Carry Out Luggage: Man Uses Plane Bathroom To Rob Brink’s of Almost $240,000

Now this is a daring crime. A passenger on a flight on Air Antilles to Guadeloupe reportedly complained that he was having stomach issues and stayed in the bathroom for almost the entire flight. After the plane landed, a Brink’s security employee discovered that the $238,000 left with luggage in the hold had been taken.

The passenger apparently went into the bathroom and removed the panels on the wall to get into the hold, where he stole the money. He then asked for an ambulance to meet the plane when it landed. However, he then felt better and walked out of the airport with a female companion.

Despite his success, he may be a bit put out to learn that the Brink’s man had three sacks of cash worth $1.6million in the hold. Of course, it might be difficult to hull that amount of money off the plane without drawing attention.

Source: Daily Mail

16 thoughts on “Carry Out Luggage: Man Uses Plane Bathroom To Rob Brink’s of Almost $240,000”

  1. Can you imagine what would happen if one of us tried to carry a quarter million in cash on a plane?

    Every three letter agency on the planet would be alerted and the cuffs would be slapped on before you could spit.

    This is because law enforcement considers it prima-facia evidence of criminal intent — when WE do it. I think that entitles the public to as Brinks “Why are YOU doing it?”

  2. Could it also be that say a small bank on the island of
    St. Barts just had too much of a foreign currency on hand
    and had to exchange or sell it???

  3. Ay, ransom is possible, so is a bribe on it’s way to someone or a little bit of laundry. I was also puzzled as to why that much money would be in the hold of a passenger plane.

  4. rafflaw,

    His name could also be Robby Can..
    (Just sayin’)

    Lucky the flight wasn’t going to Cashablanca though.

    Do you know if JT can ban me for these comments???

  5. Another great plot for mespo’s budding Hollywood career in movies!

  6. raf,

    I used to load freight for Flying Tigers….At that time they had a number of safe guards in place….. The amount of money was a lot. My question is why was it being flown….why wasn’t it transferred by wire….just about every bank is a member of the ABA…. if that could not be done they why wasn’t it in check form….. there are a bunch of question… To me it appears as an inside job…so the question that I’d ask…who tipped off whom?

    The last question and this is not rhetorical…Who in Exxon was being held for ransom…. It is common practice to take officials for money….and Exxon pays it as a cost of doing business….. Believe this or not they have even kidnapped and taken out of the US Exxon officials…

  7. That was one expensive crap. Why would Brinks not have more safeguards involved if they were carrying that kind of cash on an airplane?

  8. You don’t have to take that kind of crap off of anybody . . . but I suppose it is easier than earning it the old fashioned way.

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