A Jack & Rudy Post: Dog Gone Wild on Saint Patty’s Day!

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Here’s a picture of my older brother Jack Murphy. It was taken on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Jack is a real party animal. He especially likes to party hearty on the day in March when we commemorate the patron saint of the Emerald Isle. My older sibling likes to dress in green, don his shamrock shades, and go wild! And I mean—WILD!  

This Saint Patty’s Day he got so excited that he chased me around the house all afternoon—and every time he cornered me he ended up barking in my face and licking me in unmentionable places. He even picked me up by the nape of my neck and dumped me in the bathroom sink! (You know how much we cats love water!!!) The things I have to put up with because I’m the younger—and smaller—brother of this out-of-control crazy canine.

Fortunately, Jack was so exhausted when evening rolled around that he collapsed on the kitchen floor for several hours. At least, I had a respite from his constant attentions that night.

My parents aren’t much help. They are amused by Jack. They think the things he does are funny. If you ask me—I’d say they encourage his brutish behavior.

Why can’t dogs be more like cats? Huh? Why??? We felines aren’t into outrageous antics. We don’t jump up on humans when they come to visit. We don’t lick people on the face. We refuse to be led around on a leash. We don’t expect anyone to scoop our poop. And we certainly would never beg for  food. How demeaning.

Well, it’s Sunday—Jack’s day of rest. It’s MY turn to rule the roost. Let me think of ways I can get revenge on my big brother. Got any suggestions for me?

16 thoughts on “A Jack & Rudy Post: Dog Gone Wild on Saint Patty’s Day!”

  1. Bud,

    Thanks for the cartoons! I feel for ol’ Simon. I really do.

  2. AY,


    AWWW AY, Get her back huh….

    And next time leave the vodka out
    for her.

    They don’t Jack anyway, but you know
    if that’s all there is to drink….

  3. Bud…..

    In college I had a black cocker…she loved to party….one morning I woke up the bottle of Jack was overturned and empty….the dog was passed out….as I had been previously….I had to make a decision right there and then….I could not afford for both of us to drink….she had to go…..

  4. Bob,

    I’d be a little concerned though, if he starts
    to wear the lamp shade at the end of the party….

  5. Elaine,

    Rudy looks like a little sweetheart.

    And, Jack looks like a quiet confident guy.
    Don’t cross him or you got big troubles.

  6. Elaine,
    Jack Murphy sounds like a typical Yellow Lab. Our lab, Buster is at my feet as we speak because the thunderstorms are bothering him!

  7. rafflaw,

    We do love our “granddog” Jack the Rambunctious. My daughter told me that she had to take about thirty photos before she could get a good picture of him in his Saint Patty’s Day getup. Then–when my daughter left him alone to do something around the house–he snitched three cupcakes from the kitchen counter and ate them. That said, Jack “the Irish Yellow Lab” is definitely lovable and he’s really great with kids.



    That’s one crazy fur coat!

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