Seventeen Police Officers Arrested in Kickback Scheme

Seventeen police officers and the owners of the Majestic Auto Repair Shop have been arrested in an extortion scheme involving thousands of dollars of kickbacks from towing cases.

The officers are accused of illegally steering car accident victims to the Majestic Auto Repair shop for kickbacks. The federal complaint below details how victims were directed to the shop for towing and repairs with officers received $300 per vehicle, which seems a sizable amount that was presumably passed on to the victims through inflated costs. One officer reportedly made top salesman with a take of $14,000 over two years.

Here is the list of accused officers:

Hernan Alexis Moreno Mejia (Moreno), age 30, of Rosedale; Moreno’s brother, Edwin Javier Mejia, age 27, of Middle River; Eddy Arias, age 39, of Catonsville; Eric Ivan Ayala Olivera, age 35, of Edgewood; Rodney Cintron, age 31, of Middle River; Jhonn S. Corona, age 32, of Rosedale; Michael Lee Cross, age 28, of Reisterstown; Jerry Edward Diggs, Jr., age 24, of Baltimore; Rafael Concepcion Feliciano Jr., age 30, of Baltimore; Jaime Luis Lugo Rivera, age 35, of Aberdeen; Kelvin Quade Manrich, age 41, of Gwynn Oak; Luis Nunez, age 33, of Baltimore; Samuel Ocasio, age 35, of Edgewood; David Reeping, age 41, of Baltimore; Jermaine Rice, age 28, of Owings Mills; Leonel Rodriguez Torres, age 31, of Edgewood; Marcos Fernando Urena, age 33, of Baltimore; Osvaldo Valentine, age 38, of Edgewood; and Henry Yambo, age 28, of Reisterstown.

Here is the majesticcomplaintaffidavit

Source: CBS

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  2. i’m sure these officers will get a stern talking to. maybe even a letter in their personnel file.

  3. Kay,

    With your experience does that surprise you? I know some that regularly used the seized evidence for personal use….. But then again….Some used it for controlled buys…. How can you tell which is which?

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  6. Be that as it may, you put together a fine grouping with laser precision. Ironic that I posted the Brian Adams video only to be cut like a knife. After another terrific day I think I will go read it again. 🙂

  7. RE: Buddha Is Laughing, February 24, 2011 at 12:27 pm

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  8. raff,

    Don’t tell the Greeks.

    I saw what they did to Socrates and I ain’t a drinkin’ nuthin’. 😉

  9. Hummmmmm!!!

    “According to the Princetonian, Daniels was arrested after police officers discovered enough marijuana to fill two large shoe boxes in the dorm room he shared with two other individuals. Officers also found LSD and prescription drugs in the room.”

    A comment:

    “wooper 28 minutes ago (12:31 PM)
    181 Fans
    He must have had a good lawyer. There are many people who have spent a long time in jail for possession of less than that.”


    ndiana Gov. Mitch Daniels not only smoked pot, he inhaled.

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  12. Sir Lawrence,

    That was not stated…. However, kickbacks seem to be the rule for officers to direct tow calls…. Thats why a number of municipalities have rotational responders…. You tell me who does the most of the work on the repairs and who owns the shop …. and I’ll state who makes the kickbacks…. I had a client that owned a Transmission shop…. I am sure they are immune….

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