Now This Is Cargo Space . . .

This fuel truck is not ground support for the C-130, but cargo as part of the Japanese relief effort at Yokota Airbase .

A friend told me of going on a military flight to Afghanistan and finding a huge RV strapped in the middle of the plane for a general to enjoy privacy and comfort on the flight.

7 thoughts on “Now This Is Cargo Space . . .

  1. Yeah, I only see about 30-40 petrol tankers on the road on any given day here in Tokyo. What we need is a million dollars gesplundered on bringing ANOTHER one in. Ignore the fact I’m out of water and spending now a large part of my meagre salary trying trawling empty stores looking for Perier or Evian. There IS NO gas shortage. And there CERTAINLY is no gas tanker shortage. The lines at the gas stations are caused by panicked idiots topping up the final $7 in their tank every day.

  2. rafflaw
    1, March 21, 2011 at 11:25 am
    They put Cheney’s cave in there too?


    His cave and his cave-rats …

  3. The general probably had a driver in there with him – you can never have enough wasted money on the top brass.

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