15 thoughts on “Meet Bell Nuntita: Thailand’s Susan Boyle”

  1. Does anyone know the first singer’s name? Or what the song is she sang?

    The only thing to find on Google is the trannie, which is a shame as they both did a great job.

  2. A comment at YouTube says she is 15-year-old Kenika Kienman of Saraburi Province.

  3. Frank.

    She did not sing like a man but like a Jazz singing Negress. If I did not see the pictures going with the sound I would have assumed she was one of the best female Negro blues singers.

  4. Thanks Annie. You are totally correct – the one you posted was Bell, not the first, which was incorrectly posted. I have to say that the singer (name not clear to me) whose picture appears on the link for the first video is quite amazing -sounds just like an African-American lady, but it is the wrong one. She is a real biological girl, while Bell is a ladyboy. I am a music teacher in Thailand and I believe that both are incredible and unique, although the girl has some small problems with intonation that could be fixed. Bell’s performance was amazing and was actually a medley of three songs.

    Congrats to both.

    Mark Humber

  5. What in the world are you talking about re: “remarkable voice change midway through the song” she sang like a man the whole time..

  6. Wow! That was some set of pipes on that young lady. I got tired just watching her! She sounded so American when she sang that song.

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