NPR Fires Back: Analysis of O’Keefe Video Shows Highly Distorting Edits

In a little discussed release, National Public Radio has identified some alarming edits in the video footage released by James O’Keefe III — purportedly capturing NPR officials slamming conservatives and seemingly agreeing with radical Islamic funders. The analysis linked here shows a series of edits that produce a highly distorted picture, including the removal of statements defending conservatives and expressly warning that NPR’s coverage could never be influenced by financial support.

Ron Schiller’s comments appear heavily edited and sometimes taken out of order with immediately following material, according to the analysis.

For example, the tape released to the public shows Schiller laughing with the men as they described how their “organization sought to spread the acceptance of sharia across the world.” NPR notes that “[i]n reality, as the longer tape shows, that laughter follows an innocuous exchange as Schiller and Liley greet the two supposed donors at their table.” Other more disturbing claims of misleading edits are contained in the NPR analysis.

It make for interesting and disturbing reading.

Jonathan Turley

67 thoughts on “NPR Fires Back: Analysis of O’Keefe Video Shows Highly Distorting Edits

  1. NPR got acorned. Anything this guy produces should be looked at very carefully before making a decision on how to react.

  2. Spot on Blouise! The Acorn has struck again. When will progressive understand that this is a conflict or a war that the far right is waging and if we allow this kind of crap to continue with calling out the perps, then we have lost already.

  3. A man who’s only famous for editing videos to provide propaganda for Republican causes has edited a video to provide propaganda for a Republican cause? Unpausible!

    Seriously, why do any “mainstream” news sources take this guy seriously? Fool me once shame on you fool me twice… won’t get fooled again.

  4. Does the law of Defamation apply in this matter? Injury to say Reputation….though its hard to injure a Republicans Reputation or Character…

  5. This is additional evidence of how the Right controls the media, not the left as people like Maury would suggest.
    You are right about the reputation and character being so bad that you just can’t harm it.

  6. Every video this inflamed asshole has ever released has been heavily edited to make a lie of it. AND YET every video this inflamed asshole releases is treated as if it were valid news. Fool the media once shame on them, fool the media 16 times in a row and HEY – YOU’RE A GREAT SOURCE FOR NEWS!!!

  7. What disturbs me is that this is discovered (or revealed) after how many days of the original story. All news outlets were so quick to give credence to the video prior to its verification. IMHO, this shows how sad our so-called “news” outlets have become, the majority of outlets are more worried about “breaking the story” than the veracity of the story itself. Kudos to NPR and this website for following up, albeit several days later.

  8. Blouise,

    “NPR got acorned. Anything this guy produces should be looked at very carefully before making a decision on how to react.”

    What irks me is that this is the third time that punk O’Keefe did this … you would think people would take his “journalism” with a boulder of salt. But do they? No … they report it as truth and when found heavily edited – SHOCKING – itthe follow up barely makes the news.

    I’m very, VERY disappointed that it took NPR this long, and two employee’s later to figure out that the tape was highly edited and misleading. DUH!

  9. Well, at least FAUXNewz is experiencing some payback …

    Fox fooled by “Muslim ban on padded bras” hoax
    By Justin Elliott

    A Fox News website has picked up a hoax story about an Islamic council in Pakistan protesting the use of padded and colorful bras and presented it as fact.

    The story, which is still featured on Fox News’ Fox Nation website, was illustrated with a picture of a woman’s mid-section and carried the headline “Pakistan: Islamic Clerics Protest Women Wearing Padded Bras as ‘Devil’s Cushions.'” (UPDATE 9:30: Fox has now pulled the story. See the original here.) The lead of the Fox Nation story, which sources the piece to the Indian news website, reads:

    The Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan has protested the use of padded and colourful bras by Muslim women, and recommended that Pakistani Muslim researchers should try to invent an innerwear that makes female assets unnoticeable.

    The problem is, if one takes the time to track the story back to its source, the whole thing is an obvious Onion-style satire — a fact first pointed out by Arif Rafiq of the Pakistan Policy Blog.

    The story linked by Fox cites a “report” from yet another site called Roznama Jawani.

    Roznama Jawani, in turn, appears to be a Pakistani version of the Onion, featuring such stories as “Karachi Preparing a Huge Ass Bat to Beat the Shit Out of Kamran Akmal,” “Altaf Hussain Challenges Imran Khan to a Rap Battle to Settle Differences,” and “Man From Peshawar Sues Red Bull. Says he has no wings!”

    The bra story on Roznama Jawani features a crudely photoshopped image of an Islamic council meeting with a large sign that says, “Future of Padded Bras.” The story quotes an anti-padded bra protester saying that “Padded bras are evil as they make the breasts look bigger and perky … Only devil women show off private parts.”

    Click around a little on the site, and one finds a legal notice:

    The stories published in Roznama Jawani might only be applicable and true in another universe. That universe might be parallel to this universe. Might even be serial. Who knows?! Maybe some one does.

    Fox Nation is an openly conservative news and opinion aggregation site that is part of the Fox News network. It’s not clear what sort of editorial standards are applied to the site, which carries a mixture of hard news and catnip for conservative readers (sample headlines: “Democrats politicize tsunami” and “The President’s afternoon: A round of golf”).

    Fox Nation commenters, for their part, reacted to the bra story with outrage. “If I was a woman–anywhere in the world, I’d be taking a close look at Islam and what it meant for me,” wrote commenter rebubinca. A “louisiana_mom” replied:

    “How can anyone in their right mind defend this religion/cult is beyond me. The silence of NOW and other women’s rights organizations speak volumes as to where their true loyalties are (and it is not for the rights for women).I cannot believe anyone in the 21st century would even entertain the thought of allowing Sharia Law into any Western county.”

    This is hardly the first time a hoax story has made its way around the Internet. A similar situation last year prompted a boycott of pop sensation Justin Bieber by opponents of the “ground zero mosque” who falsely believed that Bieber had come out in favor of the project.

    UPDATE: TPM’s Josh Marshall points out that this is not the first time Fox Nation has presented satire as fact.

    Justin Elliott is a Salon reporter. Reach him by email at and follow him on Twitter @ElliottJustin More: Justin Elliott

  10. Vivian Schiller deserved to be fired because she led an “News” organization that would let itself be taken in by O’Keefe, who is famous for these sorts of misleading cuts.

    After all the many times he has done that, and specifically after Schiller herself got in trouble and described how the Juan Williams thing was done too quickly, yet they fall prey to it again?

    And they do the exact same thing?

    No seriously, why should I care that she got fired. Buck stops here! If NPR is so gullible and quick to overreact there, at how many other times have they over reacted and over reported.

    But also Professor Turley, as misleading as many of the cuts are, so are the claims that somehow this exonerates Schiller from his viewpoints, that those weren’t actually his views.

    But oftentimes, they were.

    So for instance,

    “But in the shorter tape, Schiller is also presented as saying the GOP has been “hijacked” by Tea Partyers and xenophobes.

    In the longer tape, it’s evident Schiller is not giving his own views but instead quoting two influential Republicans — one an ambassador, another a senior Republican donor. Schiller notably does not take issue with their conclusions — but they are not his own.”

    But if you listen to what Schiller is saying he is telling a Tom Friedman cabbie story. He’s attributing those remarks to two anonymous very top Republican friends of his. One an ambassador. He won’t name them, he just claims they exist and claims that those are their beliefs.

    If we don’t believe Tom Friedman when he makes up his cabdriver stories, there is no reason to believe Ron Schiller’s anonymous Top Top Republican friends exist.

    And that said, his statements, that he has these Republicans, Republicans claiming the tea party hijacked the Republicans and they are all racists,

    Well, that’s been a meme floating around the liberal blogosphere for years now.

    In that section of the analysis, this is basically what Ron Schiller said: “Look, I myself don’t think African Americans are threatening, but have you heard what Chris Rock and Jesse Jackson say about African Americans? They say African Americans are really scary.”

    O’Keefe plays it as: “Ron Schiller says African Americans are really scary”, which is misleading.

    But the original in context statement is hardly better!

    NPR was a much higher quality entity when it was a smaller, less corporatized, less bureaucratic, aggregate of college stations. If they are acting this way today, esp, when they are a news organization, well, count me in as believing everyone would be better off, including NPR itself, if they lost some of their funding.

  11. Off Topic:

    From Think Progress (3/14/2011)
    Chamber Of Commerce’s Top SCOTUS Litigator Admits Justices Give Special Treatment to Chamber

    A new study co-authored by conservative Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner confirms something that has been obvious to Supreme Court watchers for years — the Roberts Court places a huge thumb on the scale in favor of corporate interests. According to the study, the Roberts Court rules in favor of business interests 61 percent of the time, a 15 point spike from the five years before when Chief Justice Roberts joined the Court.

    While the Chamber of Commerce has recently tried to downplay the favorable treatment it receives from the Supreme Court, its own top lawyer admitted a few years after Roberts joined the Court that the justices give his client special treatment:

    Carter G. Phillips, who often represents the chamber and has argued more Supreme Court cases than any active lawyer in private practice, reflected on its influence. “I know from personal experience that the chamber’s support carries significant weight with the justices,” he wrote. “Except for the solicitor general representing the United States, no single entity has more influence on what cases the Supreme Court decides and how it decides them than the National Chamber Litigation Center.”

    Phillips’ confession, and the Posner study’s conclusion, corroborates other data showing the Roberts Court’s favoritism towards corporate interests. A recent study by the progressive Constitutional Accountability Center determined that every single justice is more likely to side with the Chamber than the justice who held their seat 25 years ago (the study did not include the Court’s two newest members because of an insufficiently large data sample):


    Check out the post that I provided a link to to see the “Support for Chamber Position by Justice” graph.

  12. Remember, kids: asking Sarah Palin softball questions about what newspapers she reads is gotcha media; concealing your identity, videotaping someone without their consent, and publishing a highly-editted account with the simple goal to make them look bad is tough, investigative journalism.

    I’m honestly curious how many of these tapes O’Keefe has. He is definitely not the brightest and has been caught trying to set up equipment, not to mention given fake answers on camera by ACORN employs when they realised he was messing with them. I’m guessing he’s got dozens of these exposees but most of them are so clearly fake and innocuous even Fox News can’t spin them into news.

  13. House Tleilaxu, I had about two hours of sleep so forgive me, but I don’t think ANYONE besides Breitbart is calling O’Keefe a tough investigative journalist.

    And I think it’s clear he edits his tapes intentionally to deceive.

    That said, how is his pranksterism different from two weeks back when that guy called up Governor Walker pretending to be Koch?

    Aren’t they both the descendants of Dick Tuck or Edward Abbey?

  14. One big difference…the guy who owned walker published a tape UNEDITED!! If your going to be underhanded with gotcha journalism you can’t go all the way like this guy did or like Michael Moore and others do…anything with chopped footage I automatically categorize as altered and fake. Journalism is a camera running uncut, a tape running uncut. If its a story why edit it??? What is there to hide in seeing or hearing its entirety. You will note in Walkers tape its a seemless conversation uncut, not only that but the prankster hardly talked at all. Walker just kept talking and talking and talking about himself, as if to say, daddy are you proud of me??? Thanks a million! !!!!!!!!!”

  15. From yesterday:

    James O’Keefe On CNN: My Priority Is To Go After What ‘The Media Is Refusing To Touch’

    by Matt Schneider | 12:50 pm, March 13th, 2011

    “James O’Keefe, the self-described investigative journalist behind the NPR sting video, appeared on Reliable Sources and told Howard Kurtz that he was motivated to look into NPR after they improperly handled the firing of former contributor Juan Williams. Kurtz questioned whether O’Keefe’s journalism tactics were unethical, but O’Keefe argued his form of investigative reporting was necessary to seek and find the truth.”

  16. And this:

    Wallace’s “Power Player” Designation For O’Keefe Ignores His History Of Deception
    March 13, 2011 4:53 pm ET
    For the second time, Chris Wallace named James O’Keefe Fox News Sunday’s “Power Player of the Week.” But Wallace ignored O’Keefe’s history of discredited claims and allegations that O’Keefe deceptively edits his videos, including the NPR video that earned him the latest “Power Player” designation.

  17. eniobob,

    This from NPR’s post on the subject:

    “O’Keefe said on CNN’s Reliable Sources that his sting was inspired by NPR’s decision to drop longtime news analyst Juan Williams last October after Williams made comments on Fox News about Muslims.

    “The tape is very powerful,” O’Keefe said. “The tape is very honest. The tape cuts to the core of who these people are.”

    Sure the tape is honest – honestly FUBAR.

    If you go to the link on the analysis in JT’s posting, you will see that this punk’s tape doesn’t “cut to the core of who these people are.” It goes directly to the core of who he is. And, as usual, little Jimmy O’Keefe’s full of shit.

  18. NPR’s whining is delicious.

    Folkenflik is guilty of exactly what he charges O’Keefe with: speaking half truths. We see it in the link Mr. Turley provides:

    “But the shorter tape does not include Ron Schiller immediately telling the two men that donors cannot expect to influence news coverage.”

    Folkenfink knows how this works.

    NPR, PBS, ABC, NBC,CBS and even the mainstream print media have perfected the following propaganda method for decades: give out scrupulously accurate facts but destroy the “enemy” in the fluff and puff stuff. This is how they have deceived generations of Americans for over half a century.

    The features are where NPR would allow itself to be influenced. And that is why Schiller specifically told the Muslim impostor in the O’Keefe video that NPR would not be influenced in the news segments by the Muslim donations. He said it that way because he knows NPR WILL be influenced in the NON-news segments.

    Folkenfink doesn’t mention this in his article. He leaves it out and surely he knows about it. In other words he is doing exactly what O’Keefe does. Yet Folkenfink is leaving out more important stuff than O’Keefe!

    The bigot Schiller knows the NPR routine too: present accurate facts tailored to the left wing viewpoint but after that present biased (influenced) features. He knows this is how they maintain their pretense for being unbaised and truthful.

    And Folkinfink would like you to buy it too. That is why he fails to mention it in the article the professor links to. It is a fraud. And the fraud is not that the leftist media have a bias in their ACCURATE fact giving or in their features, but that they pretend they do not. And this is the point O’Keefe was making.

    And to help prove my point you will likely not ever hear NPR or any alleged “news” outlet including ABC, CBS, etc. do an honest feature or even report the plain facts about the life of Mohammad as recorded by adoring Muslim scholars for over a millennium.

    Mohammad owned sex slaves and trafficked in them. It gets worse. The Koran still approves of this to this very day. And if you are a female captured during war with a Muslim nation Muslim men today have every right according to the Koran to keep you as a sex slave and sell you to their friends when they are done. When has NPR reported this? Or when did they report it and cover it up by saying it is no longer in effect?

    The Muslim sex traffickers (Muslims are notorious for it throughout history precisely because it is inherent in their religion) are just the kind of people NPR is willing to do business with. Sexual slavery appeals to the left. No surprise there.

    You will also not hear NPR tell Americans that Mohammad married a child and began having sex with her when she was nine years old. He bathed with her too. He was in his mid fifties at that time so the bogus claims to defend him that this was done because people died at 20 years old doesn’t fly. This too is considered virtuous to this very day by all devout Muslims.

    These are the kind of people who appeal to leftists.

    It is amazing how stupid Schiller is. He said evangelicals want to control everything in Americans’ private lives. This falsehood also pretends that Muslims do not. Moreover, it pretends that the godless communists and atheists never perfected controlling every aspect of life with their totalitarian governments. And I am sure that Schiller supports the leftist agenda which is completely totalitarian.

    Of course he is an Ivy league grad: Cornell.

    Ivy league grads are destroying America.

    Please, don’t start in with me about the Old Testament and slavery. And Jesus didn’t have sex with a 9 year old child. Mohammad did. This suits the left just fine. That is why they do not criticize it.

  19. SL:

    My **favorite** politician can’t escape this guy O’keefe either and praising him too.

    “New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday lauded conservative activist James O’Keefe’s video, that showed teachers railing on the governor and bragging about the benefits of tenure at a teachers’ union conference, for demonstrating what he has been saying about New Jersey teachers’ unions for a long time.

    “This is what I’ve been talking about,” Christie said. “This is another exhibit as to what I’ve been talking about. The arrogance, the greed, the self-interest, the lack of introspection, the lack of standards. And it hurts the great teachers just as much as it hurts the kids.”

    Christie a former Prosecutor knows this guys history and still went out of his way to acknowledge O’keefe.

  20. eniobob,

    You must suffer fools and you have my every sympathy. Christie is nothing but loud-mouthed asshole. In fact, for as much as he says he hates the goomba’s on “The Jersey Shore”, he’s just an older version of those idiots.

    Of course, I’ll bet both my life and that of my daughter’s that O’Keefe’s latest expose is just as hacked as the ACORN tapes and the NPR tapes. But, far be it from a Republican to let facts get in the way of bashing the Middle Class.



    Since HenMan’s not here, I’ll say it for him:

    Go to hell. Not for any reason, just go to hell.

  21. Tootie – please allow me to join in SL’s request for you to kindly go to hell. But I will give you a reason. Your ignorant, bigoted, backwards is painful to any sentient being and should qualify as hazardous waste.

  22. anon, actually, Fox News takes him quite seriously. He was on Chris Wallace’s show a few days ago and was praised for being the “mastermind of a sting on NPR.”
    Either way, my post was just to point fun at the vastly hypocritical standards at Fox for what constitutes fair journalism, nothing more. In all honesty, I have nothing against O’Keefe’s methods, so long as they uncovered something instead of just being used to make people on the left look bad. I mean, this NPR thing would mean something if it showed an actual bias on NPR’s part when it came to their programming, not that he had a political opinion and did his best to avoid letting it influence his work. This is vastly different from the Walker thing since that at least showed he was considering putting in agent provocateurs in the protesters to make them look bad.
    Using underhanded reporting to uncover something of substance: fine by me.
    Using it to character assassinate someone over some innocuous comments: I take exception to that.

  23. In my opinion Ron Schiller’s description of Tea Party members and Republicans as racist is correct, the problem is that the popular definition of the word “racist” is so narrow that it can only be used to describe Adolph Hitler and the men in Texas awaiting the death penalty for killing a Negro by towing him behind a light commercial vehicle.

    The truth is that a definition of racism that cannot cover those respectable white Americans whose brains contain various levels of prejudicial ideas that inevitably lead to discrimination against minorities is of no use, but it is this very narrow definition that is in use by the US pundit class.

    Ron Schiller was shown telling an obvious truth and for that he and NPR CEO Vivian Schiller have resigned. What this shows is the extent to which so called liberal institutions such as NPR have been brainwashed by right wing propaganda to surrender before any attack no matter how lacking in a base of truth.

    Yes the Republican party and the Tea Party are to a very considerable extent racist and their racism causes harm to members of minority groups. A campaign to give the words “racist” and “racism” a more useful definition is needed.

  24. Surely it is time for the board NPR to ask both Vivian Schiller and Ron Schiller to unresign. The board of NPR has been spooked by a dishonest right wing attack into admitting to a wrong that never happened.

  25. I’m wondering whether the Schillers would have cause to sue for libel, given the video was intentionally altered by changing the order of scenes to produce a false statement. The bar for public figures to sue is, I believe, that the person accused of libel has to have done it knowing the information was false. Seems to me this fits the bill.

  26. It’s not like this guy has a history of doing this, amirite? Oh wait, everything he’s done has been done like this.

    My God, people, wake up and smell the coffee. There is nothing that this liar and his handler, Breitbart, produce that isn’t made up for their own benefit.

  27. CM:

    ” right wing propaganda to surrender before any attack no matter how lacking in a base of truth.”

    Which fits a lot of democratic representatives,I’m hoping that the stance the (14) Democratic Senators took in Wisconsin will show theses weak in the knees people in Washington that if you stand for something people will follow,but you have to stand.

    And also understand that Mr. Schiller was qualifying his remarks stating that he was giving his own personal opinion.

  28. “Mohammad owned sex slaves and trafficked in them.”

    The Southern Baptists approved of slavery and justified it from the Torah. Most southern slave-holders raped the woman and destroyed families, while its’ “Christian?” church approved. Martin Luther condoned a variety of sins against people in his day. Likewise for the RCC, the main church of Christianity for 1,500 years. The main Jewish patriarch, Abraham, owned Hagar, slept with her and when she had a child banished her to the desert. Slavery was approved of in the Torah. It was approved of in the RCC and blessings were bestowed on the racist explorers who brought STD’s to the America’s indigenous peoples. Hinduism also share a similar history. It isn’t the religion, it’s the way fundamentalists interpret it and how willing they are to hate those who don’t share their beliefs. People like you with no sense of real history and a blind faith have done/condoned by far more evil throughout history, than those who keep an open or skeptical mind. To my mind the one sin God never forgives is that of ignorance. That is one you qualify for.

  29. TPMDC
    Sen. Durbin Takes On James O’Keefe
    Benjy Sarlin | March 15, 2011

    NPR may be in a defensive crouch, but at least one Democratic lawmaker is publicly pushing back against James O’Keefe’s war on public broadcasting: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

    Durbin took to the Senate floor on Monday to mount a defense of NPR and PBS and attack O’Keefe’s credibility. Noting that previous O’Keefe tapes have been found to be misleadingly edited, including his footage of ACORN in which he posed as a pimp, Durbin said that the same tactics were being used to go after NPR. He cited a widely circulated analysis by Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze, as evidence.

    “Mr. O’Keefe appears to be engaged in creative editing again, and this time his target is National Public Radio,” he said. “That’s not just my opinion. The website of none other than Fox News’ own Glenn Beck — that’s right, Glenn Beck — compares the edited and unedited versions of Mr. O’Keefe’s latest video and concludes that the edited version appears to be deceptively edited in order to portray statements by one of the secretely recorded NPR execs out of context.”

    Durbin called out O’Keefe for his previous antics as well, reminding lawmakers that he had been arrested and convicted on misdemeanor charges in an attempted prank on Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) office.

    “Mr. O’Keefe is obviously not worried about breaking a law if he thinks he is going to come up with a sensational video,” Durbin said.

    Funding for NPR and PBS are under attack from congressional Republicans, many of whom claim that their reporting is biased and that they can survive on private donations. Durbin defended their news programming as balanced.

  30. This is interesting:

    From Salon (3/15/2011)
    Glenn Beck versus James O’Keefe (and Andrew Breitbart)
    The right’s biggest nut starts turning on the movement’s bigger media stars
    By Alex Pareene

    Increasingly unpopular television clown and radio revivalist Glenn Beck confused folks on the left and right recently when his “news” website The Blaze published a thorough and fair debunking of the recent NPR “sting” video produced by youthful video prankster and unprincipled conservative smear artist James O’Keefe.

    The Blaze compared the edited and ready-for-air video with the lengthy unedited raw video of the NPR executives talking with the pretend Muslims attempting to goad them into saying outrageous things. The analysis found numerous shady and misleading edits and elisions. The report all but absolved former NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller of saying anything all that offensive to conservative-Americans. The Blaze even reveals that the “raw” video was altered and censored for reasons unknown.

    The Blaze’s Scott Baker concludes, “even if you are of the opinion, as I am, that undercover reporting is acceptable and ethical in very defined situations, it is another thing to approve of editing tactics that seem designed to intentionally lie or mislead about the material being presented.”

    So. Point Glenn Beck!

    This post went up days ago, and Beck has been greatly enjoying the praise and attention he’s received for being so fair and balanced. And then, as Politico reports, he lightly trashed O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart:

    “The problem with this whole thing is does James O’Keefe have enough credibility to continue to do” undercover video journalism? Beck asked his listeners. That kind of journalism, he said, is “just really not something that you necessarily want to get into. But if you do it, you damn well better not lie on the tape. You don’t now take what you have and edit something to make them say something that they didn’t say. I mean, you have no credibility then.”

    Beck went on to claim he’d been “cautious” with the ACORN videos (which is stretching it) and made reference to the Shirley Sherrod incident, which is generally not talked about on the right except to say that somehow Breitbart was totally right.

    Andrew Breitbart is more responsible than anyone else for transforming James O’Keefe from a small-time Young Republican stunt-puller to a major figure in the Conservative media sphere, and so Breitbart is connected to all of O’Keefe’s schemes, even though he always claims that O’Keefe is an independent operator. While he will never, ever admit it, O’Keefe’s blatantly deceptive editing practices have embarrassed Breitbart before — in addition to the Shirley Sharrod mess, which fatally damaged Breitbart’s credibility in the non-right-wing press, Breitbart didn’t seem to know himself that James hadn’t actually entered those ACORN offices dressed in his Ricky’s pimp costume — which may account for why Breitbart’s “Big” sites didn’t play their usual hype role with the NPR videos.

  31. re: Elaine’s 4:59p post

    This really intrigues me … what’s going on with Beck? Is it as it appears? I’ve never watched the guy so only have reports by others upon which to base an opinion. Is this latest act on the level?

  32. Elaine M.,

    “Glenn Beck versus James O’Keefe (and Andrew Breitbart)”

    You’re quick, lady … I just finished reading that on and was going to post it here.

    You are the best (and the quickest)!

  33. My apologies. I heard my 2 year old granddaughter counting and reciting the alphabet … I had no idea she was making a blog appearance.

  34. Blouise,

    That type of language is not acceptable here….how many )*^*&^&(**98798606&)(*^^% times do you have to be told….

    Only kidding…

  35. AY,

    Her father, my son-in-law, has every electronic gadget known to man. She has had her own ipad for almost a year. The kid can manipulate that screen, plays games, runs through pictures, plays movies … it’s second nature to her. (she’s 2 1/2 years old)

    She has recently learned how to use a mouse and is no longer hampered with just “touchscreen” skills … so now my computer is no longer safe as she recognizes the icons to post since they are similar to her icons to play games … god help me

  36. It is nice when our children are smarter than we are and when we encourage them to learn…we benefit…if we are not afraid of the necessary change….we learn to… stiffing isn’t it….

  37. I am trying out Google Chrome….so far I like it…it has windows that you have looked at that are recently closed in the task bar icon…

  38. OT: I need chrome to try out some new free-ware I’ve found but read (some time ago when it first came out) that it had problems. I’ve never installed Chrome. Should I take the plunge now- I really want to play with this free-ware?

  39. I’m with Carlyle Moulton on this one. “In my opinion Ron Schiller’s description of Tea Party members and Republicans as racist is correct, the problem is that the popular definition of the word “racist” is so narrow that it can only be used to describe Adolph Hitler and the men in Texas awaiting the death penalty for killing a Negro by towing him behind a light commercial vehicle.”

    My first impulse was that O’keefe did it again and that Mr. Shiller should issue a strong statement defending his statements on the basis that the truth is an absolute defense.

  40. “Anonymously Yours 1, March 15, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    It is nice when our children are smarter than we are and when we encourage them to learn…we benefit…if we are not afraid of the necessary change….we learn to… stiffing isn’t it….”

    Well said.As long as They don’t have video cameras:

  41. Blouise



    My apologies. I heard my 2 year old granddaughter counting and reciting the alphabet … I had no idea she was making a blog appearance.


    Rotflmao! Tell the little one I said, “Welcome!” Does she realize how awesome her grandmother is??!!

  42. Blouise,
    I love your grandaughters post!! She would proably be the youngest turleyite!
    the Tea Party is not racist, they just like white people only.

  43. LK,

    It has been installed for a while…I just started using it….so far no repercussions…It is kind of different in that you type your search in the task bar….and then it takes over from there….also….if you highlight the the icon on the bottom it will show you all of your history….kind of different…

  44. Whoa! Didn’t see this coming!

    Even the liberal Huffington Post
    by Doug Hill

    I never liked Huffington Post. It always seemed like a dumber, more celebrity-obsessed version of Politico. So this doesn’t surprise me (via):

    Bloggers have been coming and going very rapidly over at Huffington Post since Arianna Huffington sold out to AOL last month. There has been mounting speculation about the death of the once liberal-leaning HuffPo in light of editorial changes. Well, we can now confirm that the old HuffPo is dead and something hideous is sprouting in its place. We know this because of the revelation today that right-wing extremist Andrew Breitbart is now blogging for Huffington.

    And what has Breitbart chosen to write about in is premiere post? His friend James O’Keefe.

    The latest James O’Keefe success story against NPR has taken a predictable pattern — panicked press releases and firings, followed by denunciation of O’Keefe in a belated attempt to discredit him. Naturally, conservatives are crowing about it, but I wanted to give a little perspective to those Huffington Post readers — whatever your political stripe — who share my passion for free speech, honest debate, and fairness in the media.

  45. rafflaw,

    “the Tea Party is not racist, they just like white people only.”

    Lmao – one trait you forgot … white CHRISTIAN people only:)

  46. Lottakatz.

    I think this is an appropriate thread to expand on my earlier comment about the excessively narrow popular definitions for the words “racist” and “racism”.

    To talk sensibly about any issue requires a meaningful vocabulary that is shared by all involved in the discussion. Unfortunately it the nature of human nature that no such universally shared and meaningful vocabulary exists for talking about racism and other prejudicial -isms.

    Most of the things that most people believe about racism are fallacies. There may be a minority of maybe less than 5% of the population that attach appropriate definitions to the terms “racist” and “racism” but these 5% have little hope of communicating with the other 95%. Ideas from some among this 5% can be found at Rev Alan Bean’s excellent “Friends of Justice” blog and I recommend anyone seriously interested in learning how racism works to browse the archives of Alan’s site.

    Most people see racists as racism as things that existed in the far past or if in the present then far away, they refuse to admit the legitimacy of using the words except for what I would describe as a certain type of extreme racism practiced by a certain type of extreme racist. But racism comes in multiple strengths. Also while one might postulate using a single number to summarize the racism characteristics of a single individual, what one might term the absolute value or modulus of racism for that individual, such a concept is far from adequate. Racism has multiple aspects or dimensions and at minimum one would require a vector of dimenseion N (where N is an integer) and where different people would disagree on how big N needs to be.

    An example, when I was at at St Andrews College at Sydney University I noticed that one of the medical students several years ahead of me seemed from his frequent use of derogatory terms for black people to be an extreme anti-black racist. However I later observed that he spent a lot of time with two students from Ghana or Nigeria who were fellow members of the college athletic team. I came to the conclusion that his habits of racist speech were the result of his coming from rural Australia and that he failed to connect the words with the racist concepts.

    It is possible for a person who peppers his speech with the words “nigger” and “Coon” to be less of an anti-Negro racist than someone who is careful to keep his speech polite and politically correct. Alan Bean at FOJ has many articles demonstrating how Southern politicians and officers of the legal system manage to act in a manner that a genuinely open minded observer would conclude involve discrimination against minorities motivated by prejudice but against whom the terms “racist” cannot be deployed because of a new right-wing counterpart of political correctness. In the case of NPR adherence to this right wing orthodoxy caused the preemptive surrender and a failure to defend against O’Keefe’s misleadingly edited tapes.

  47. Gee, I wonder what we would do without those video tape thingy’s, the internet tubes and stuff …

    “New NPR tape: NPR director admits to having received Soros money for years…”

    — Right-wing activist James O’Keefe, 3/17/11


    “This American RadioWorks documentary aired on All Things Considered® from NPR News and was made possible through major funding by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Florence and John Schumann Foundation, with additional project support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, the U. S. Institute for Peace, and the Glaser Family Foundation.”

    — NPR press release, 4/06/01, announcing funding from George Soros’s Open Society Institute

    Courtesy of The Progress Report

  48. House votes to stop NPR fundingBy the CNN Wire Staff
    March 17, 2011 — Updated 1930 GMT (0330 HKT)

    NEW: The House votes to bar federal funding for National Public Radio

    NPR’s website says the broadcaster provides content to 900 independent stations


    The House voted earlier to cut $50 million from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports NPR
    Past efforts to refund the CPB and NPR have failed
    Washington (CNN) — The House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that would bar federal funding for National Public Radio — a longtime target of conservatives irritated by what they consider the outlet’s liberal bias.

    The bill passed 228-192 in a sharply partisan vote. Most Republicans backed the measure while every Democrat opposed it.

    While the measure was expected to pass the GOP-controlled House, it is believed to have little chance of clearing the Democratic-controlled Senate.

  49. Stamford Liberal and frank-

    I have never copyrighted this brief rant:

    Go to hell. No particular reason this time. Just go to hell.”

    Consequently, it is in the public domain and may be used freely without my permission whenever you deem it appropriate.

  50. From Asbury Park Press (3/18/2011)
    Hidden-camera activist James O’Keefe turns away APP videographer

    KEYPORT — James O’Keefe, the conservative activist known for his hidden-camera videos that have made headlines, apparently was not thrilled about the idea of being videotaped himself during a speech he gave Thursday evening.

    O’Keefe, who spoke to about 100 members of the Bayshore Tea Party and their supporters at Ye Cottage Inn, declined to be videotaped by an Asbury Park Press photographer who was there to cover the event.

    His wishes were communicated by Tea Party members at the event, who asked the photographer to leave.

  51. I wish some enterprising soul with the proper technical and acting skills would set up a sting on that little weasel. Sauce for the goose and all that stuff.

    Ultimately, however, it will not take a sting. He is going to flame out pretty soon anyway. It is just that I would like to see a good “gotcha” on him before he does.

  52. Speaking of hypocrisy, here is more on a story we discussed earlier; An excerpt:

    Small government Republicans are at it again, normally these tax hating knuckle draggers hate the IRS; but now they want them to audit us if we have had an abortion.

    Lets see so far:

    1] They want us battered and bleeding enough so that rape can be determined.

    2] They want to allow hospitals to be able to let us die rather than help.

    3] They want to make our health care as unaffordable as possible.

    4] They want to remove access to contraception to millions.

    5] If we want to have an abortion we must first undergo an Inquisition.

    If all this fails they now want the IRS to investigate via HR3: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

    So much for small government and the government staying out of our personal affairs. More here:****!!

  53. Got some spare change that you’d like to donate to James O’Keefe so he can keep making those great “edited” videos that Fox News loves? Read on…

    From TPMMuckraker
    O’Keefe Says He Racked Up ‘Major Credit Card Debt,’ Needs To Raise $50K
    Ryan J. Reilly | March 23, 2011

    Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe, fresh off his sting operation aimed at NPR, “must raise $50,000 quickly to keep moving forward” he said in an e-mail to supporters.

    “Up ’til now, my friends and I have financed all of our work on our own — running up major credit card debt,” O’Keefe writes. “We made a lot of sacrifices — personally and financially — because we fight for what we believe in.”

    “But, now we’ve hit a wall. This has gotten a lot bigger than we ever imagined. The multi-billion dollar major media Goliath is embarrassed by their failure to make a meaningful impact like we have — that’s why they’re attacking us,” he writes.

    “It cost us about $50,000 when all is said and done to produce the NPR video,” O’Keefe said. “If you help us raise over $50,000, it will go toward our next video — after we pay off our credits cards, of course.”

    “If you help us pass $100,000 — we can do two new videos…” O’Keefe said. “…And if by some chance, we raise $1,000,000 — we could expose 20 disturbing cases of government abuse and corruption. But, all I’m worried about is $50,000 right now.”

    “Give what you can and take the Survey on Media Responsibility and Ethics. America needs The Project Veritas to grow quickly. But, we can’t continue, much less grow, unless we receive financial support soon.”

    The survey implores readers to donate and ask questions like “Do you think the mainstream media will have to embrace the tactics used by James O’Keefe’s The Project Veritas to be credible in the future?”

    “We’re ready and waiting to expose more government corruption. But — it all comes down to money,” O’Keefe writes in the e-mail to supporters.


    Here’s a link to O’Keefe’s email:

  54. Elaine M,

    I see the little twerp is living beyond his means – I know some great bankruptcy attorney’s … lmao!

  55. From NPR (3/14/2011)
    Elements Of NPR Gotcha Video Taken Out Of Context
    by David Folkenflik (Morning Edition)

    Footage posted online last week by conservative activist James O’Keefe III captured NPR’s chief fundraising official, Ron Schiller, disparaging conservatives and the Tea Party and saying NPR would be better off without federal funding.

    Fueled in part by the attention given the video by the conservative Daily Caller website, an 11 1/2-minute version of O’Keefe’s hidden camera video ricocheted around the blogosphere Tuesday.

    It mortified NPR, which swiftly repudiated Schiller’s remarks and in short order triggered his ouster along with that of his boss, NPR CEO Vivian Schiller, who is no relation to Ron Schiller.

    A closer review of those tapes, however, shows that many of Ron Schiller’s most provocative remarks were presented in a misleading way.

    ‘There Are Two Ways To Lie’

    O’Keefe’s tapes show Ron Schiller and his deputy, Betsy Liley, at an upscale cafe in Georgetown for lunch in February. They meet with two men posing as officials with an Islamic trust. The men are actually O’Keefe’s associates — citizen journalists, he calls them.

    O’Keefe also posted a two-hour tape that he said was the “largely raw” audio and video from the incident so people can judge the credibility of his work.

    The Blaze — a conservative news aggregation site set up by Fox News host Glenn Beck — first took a look late last week and found that O’Keefe had edited much of the shorter video in deceiving ways.

    “There was certainly a lot there for conservatives and people of faith and Tea Party activists to be bothered about — but we felt like that wasn’t the whole story,” said Scott Baker, editor in chief of The Blaze. “There were a lot of other things said that may have been complimentary to conservatives and to people of faith and Tea Party activists in the same conversations.”

    My review was conducted with several colleagues. I also relied on outside people, including Baker, who have expertise in analyzing video and audio to review the two tapes.

    Broadcast journalist Al Tompkins said he was initially outraged by what he heard in that first, shorter video by O’Keefe. Tompkins now teaches ethics at the Poynter Institute, a journalism school in St. Petersburg, Fla.

    “What I saw was an executive at NPR expressing overtly political opinions that I was really uncomfortable with,” Tompkins said. “Particularly the way the video was edited, it just seemed he was spouting off about practically everything.”

    But Tompkins said his mind was changed by watching that two-hour version.

    “I tell my children there are two ways to lie,” Tompkins said. “One is to tell me something that didn’t happen, and the other is not to tell me something that did happen. I think they employed both techniques in this.”

    Sacramento, Calif.-based digital forensic consultant Mark Menz also reviewed both tapes at my request. He has done extensive video analyses for federal agencies and corporations.

    “From my personal opinion, the short one is definitely edited in a form and fashion to lead you to a certain conclusion — you might say it’s looking only at the dirty laundry,” Menz said. He drew a distinction between that and a compressed news story.

    O’Keefe’s ‘Investigative Reporting’

    O’Keefe hasn’t replied to several requests for comment for my stories on his tapes. On Twitter last week, he replied to me that his editing was no different from what other journalists do in crafting their stories — including my own.

    On Sunday, he told CNN’s Howard Kurtz that his use of hidden cameras is in the finest traditions of muckraking journalism.

    “Journalists have been doing this for a long time,” O’Keefe said. “It’s a form of investigative reporting that you use to seek and find the truth.”

    O’Keefe said on CNN’s Reliable Sources that his sting was inspired by NPR’s decision to drop longtime news analyst Juan Williams last October after Williams made comments on Fox News about Muslims.

    “The tape is very powerful,” O’Keefe said. “The tape is very honest. The tape cuts to the core of who these people are.”

    But 26-year-old O’Keefe’s own record is checkered. His takedown of the community organizing group ACORN relied on undercover videos that the California state attorney general’s office concluded significantly distorted what occurred. Last May, O’Keefe pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor after an attempted video sting at the offices of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA).

    ‘A Big Warning Flag’

    In the review of the NPR tapes, O’Keefe’s edited video triggered criticism right from his introduction. He ominously describes the phony Islamic group, saying that its website “said the organization sought to spread the acceptance of sharia across the world.” (Shariah is Islamic law based on the Quran, although there are wide disparities in how different Muslim sects and cultures interpret what that entails.)

    On the tape, Ron Schiller is then shown and heard creased with laughter, saying, “Really, that’s what they said?”

    In reality, as the longer tape shows, that laughter follows an innocuous exchange as Schiller and Liley greet the two supposed donors at their table.

    “That to us was a signal that they were trying to condition the person watching the piece to feel as though there was assent to these ideas,” said Scott Baker of The Blaze. “That was a big warning flag.”

    Tompkins said O’Keefe sought to portray the fundraisers as though they would do anything to appease donors.

    On the shorter tape, for instance, one of the fake donors is heard assailing a “Zionist” influence on the media — and Liley, NPR’s senior director of institutional giving, is heard responding affirmingly.

    The O’Keefe associate posing as potential donor Ibrahim Kassam says NPR is “one of the few places that has the courage to present it [fairly]. There’s kind of a joke that we used to call it National Palestinian Radio.”

    Some laughter follows. But the shorter tape does not include Ron Schiller immediately telling the two men that donors cannot expect to influence news coverage.

    “There is such a big firewall between funding and reporting: Reporters will not be swayed in any way, shape or form,” Schiller says on that longer tape, in one of several such remarks.

    Tompkins found that meaningful, noting that Ron Schiller was a fundraiser, not an official affecting the newsroom.

    “The message that he said most often — I counted six times: He told these two people that he had never met before that you cannot buy coverage,” Tompkins said. “He says it over and over and over again.”

  56. Weiner cracks me up sometimes …

    Rep. Weiner Thanks GOP For Saving America From Car Talk
    — By Stephanie Mencimer

    | Thu Mar. 17, 2011 12:34 PM PDT.

    You have to give Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) credit: He knows how to make a point. After the House today voted to ax public funding for National Public Radio, Weiner offered a big sarcastic kudos to his GOP colleagues for killing off Click and Clack, the Boston mechanics/MIT geniuses/brothers who host NPR’s beloved weekly Car Talk radio show. (The Senate still has to approve the measure before it’s final, an outcome that’s far from certain.) Holding up a “Save Click and Clack” poster of the Magliozzi brothers, Weiner went on a tear, congratulating Republicans for finally discovering, in a time of crisis, “a target we can all agree on.” Weiner thanked his Republican friends for ridding the airwaves of the brothers’ horrible Boston accents, and especially for putting some of the show’s staffers out of work—people like customer care guy “Haywood Jabuzoff,” or their corporate spokesperson,”Hugh Lyon Sack.” “I’m so relieved we had this emergency session…so we can finally get these guys off the radio,” he fumed.

    Really, print doesn’t do the rant justice, so watch for yourself here:

  57. Elaine,

    Thanks for the refresher – When Weiner gets out of politics, I think he could have a very successful career in stand up!

  58. LK,

    I’m not one of his supporters but I would like to give O’Keefe the finger for his efforts.

    Will VISA accept that?

  59. Why Do We Keep Falling For O’Keefe’s Smear Jobs?
    It took days for someone to factcheck the NPR “sting”—and then the job fell to Glenn Beck’s (!!) site.
    — By Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery
    (Mother Jones, 3/28/2011)

    To the list of journalism’s greatest disgraces, let us now add James O’Keefe. O’Keefe calls himself an investigative reporter, though as far as we can tell the only group of journalists he has anything in common with are habitual fabricators like Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, and Janet Cooke.

    But that’s not the scandal we’re talking about. The real scandal is that—even though by the time he posted a “sting” of a top NPR fundraiser, O’Keefe was notorious for creating deceptive video smear jobs (ACORN? Hello?)—the media repeated the allegations uncritically. Let’s review.

    O’Keefe’s “scoop” debuted March 8 on the conservative Daily Caller. Edited down from a 2-hour conversation, the 12-minute clip purports to show NPR head fundraiser Ron Schiller wooing fake prospective donors who claimed to be part of a group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. To curry favor, Schiller slags tea partiers, calling them xenophobic and racist; he also says NPR could get by without federal funding.

    Republicans in Congress were already gearing up to defund NPR, but even that timing doesn’t seem to have raised red flags with the media. The story was breathlessly repeated by such mainstream reporters as Ben Smith of Politico, Dave Weigel of Slate, James Poniewozik of Time, and many others. Did they mention that O’Keefe had doctored tapes before? Sometimes. Did that cause them to hold off before passing on his sizzle reel? No.

    Within 36 hours, NPR had dumped both Ron Schiller and its successful CEO, Vivian Schiller (no relation). Twenty-two NPR journalists, from Robert Siegel to Nina Totenberg, signed a letter expressing outrage at the “appalling” comments. Twenty-two journalists assumed that a tape made by a known tape-doctorer accurately represented the comments of their co-worker. Scott Simon of Weekend Edition piled on, tweeting, “Conduct of NPR execs is disgusting. They dishonor a name built by great journalists.”

    It wasn’t until March 10 that an article on Glenn Beck’s (!!) site, the Blaze, reviewed the full tape (which O’Keefe had posted online—guessing, correctly, that reporters wouldn’t bother to watch it) and found massive deceptive editing. Schiller, it turned out, prefaced his comments by saying he was proud of having been raised a Republican; in saying tea partiers were racist, he was paraphrasing other GOPers; a laughing “That’s what they said?” referring to a restaurant was moved to suggest that he was making light of the fake group’s commitment to sharia.

    By the time the Blaze’s critique made its way around the internet, though, half the press corps—including many media critics—was headed to the SXSW convention in Austin, and the other half was busy with disasters in Japan and uprisings in the Middle East. Weigel and Smith posted detailed mea culpas (Smith later said he’d been “slipshod”); Poniewozik followed up, as did USA Today and The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan, but otherwise the major media failed to correct the record until after the defunding vote.*

    Why was this? Simple: A good lie is by definition a hot story—crafted and timed to hit an urgent issue at just the right moment—and in a 24/7 news cycle, that presents a compelling incentive to reporters: “Let’s be brutally honest,” Weigel told NPR when it finally got around to forensics six days later. “The rush is to get traffic and to get the people of your organization booked on shows to talk about it. [That] leads you to not do the rigor and fact-checking that you do in other situations.” And by the time you do, everyone’s moved on.

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