Catholic Church Suspends 21 Priests For Allegations of Child Abuse

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has suspended 21 priests for involvement in the sexual abuse of minors. The suspensions come after a grand jury found that 37 priests in the diocese were implicated in such abuse.

Cardinal Justin Rigali, previously insisted that there were no priests “who have an admitted or established allegation of sexual abuse of a minor against them.”

Critics are saying that the Church fought to retain the priests and denied allegations of current priests with abuse histories. While on suspension, the priests cannot celebrate Mass publicly, wear collars or hear confessions.

This could open the door for significant civil liability for the Church in Philadelphia. Moreover, the delay in suspending the priests could become a major issue in court. These priests may also now have more of an incentive to implicate the Church in such civil actions.

Source: NY Times

44 thoughts on “Catholic Church Suspends 21 Priests For Allegations of Child Abuse”

  1. “That might detract from the hysteria systematic aiding and abetting of pedophilia and the avoidance of prosecutions against employees of the church.”


    That’s better.

    Just because there is a larger sample space in public schools than represented by the RCC in no way detracts from the crimes committed by priests against children. I doubt anybody has run the numbers in a correlative manner because child molestation is an under reported crime, but if I were a betting man I’m willing to bet that the rate of incidence for child molestation in the RCC (combined church organization including schools and churches) is much higher than the rate of incidence in the general population.

    Be an apologist all you want.

    The RCC is and has been engaged in the systematic aiding and abetting of felonies.

    If they weren’t filthy stinking rich? They’d have tanks rolling though the fronts of Catholic churches across the country. Just ask the Branch Davidians if you can find one.

  2. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has suspended 21 priests for involvement in the sexual abuse of minors.

    This is not a true statement. most of these priests were suspended for “boundary issues”–whatever that means.

    But why let facts get in the way of a good witch hunt against the church?

    And why ever talk about sex abuse in the government schools were most of it occurs? That might detract from the hysteria against the church.

  3. What the linked article does not make clear is the list of 35 priests identified by the 2011 Grand Jury which became an issue in 2011, is the same list of priests identified in a 2005 Grand Jury investigation and given to Archbishop Rigali at that time or possibly 2006 when the record was finalized. Rigali was sent in 2003 to be the Archbishop of Philadelphia.

    Also, Associate Monsignor Cistone, who was named as part of the coverup from in at least one instance in the mid 1990’s was promoted by Rigali to Auxiliary Bishop in 2004. He as well as the other named priests should have been removed in 2006 when the Grand Jury report was passed on to Rigali unless he was doing the job Rigali wanted him to do.

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