IRS to Conduct Abortion Audits?

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

If Republicans get their way that’s a distinct possibility. Under a GOP-backed bill the Internal Revenue Service would be required to police how Americans pay for abortions. Under the Republicans’ “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”, known as H.R. 3, IRS agents would also have to determine if the terminated pregnancy was the result of rape or incest.

H.R. 3 extends the Hyde Amendment which bans federal funding of abortion. The law would forbid using tax credits or tax deductions to pay for abortions. During an audit, the burden of proof lies with the taxpayer, so keep your receipts. Did the Republicans forget about tax refunds?

During an audit, a woman would have to prove that funds from a pre-tax Health Savings Account were not used to pay for an abortion, or the abortion was the result of rape, or incest, or her life was in danger. Ideally that proof would be in the form of a “contemporaneous written documentation.”

Republicans have decided that the money you save due to tax breaks and tax credits isn’t your money after all, it’s the government’s money, and the government’s decision on how it shall be spent.

Aptly put by New York Magazine:

For a political party that sees the IRS like a bunch of jackbooted thugs, the GOP sure is eager to give them a front-row seat to your uterus.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) notices the GOP’s cognitive dissonance:

Even though Republicans say they want government out of our lives, this is the most intrusive governmental act that we’ve probably seen to date in the personal lives of women.

H/T: Nick Baumann, Kevin Drum, The Raw Story.

23 thoughts on “IRS to Conduct Abortion Audits?

  1. Does anyone in the system know what and why HIPPA was introduced…. How about Dr. Patient privilege… does Miranda exceptions take it out of the Viral context…. This is so incredibly stupid… Bush still in office…

  2. This is a perfect example of “small government” the Republicans want. Not reduced in size, but small in spirit, petty and mean . . . small. There will be no money for children’s healthcare or education but there will be plenty of money to pay the watchers.

  3. frank,

    Good call….


    Yes, I understand….but still have to bash the puppet… If paid enough…. the puppet will dance won’t he?

  4. This hasn’t passed, has it? I can’t see a woman, even a Republican, voting for this. Well, maybe Michelle Bachmann and Virginia Foxx, but not a woman with an IQ over 70.

  5. This is not about government, in which we all participate, debate, campaign, and vote. These acts are designed to squelch and control the lives of women, period. There is no dressing it up with the words like “legislation”, no papering over the evil intent to dismiss the legal status and rights of the mother.

    Any woman would be free in telling an IRS agent where to stick questions like this.

    My conservative friends had better start producing jobs soon, or you are going to be in the wilderness for a long, long time. This sick pandering to an angry, idiot few will not allow my conservative friends to mount their demographic wall. No one will be voting for this crap.

    It’s none of your business, and it never will be, no matter how hard you try to make it so.

  6. Republicans have decided that the money you save due to tax breaks and tax credits isn’t your money after all, it’s the government’s money, and the government’s decision on how it shall be spent?

    Great! That means all the billions/trillions of tax breaks for wealthy citizens and corporations can now be collected. This should erase the deficit and a great deal of the debt. A sound policy at last!

  7. Buckeye,
    I agree with you that we should rescind all of the tax breaks for the wealthy. It is the only patriotic thing to do!
    James in LA,
    I agree with your comments on this legislation. Its purpose is to control and denigrate women because it is based on religion and not civil law.
    Bett Noir,
    I think you better look again at how much support this plan and others got in the House. If the Senate holds its ground it won’t fly, but nothing is certain anymore in this “the inmates are running the prison” world.

  8. Bonnie is right – this IS the Republican version of sharia. But in order to squelch every possible abortion, it would be only the beginning. Women of child-bearing age would have to be constantly monitored – no doubt by some sort of fertility police. Foreign travel? Forget it, somebody might get an abortion overseas or in Canada! Or maybe a woman who wants to travel abroad would have to have a pregnancy test on the way out, and then again on the way back. With arrest for those who flunk. I suppose it would simplify things if we just invade Canada and force them at gunpoint to outlaw abortion as well….
    Small government, anyone?

  9. Since Republicans insist the money is fungible and tax deductions are actually Fed money, as opposed to money you earned that is not actually owed to the government. Does this mean that IRS can audit any American who gets a tax return or tax break (say like all married people who file jointly, anyone with dependantes, and anyone one who claims standard deduction) and who could be suspected of some sort of illegal use of any of their money or anything purchased with that money or any charity or politician that money was donated to, etc?

  10. Bonnie 1, March 20, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    This is the Republican version of Sharia law.

    What an excellent point.

  11. Swarthmore mom 1, March 20, 2011 at 8:58 am

    AY These new republicans are far to the right of Bush on social issues.
    THESE new Repuglicans make George W. look positively stellar.
    I don’t agree that this has anything at all about controlling women. This is just a ridiculous explosion of just how unable these people are to control their own damn selves.
    It is anti-governance and an attempt to split the Country by confusing the sane.
    Its retarded.

  12. ” I suppose it would simplify things if we just invade Canada and force them at gunpoint to outlaw abortion as well…. ” JayS.

    Make no mistake, if we didn’t currently have a Minority Gov’t, our Tori’s would certainly make abortion completely illegal. Here’s hoping that never happens!!

  13. … to keep women from going to “independant abortion providers”, proof of miscarriages will be required.pete 1, March 20, 2011 at 11:12 pm
    Like I said on another topic….it is to confuse the sane so the retarded can rule….

  14. You have GOT to be kidding me … I truly am stumped … beyond words … and my whole head is turning red from the anger that’s building up inside …

    If any IRS agent DARE ask me such a personal, intrusive and nonyabusiness kind of question such as this, not only would I TELL him/her where to stick his/her question … I’d SHOW him/her. It would be worth the record …

  15. It’s horrible to be fighting the Taliban on two fronts, but it cannot be denied that we have our very own, self-righteous version clawing its evil way to power in America. I hope people will realize this before the culture wars swamp us once again.

    Trying to remake America in their unctuous,theocratic image appears to be the only reason some Republicans run for office — well, they are very good at keeping their wealthy (and amoral) donors happy, too. I hope, as one writer suggested, that the IRS will patently ignore this directive, if it actually passes — which I doubt will happen.

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