UCLA Students Triggers Firestorm With Anti-Asian Video

Alexandra Wallace has caused a firestorm of controversy and recrimination after she posted a Youtube video denouncing “Asians in the library.” The original video is below. The tirade attacks Asian students for talking on cellphones and even having their elderly parents show up on weekends to do their clothes and cook their food. The question is whether Wallace should be punished by UCLA, which is looking into the matter.

In the video, Wallace chastises Asians for bad manners on cellphones. She ends the video with “thanks for listening, have a nice day.”

The article below says that “[s]he is listed on examiner.com as an LA Style Examiner, where she is described as ‘an economics student at UCLA, with a passion for recession-friendly fashion.'” It further quotes a description of “[h]er background working in the beauty industry, along with modeling experience has given her insight into what looks great on the individual.”

Wallace has issued an apology:

“Clearly the original video posted by me was inappropriate. I cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did, and if I could undo it, I would. I’d like to offer my apology to the entire UCLA campus. For those who cannot find it within them to accept my apology, I understand.”

Wallace has reportedly received death threats.

There is some debate whether Wallace is a student at UCLA. In my view, it would be entirely inappropriate for university to punish a student for exercising her free speech in this way. While obnoxious, the statements of Wallace were made as an individual.

Source: Daily Mail

Jonathan Turley

26 thoughts on “UCLA Students Triggers Firestorm With Anti-Asian Video”

  1. Alexandra Wallace once again shows why there are so many dumb blonde jokes!
    Joking aside, this is simply not just her instantaneous rant but it goes deeper than that. She apparently has been harboring her feeling and belief toward Asians for so long that they just now exploded. She is an adult and knows exactly what she’s saying and doing. She meticulously articulated her view very well through her chosen words, facial and body language expressions in the video. Just imagine people with feelings and beliefs like hers have ever gotten to the position of power and acted out their disdain and hatred. Think about it, Hitler and his cohorts in their youth already showed their disdain and hatred toward Jewish people, and look at what they did to them when they got the power to do it. It’s frightening.

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    Tommy: Yeah man thats long, but you know what makes it longer.

    Cheech: No man. What makes it so long.

    Tommy: They only have one set of jumper cables.

  3. HenMan,

    I stand by what I said….Unintentional or not…..lol… But it is true……I cannot think of the last time I ate at one of those places….maybe 3 years ago…. Unless Taco Bell….then 6 months ago…

  4. AY-

    You said,”…you are at a fat food restaurant…”

    If that was intentional, it’s funny as hell.

    If that was a typo, it’s still funny as hell.

    (By the way, aren’t they all fat food restaurants?)

  5. Live long and prosper, “It’r fudgednt”. You are my unexpected bastard child but it is not without love that I wave you on your way into the memepool by way of the shallow end.

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