Arab League Denounces Military Strikes By U.S. and Allies on Libya

Now this sounds familiar. The United States has again launched a military campaign in an Arab nation to help the inhabitants and has unleashed growing criticism from other Arab countries. In the meantime, the United States and its allies have been denounced as crusaders and Nazis by those fighting with Gaddafi.

The Arab League issued a statement this weekend saying that they called for a no-fly zone over Libya but never called for actual attacks on the Capitol and other locations in Libya. Secretary-General Amr Moussa stated that “[w]hat is happening in Libya differs from the aim of imposing a no-fly zone, and what we want is the protection of civilians and not the bombardment of more civilians.”

This conflict has the look of a civil war and we are now taking out targets with both missiles and aircraft. In the meantime, the Administration is offering no explanation of why we are not bombing some of our authoritarian allies as protesters are repressed in Bahrain and other Arab countries aligned with the U.S.

China has now criticized the attacks so that we are again spending hundreds of millions of dollars while alienating regional countries and allowing China to play to these tensions. Putin has added his criticism — denouncing the attacks as crusader-like in a clear bid to win over the Arab street.

In the meantime, President Obama continue to literally burn money abroad as our leaders cut school budgets and other programs in the United States. I wonder how many elementary school teachers we could hire for 100 or so cruise missiles?

Source: Sky News found on Reddit.

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  1. Thanks Buddha glad to see you up and around and feeling better.
    I was thinking that every time you hear a sermon you always hear this is a time of joy and celebration. I associate that with having fun. I want my moms passing when ever that day comes to be a joyous affair of which we can laugh and joke of all the great memories. Like the time about 40 years ago when the school had to move the bus stop from in front of our house because my mom was out there every morning chasing people smoking pot and breaking fights up by swinging a straw broom in her night gown. 🙂

  2. Bdaman,

    Sorry about your mom.

    To answer your question, “funeral” comes to English via Old French which gets the word from Latin’s “funus” which depending upon usage can mean funeral, funeral procession, burial rites, death, or corpse. Latin in turn got the word from the Indo-European root “dheu” which means “to become exhausted” or “to die”.

    You could blame the Romans – the primary users of Latin, but English is a Germanic language (the German word for “funeral” is “beerdigung”). However, since we got the habit from the French (a Latin based “romance” language), I’d blame the French for putting the fun in funeral.

  3. I wonder, when Obama was a kid, if he got the same spiel from his mom that we all got, “If your friends jump off a cliff are you going to jump off a cliff?” I also wonder what his answer was.

  4. It is Raff. I told her today when she asked the outcome of all the test she had, no infections, no cancers, blood pressure good, mind sharp a grapefruit size cyst on her kidney but have learned this is hereditary. I said mom they have givin you a clean bill of health the problem is your spine that no matter which way she turns the bones are pushing on her nerves and causing severe pains. That I wasn’t trying to be cruel but it comes down to whether or not she wants to continue to live. She said she felt that she still had a few years left. We will see. Thanks for the kind words.

    O.S. I saw you post that the other day and I am so sorry you are having to go through that. It’s one thing to have lived past 80 like my mother and another to suffer so young.

    Does anybody know how the word fun got put in funeral?

  5. Bdaman,
    I hope that your Mom’s journey is as peaceful as possible. Hang in there with her. Having you with her will give her great comfort.

  6. Badaman,

    My mom died of breast cancer and in the last 6 month of her life we had to do pain management. They did radiation specifically targeted to kill nerve endings which helped a great deal.

    My mother had been a pediatric nurse and always leery of “drugs”. She used a “light” morphine patch during those last few months and used to tell me she was afraid of getting “hooked”. I would simply shake my head in wonder then reassure her that I would find her a good detox program.

    It’s a difficult time and all I can tell you is that after it is all over you will take comfort knowing you did everything in your power for her.

  7. Bdaman, you have my utmost sympathy and condolences. I understand the waiting. At our house we are still sitting vigil with my 17 y/o grandson. The waiting is hard, knowing there will be no reprieve or good outcome. As you know,the end will not be unexpected, but no matter how you think you are prepared, you will not be. Blessings to all who wait.

  8. Blouise she has been givin a clean bill of health. She had a colon blockage that has since passed. However the bad news is they have bumped her to a class 2 narcotic shoulder patch with a 15mg slow release morphine pill for a chaser. Patch is replace every three days. It’s a matter of pain management from now until the end however long it takes to get there.

  9. I know most, if not all here never watch Fox News but there were two Navy lawyers who represent detainees in Gitmo who have publicly stated today that the Obama Administration is blocking military prosecution of allege terrorist at Gitmo by not approving travel expenses for the lawyers. Fox has nothing online yet and Freerepublic is the only hit on a google search. Saw it today at the hospital waiting to bring mom home.I guess they will just keep looking for host countries and just tag and release all detainees without ever going to trial.

  10. Dennis Kucinich: Article I-Section 8 … “This is about the Constitution. This isn’t about whether you like President Obama or not – I like President Obama but I love the Constitution.”

    “If we don’t have enough money for home heating in parts of our nation; if we don’t have enough money for education and health programs or for creating jobs then how is it we have endless amounts of money for war?”

    “But my objections to this start under the Constitution, Article I – Section 8”

    Kucinich is a real leader!

  11. Yes, raff. Not having a fever is wonderful. I was feeling so bad, I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started feeling better.

  12. War Powers Resolution Act gives him sixty days.

    Plus 30 for withdrawal giving a total of ninety.

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