The Sharia Shag Cut: Male Hairdressers Ordered To Stop Cutting Women’s Hair

The hardline Islamic government in Gaza has implemented another edict under Sharia law. This time male hairdressers were told that they would be arrested if they continued to cut women’s hair.

The story below includes accounts of how the Gaza police called each hairdresser into a room where they had an unrelated detainees hanging by shackles from the wall. They were told that, if they took more more snip of women’s hair, they would be violating Sharia and would be punished. The hanging detainee was a nice touch. A “shampoo and shackles” message that was not lost on the men, who are now struggling to survive.

Source: Guardian

Jonathan Turley

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  1. “History holds the answers to most of our problems.” (mespo)

    That it does … still patiently waiting for more on the Second Amend

  2. IS:

    “Maybe Mr. Burke never interacted with Arabs/Muslims.”


    Ironic you would pose that question. Burke served as the chief investigators of the House of Commons into the dealings of the East India Company and was intimately involved with the sub-Continent for two decades. As you might know, the East India Company was the world’s first mega-corporation and held sway over much of Asia. Burke was keenly aware of the plight and proclivities of Muslims, and was well-versed in what he referred to as “Mahomedan law” –which he admired. Here is his famous oration concerning the impeachment of the Governor General of Bengal, Warren Hastings:

    On one side, your lordships have the prisoner declaring that the people have no laws, no rights, no usages, no distinctions of rank, no sense of honor, no property; in short that they are nothing but a herd of slaves to be governed by the arbitrary will of a master. On the other side, we assert that the direct contrary of this is true. And to prove our assertion we have referred you to the institutes of Ghinges Khân and of Tamerlane: we have referred you to the Mahomedan law, which is binding upon all, from the crowned head to the meanest subject; a law interwoven with a system of the wisest, the most learned, and most enlightened jurisprudence that perhaps ever existed in the world. We have shown you, that if these parties are to be compared together, it is not the rights of the people which are nothing, but rather the rights of the sovereign which are so. The rights of the people are every thing, as they ought to be in the true and natural order of things.

    —Edmund Burke, Final Speech at the Trial of Warren Hastings, May 28, 1794

    History holds the answers to most of our problems.

    “The Present is the living sum-total of the whole Past.”
    ~Thomas Carlyle, Characteristics

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