s signature required), and a majority of non- or ill-informed voters to make the proposal permanent.

    I fear for my state. I fear for my country.

  6. Yikes, Blouise that hurts! If 7 steps of separation is the norm, then I’d like to think I’m at least 9 steps away from anybody in Utah.

    I’m proud of our senators who are boycotting this farce of a legislation session. It’s far more than teachers’ wages or even union rights at stake here. Walker is also grabbing the power to change Wisconsin state Medicaid at his whim, affecting the most vulnerable populations.

    And then if Walker decides the Koch brothers deserve a little electric or coal power plant:

    SECTION 44. 16.896 of the statutes is created to read:
    16.896 Sale or contractual operation of state-owned heating, cooling,and power plants. (1) Notwithstanding ss. 13.48 (14) (am) and 16.705 (1), the department may sell any state-owned heating, cooling, and power plant or may contract with a private entity for the operation of any such plant, with or without solicitation of bids, for any amount that the department determines to be in the best interest of the state. Notwithstanding ss. 196.49 and 196.80, no approval or certification of the public service commission is necessary for a public utility to purchase, or contract for the operation of, such a plant, and any such purchase is considered to be in the public interest and to comply with the criteria for certification
    of a project under s. 196.49 (3) (b).

  7. I’d like to know who is funding/supporting the American Recall Coalition. Who are its organizers and leaders? I haven’t–as yet–been able to locate a website for the group.

  8. Consider the source….Utah! Can non-citizens of Wisconsin initiate a recall? The only thing they have to remember is that every Republican Senator can be “recalled” in the same fashion. I am thinking the signatures for Walker’s crowd to get recalled will be a littel easier to obtain.

  9. “They need not be responsible for the future because they are doing everything in their power to destroy it, mainly out of spite for being unable to convince a majority of their agenda. Since the underlying liturgy brooks no compromise, we can expect the death-pangs to intensify.” (James in LA)

    Very insightful … very true

  10. Utah has a history of the busy-body, having stuck their big noses into issues all over the country, including Prop 8 in CA. It’s a study in abject insecurity, utterly fascinating if it weren’t so weirdly exclusive.

    States like Utah have bent over backwards to establish laws against boogeymen that are so extreme, they assure these folks are going to continue to get what they don’t want, all the while voting away their actual rights to corporations.

    Trouble is, these folks have kids, and most of these kids are not on the same page. Their kids will see this as we see the red scare of the 1950s. And so all these terrible laws and amendments to Constitutions will ultimately be struck down, prompting even more teahadist unrest.

    Because let us make no mistake: this is a movement in its death-pangs. They would be grateful for Armageddon at this point. They are hoarding and grabbing everything they can in the meantime, from trillions of our dollars to guns to franks n beans. This leaves no time or interest for “debate,” which is why we haven’t had any since the appointment of W by the SCOTUS.

    They need not be responsible for the future because they are doing everything in their power to destroy it, mainly out of spite for being unable to convince a majority of their agenda. Since the underlying liturgy brooks no compromise, we can expect the death-pangs to intensify.

    They won’t be taking public sector unions in WI with them. Count on it. A beast has woken up at long last.

  11. This is a real fight, and we’re going to have to organize and battle in state after state:

    — In Ohio, USAction affiliate ProgressOhio is rallying in Columbus. Thousands of nurses, teachers, firefighters and community members are at the Statehouse to protest a measure that would limit Ohio workers’ freedoms to organize and improve their standard of living.

    — In Maine, the Tea Party-backed governor has announced the first phase of his extreme agenda, which includes lowering air and water pollution standards, allowing toxic chemicals back into children’s toys and baby bottles, and rezoning 3 million acres of wilderness for sprawling development. Says the leader of USAction affiliate Maine People’s Alliance: “The next phase will be an attack on workers. It’s time for us to get ready.”

    We will need to not just feed protestors but staff a movement to take on the biggest plan to break the backs of middle class workers we have seen this decade. And we need your help to do it.

  12. My email reads

    The response to the billionaire-funded assault on Wisconsin’s middle class workers has been inspiring, with 70,000 people attending a rally Monday at the statehouse in Madison. USAction/TrueMajority members have been key in the effort — our affiliate group in Wisconsin is leading the charge on the ground, getting food for protestors, and talking to the media. More than 35,000 of our members across the nation have sent support messages to Wisconsin ralliers in just the past few days, which you can read on our website.

    But the battle in Wisconsin is only the beginning. Just today our affiliates in Maine and Ohio reported new maneuvers from corporate-backed politicians there to take away the rights to middle-class jobs, and we need a long-term strategy for fighting back. Sending money to buy pizzas for protestors is helpful, but to beat back the billionaire-funded effort we’re coordinating a nationwide campaign with boots on the ground in multiple states.

  13. Madison is being used as a battle ground and recruitment field for or against unions in general. White collar workers in general might unionize. How about a union of legal associates and paralegals?

  14. Stamford Liberal,

    It’s probably because of all that genealogy stuff … they think they’re related to everybody in Wisconsin.

  15. WTF?? And how the hell does this affect Utah? Jeez, you have to have a mighty big set to propose something like this.

    Methinks the American Recall Coalition in Utah should mind their own damned business and focus on their own damned backyard.

  16. There was a person in Michigan that owned an insurance company…. His name Richard Headlee… he got passed a tax limitation bill….he owned an insurance company…. Hamilton Life or something like that…. He was part of the Mackinac Inst…. a Think tank…. He moved his entire operation from Michigan to Utah….He died…his son is now an elder of the company…. the rest is exercising the voice in Wisconsin…. Funny how things work…..

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