Seventeen Police Officers Arrested in Kickback Scheme

Seventeen police officers and the owners of the Majestic Auto Repair Shop have been arrested in an extortion scheme involving thousands of dollars of kickbacks from towing cases.

The officers are accused of illegally steering car accident victims to the Majestic Auto Repair shop for kickbacks. The federal complaint below details how victims were directed to the shop for towing and repairs with officers received $300 per vehicle, which seems a sizable amount that was presumably passed on to the victims through inflated costs. One officer reportedly made top salesman with a take of $14,000 over two years.

Here is the list of accused officers:

Hernan Alexis Moreno Mejia (Moreno), age 30, of Rosedale; Moreno’s brother, Edwin Javier Mejia, age 27, of Middle River; Eddy Arias, age 39, of Catonsville; Eric Ivan Ayala Olivera, age 35, of Edgewood; Rodney Cintron, age 31, of Middle River; Jhonn S. Corona, age 32, of Rosedale; Michael Lee Cross, age 28, of Reisterstown; Jerry Edward Diggs, Jr., age 24, of Baltimore; Rafael Concepcion Feliciano Jr., age 30, of Baltimore; Jaime Luis Lugo Rivera, age 35, of Aberdeen; Kelvin Quade Manrich, age 41, of Gwynn Oak; Luis Nunez, age 33, of Baltimore; Samuel Ocasio, age 35, of Edgewood; David Reeping, age 41, of Baltimore; Jermaine Rice, age 28, of Owings Mills; Leonel Rodriguez Torres, age 31, of Edgewood; Marcos Fernando Urena, age 33, of Baltimore; Osvaldo Valentine, age 38, of Edgewood; and Henry Yambo, age 28, of Reisterstown.

Here is the majesticcomplaintaffidavit

Source: CBS

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  1. These guys must of learned the top down, bottom up system. These guys are a bunch of bottom dwellers sworn to protect and serve. I’m sure the Union is going to speak out on behalf of it’s officers.:) Awfully close to D.C. isn’t it.

  2. Is it a coincidence that most all of the Defendant Doughnut chasing clowns have Hispanic surnames…. maybe I am over looking something…. Then again…. a very tight community….

  3. Is it a coincidence that most all have Hispanic surnames.

    No they probably have relatives in the drug cartels.
    Makes you wonder about their birth certificates. Clearly these that you speak of are non A-mare-a-can.

    You weep for Santiago and you curse these police officers. You have that luxury, you have that luxury of not knowing what I know.
    Deep down inside you need me on that wall, you want me on that wall.

  4. AY: That’s thin ice you’re skating on, there.

    Don’t know who you are but AY is allowed to speak freely here.
    Sometimes the truth hurts.

  5. BN,

    How so? You read the complaint…saw the list of defendants… Hispanics are very tight in family relationships….

    Have you ever represented folks in the drug culture? Someone that is a major player in the import business from Mexico?

    If you are offended by what I said….well…. there are fast food places other than McDonalds…..

    What I said was from my own experience…. If that is too harsh for your sensitive nature I would suggest you not read my posts anymore…. I say what I think…pretty much…. and sometimes the truth is offensive…. really it is….

    However, I will apologize to you for you not understanding the context of my statements….. I have a great respect for Hispanics….. I have even dated a number of them….

    I end this with…..How many blacks do you expect to find in the Italian Mafia…. Think about it…..

  6. I do not care if they are born here or not…. The birth certificate issue is not germane to this thread…

  7. C’mon folks a little civility. No need to reduce one’s self to mindless bickering. Felt as though I was reading correspondence between a number of “wounded” children on the playground

  8. As it is corrupt for one person to assert as valid any claim of power over any other person, so the assertion of power by one person over another person corrupts the one so asserting.

    Do what causes something and the something will thereby be caused.

    Vita ispa loquitur. Animus ipsum loquitur.

  9. “Adversity is the diamond dust heaven polishes its jewels with.” – Robert Leighton

    “Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it.” – Horace

    “In all trouble you should seek God. You should not set Him over against your troubles, but within them. God can only relieve your troubles if you in your anxiety cling to Him. Trouble should not really be thought of as this thing or that in particular, for our whole life on earth involves trouble; and through the troubles of our earthly pilgrimage we find God.” – St. Augustine

    “Only in the winter can you tell which trees are truly green. Only when the winds of adversity blow can you tell whether an individual or a country has steadfastness.” – John F. Kennedy

  10. RE: TJ Colatrella, February 24, 2011 at 11:06 am

    That’s why they call it, The “Criminal” Justice System..!


    Also, in muchlyso like manner, methinks methinks…

    And, if I am mistaken thereabout?

  11. “Perfection is an imaginary state of quality distinguished from the actual by an element known as excellence; an attribute of the critic.” – Ambrose Bierce

    “The greater the emphasis on perfection, the further it recedes” – Haridas Chaudhuri

  12. Buddha Is Laughing 1, February 24, 2011 at 11:08 am

    I have just copied that into an e-mail

    added will be Buddha is Laughing 2-24-11, that is if you don’t object

    Very nice Buddha !!!!!!

  13. ““Seventeen Police Officers Arrested in Kickback Scheme”

    I am at a lost for words,My best advice.

    “Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much.
    John Wayne”

  14. Sir Lawrence,

    That was not stated…. However, kickbacks seem to be the rule for officers to direct tow calls…. Thats why a number of municipalities have rotational responders…. You tell me who does the most of the work on the repairs and who owns the shop …. and I’ll state who makes the kickbacks…. I had a client that owned a Transmission shop…. I am sure they are immune….

  15. In a world as though defined by imperfection, every possible definition, and every possible experience, of actual perfection is as though predestined to be perfectly imperfect.

    What is a perfect definition of “perfect”?

    Absent a perfect definition of “perfect,” by what is imperfection to be known or understood save by imperfection itself?

    To claim a perfect definition of imperfection within a world only imperfect is a logical driooprweafnhjgpeiormsdruiawerw4rweio?

    Life is for the living.

    The dead are imperfectly able to take care of themselves.

  16. “Perfection is an imaginary state of quality distinguished from the actual by an element known as excellence” is a very clear statement. Perfection is a subjective and shifting quantity subject to the inherent physical imperfections of humanity; what is perfection for the normal person will not be perfection for the psychotic person and both would differ from any form of objective perfection as objective perfection is the realm of divine and/or magical beings. Nothing mortal is perfect. Every being in the universe is mortal, limited by the age of the universe if nothing else, ergo the natural state for humans – as mortal beings – is imperfection. Since their natural state is imperfection, the natural state of their systems is imperfection. This is not to say perfection is not an appropriate aspirational goal. To seek perfection results in system improvements. To expect perfection is to live in perpetual disappointment.

  17. Hummmmmm!!!

    “According to the Princetonian, Daniels was arrested after police officers discovered enough marijuana to fill two large shoe boxes in the dorm room he shared with two other individuals. Officers also found LSD and prescription drugs in the room.”

    A comment:

    “wooper 28 minutes ago (12:31 PM)
    181 Fans
    He must have had a good lawyer. There are many people who have spent a long time in jail for possession of less than that.”


    ndiana Gov. Mitch Daniels not only smoked pot, he inhaled.

    But the potential Republican presidential candidate said he learned a valuable lesson when, while a student at Princeton University in 1970, he was arrested and convicted for possession of marijuana – a crime that carried a $350 fine.”

  18. RE: Buddha Is Laughing, February 24, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    To expect perfection is to live in perpetual disappointment.


    I do not ask anyone to believe as I believe and I do not allow any one to command me to believe as anyone else believes as and when I observe a belief of another person to constitute an intense violation of my conscience, were I to accept such belief.

    However, I always experience my life as perfectly perfect and I never encounter more than fleetingly transient disappointment as a call for my learning further of my response abilities.

    There is not even a fraction of an instant of my life which I would actually want to be different than it has been, different than it is, or different than it will be, and this is true without the slightest trace of possible exception.

    Because I actually live, and have always lived, a life which I find your writings appear to me to define as impossible, and because my life is possible because I am living it, something must be amiss about your model of what is possible.

    I continue sending to you messages to the effect that the world you describe is a world in which I have never lived and which, to the best of my practicable ability to discern, can never live, why is it that I allow you to live in your world as you experience it, and yet you write s though to demand of me that I believe as you apparently do, that I do not live as I know and understand I actually live.

    Perhaps your life has not given you the opportunity to yet see, recognize and understand the world in which I really live, yet the world you describe, as I am able to understand your descriptions, is within the world I see, recognize and understand, which I do by living in the world in which I live.

    While your world is within the world wherein I live, it is given to me to understand that, on the day I actually enter that portion of the world in which I live which is apparently what you believe to be the whole world, on the day I become with you in the world in which you believe, on that very day, it is given to me to understand that I will surely die.

    Being profoundly pro-life, joining with you where you are, I find I shall never do.

    What is it that seemingly rules out your accepting me and my work, while I fully accept you and your work, your work being in many ways the important work of learning of that which is wisely, once understood sufficiently, avoided?

  19. Be that as it may, you put together a fine grouping with laser precision. Ironic that I posted the Brian Adams video only to be cut like a knife. After another terrific day I think I will go read it again.:)

  20. That I was philosophizing.

    I have a dreadful aversion to hemlock.

    I would like some Ouzo, dolmades and some bread with a plate of olive oil and sea urchin though.

    That would be awesome.

  21. Kay,

    With your experience does that surprise you? I know some that regularly used the seized evidence for personal use….. But then again….Some used it for controlled buys…. How can you tell which is which?

  22. RE: Buddha Is Laughing, February 24, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Then you simply mistake contentment with perfection.


    Or not.

    I find your expressed view of me, my life, and my work to be perfectly wrong in every significant detail that I have yet been able to identify, and I am hardly content with that, though I neither expect nor do not expect you to do as you have been and are doing.

    In the manner of dynamic equilibrium I am always perfectly at peace with any degree of discontentment which enters into my life and am so for however long any discontentment lingers.

    It is becoming my wonderment as to whether you have in your life one thing which I absolutely and totally lack. This one thing is sometimes called, “theory of mind,” and is supposedly how one person can know another person’s intentions without having been directly told by said another person.

    In my world, “theory of mind” is of coercive intimidation.

    I continue to as-accurately-as-words-allow that I am not like you because I live in an actual world apparently as yet veritably unknown to you.

    BiL, I find your expressed views to match terribly my understanding of the views of those who have most terribly abused me, and you seem no less pathologially indiffferent to the horrid damage the views I find you expressing do in the lives of people who do not crush others to death on their way to the top tier of society, and who do not crush others to death because folks who, methinks, believe much as you do crushed them to death on their way up the ladder of failure masquerading as success, or whatever…

  23. Finding perfection in contentment is not the same as finding objective perfection. It is relative perfection which means by definition it is relatively imperfect.

    And I find you are completely full of shit, Brian. Because quite the opposite is true: by disabusing your antisocial and anti-civilization ideas, I’m not seeking to protect my trained field of expertise or even myself. I’m seeking to protect you from yourself and anyone who might take what you say about adversity seriously. Your intentions are irrelevant given the raw dangerous and tyranny inducing nature of your idea.

    Again, your postulate about the a value of legal dispute resolution via adversarial due process is both irrational and destructive as

    1) legal dispute resolution via adversarial due process is the alternative process to personal self-help adversarial dispute resolution which results in the tyranny of the strong over the weak and often violence and

    2) that such an alternative to self-help dispute resolution somehow creates adversity (adversity which in fact is caused simply by human nature, human interaction and circumstance) when what legal dispute resolution via adversarial due process does is remove the potential for violence from adversity and is thus a cornerstone of maintaining civilization over anarchy and tyranny.

    You cannot defeat my logic. It is sound and based upon historical evidence and proper causal analysis for the root of adversity resting in human psychology and circumstance. Your idea is not sound and every time you’ve tried to defend it, you’ve resorted to circular logic, religious thinking, made up definitions, distortions or false equivalences. You cannot defend your postulates because they are simply indefensible in the light of the reality of human nature and proper (read: non-circular) logic.

    Not everyone who tells you that you are wrong is your enemy or wishes you harm.

    You are simply wrong, both logically and factually, and in your mistake you formulated an idea that is inherently dangerous to society. It is your 1st Amendment right to be wrong in your message. It is my 1st Amendment right to challenge your message. If you don’t like that? Set up your own blog to peddle your destructive nonsense. I promise I won’t come there and challenge it. But as long as you challenge it where I post – and I post only here at a blog dedicated to free speech – I guarantee I will challenge your bad idea every time you mention it.

    Because I can and I take the business of preserving civilization from tyranny and anarchy very seriously.

  24. REE: Blouise, February 24, 2011 at 7:37 pm


    Quite a set up ….


    The set up is told in the creation myths of every culture I find Joseph Campbell studied. DNA evidence provides support for the notion that the human population shrank to a few hundred people during one of those mass-extinction events, and the diverse cultural creation myths can only have come from the equivalent of one Song My type village, in the form of a cluster of hamlets or some other very localized group of mass extinction human suvivors as I understand human genetic diversity.

    The set up is preferring the Biblical “broad path (of groupthink?) leading to perdition over the narrow, yet far more socially-isolating narrow and hard path that leads to life.

    I ask nothing for what I share with others, for my life is given to me without any actual cost, so that I can give of my life, for free, that which others may find useful.

    As an infant, long before I began to speak with words, I heard the stories of the meaning of the teachings of Jesus, and asked to be given whatever I would need that I might best serve God, as I understand God.

    My entire life is this prayer, never in words, yet I am able to put the prayer in words not totally unfamiliar to everyone. The words:

    Lord, God, Almighty, give to me that which I need that I may best serve you. Nonetheless, not my will but your will be done. For this, I pray through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. So be it. May my whole life be this prayer. Amen.

    Ask, said Jesus, and you will receive. Because I was never divided by the infant-child transition, I have been able to make that prayer my whole life, all of my heart, all of my mind, all of my soul, and all of my strength. As I have asked, with nothing of my life withheld, so I observe I have received.

    I am an ordinary person about whom nothing is more nor less special than any other ordinary person.

    Ever read “A Course in Miracles”?

    La Kayim!

  25. Bobby, I mean Buddha, did ya one better. Click the link.

    You remember when I told ya it was like a couple trying to reconcile when I said, ” Bobby, I just need a little more time”
    It’s time Bobby, i’m ready:)

  26. Hey Bdaman are you trying the gay thing bottom up again? I heard you were a pro at sucking up. You do not have to deny it because you are known well by the callous knees.

  27. I thought that this was appropriate under the circumstance…. If I understand correctly…. a gay male is sometime called a girl….so from that perspective…..this one is just for you……

  28. My neighbor who is from Metairie Louise Zee Anna sings it Black bottom girls you make da rockin world go round.
    Thank you AY if that was truly intended for muaw. You know you are one of the posters here that remains near and dear to my heart.
    You are a true southern gentleman that deserves a traditional Southern Belle courtsey when passing.😉

    Why are people putting youtube before the link?

  29. Ah a true Southern Belle will be kind to you when you pass and hide her empty bottle and empty the ashtray in your coffin…. Something to remind you only of home…. While she anticipates the insurance check at your demise…. How she really spends it will be no ones surprise… when people find out why the man died first was only because he wanted to… That is a true hell on earth ….

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