Saudi Interior Ministry: Free Speech Is Offense Against God

We have seen how Sharia law has been used to justify child rape, stonings, and a wide array of abuses. Now the Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia has issued a statement that protests for greater freedom and democratic reforms is also an offense against God.

The ministry released a statement that “[r]egulations in the kingdom forbid categorically all sorts of demonstrations, marches and sit-ins … as they contradict Islamic Sharia law and the values and traditions of Saudi society” and police are “authorized … to take all measures needed against those who try to break the law.” It seems we are moving from bribes to billy clubs.

Source: LA Times

Jonathan Turley

15 thoughts on “Saudi Interior Ministry: Free Speech Is Offense Against God”

  1. You are a group of idiots
    I congratulate you came out of the Iraq crisis
    Second, if you are the sons of adultery on the side of the Shiites and want to eliminate us joy with you. With advise you not to try.
    Bin Laden dead?
    Bless you 10 years of war to kill a man of saudi
    bye my friends to this date 😉

  2. Mike,
    They must be enemies when 90% of the 9/11 attackers were Saudi! Of course, we must attack Iraq and not Saudi Arabia according to Bush the Second. That only makes sense!!

  3. The Saudi’s have been our major enemies in the world for some time, but are able to buy things like the bush family and CNN. They
    actually make Iran seem moderate, which is very hard to do.

  4. SwM,

    Looks like the Volt is coming off the assembly line just in time.

  5. These people are in trouble…… I have been contacted to Channel for the one that is but that is never seen….. I have been told to tell them that they should divest themselves of all of the worldly riches and give it to me for safe keeping…..

  6. what rafflaw and Stamford Lib said

    Methinks Egypt is causing an overabundance of fear in those who have built their personal reputations on their ability to interpret Allah’s intent.

  7. What rafflaw said.

    I think we need to find better “friends.”

  8. Desperate times for the autocrats, I guess.

    Ya know, “bully clubs” actually makes more sense than “billy clubs”.

  9. Isn’t it AMAZING how often the Great Cosmic Thunderer is fully on the side of whatever authoritarians think is right?

    To reject the State is to reject Gawd Itself. idem est semper

  10. Only your Free Speech is offensive…. MINE IS NOT….I love that concept…. No still means no….right…

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