Prosecutor of Paris Hilton Arrested For Buying Crack

Ok, this is a bit awkward. Clark County Deputy District Attorney David Schubert, 47, achieved an element of fame by prosecuting Paris Hilton for cocaine possession. He is now back in the news after being arrested for . . . you guessed it . . . buying crack cocaine.

Clark County District Attorney David Roger said that he is “very disappointed.” Pretty stern stuff. That seems akin to “we’re going through a bad time but we will always have Paris.”

Schubert was seen picking up Raymond Streeter in his white BMW in a neighborhood known for narcotics dealing. Streeter allegedly bought cocaine for Schubert. Streeter said that he only knew Schubert as “Joe” and would buy drugs for him on a regular basis.

This should create some interesting trial issues unless (which is likely) Schubert pleads. A change of venue would seem likely. Moreover, the prosecutors will be under close scrutiny in any plea for any evidence of special treatment or light punishment.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Have they yet posted the home address, schedule, contacts, of this criminal as well as all the other info they typically post with other non-prosecutor-type individuals so maybe some “street justice” or a better and more thorough type of real Justice can be achieved instead of the upcoming slap on the wrist can be accomplished to this fool? Not looking to be a part of any lesson-learning project that appears to be needed, just curious if the system operates fairly on both ends of the spectrum.

  2. It really is too bad the way use of and sale of pot and cocaine has basically corrupted our law enforcement and judicial systems. In some ways it seems worse than the drugs themselves.

    You all know that my blogging is basically a form of service by confrontation because I was denied a decision on the merits and an evidentiary process for my first amendment retaliation complaints against Kevin and Jane Bennett and their co conspirators and enablers. Cocaine was also a proximate cause. Too bad I can’t sue the cocaine manufacturer.

    Long before I ever filed a federal law suit. I filed in State of Colorado court to get an injunction to force my neighbor Kevin Bennett to conform to the zoning and prohibit him from building in violation of the zoning. My former neighbor Kevin Bennett recently publicly admitted that he was convicted for conspiracy to sell “hash” but the rumors in Steamboat were that he was a cocaine dealer. I heard those rumors and believed them, but couldn’t prove them. When I wrote to the Steamboat Springs police and told them that multiple people told me Kevin was a dealer and asked them to call me for more info they didn’t call, so therefore when I heard that the police were using and selling illegal drugs I believed that too. Steamboat Springs Colorado was named by the DEA as a high drug use area and currently has 4 medical marijuana sellers despite its small population. The DEA had an under cover agent in Steamboat. He arrested the girlfriend of former judge Joel Thompson after the police blurted out in a murder trial that the judge’s girlfriend was under investigation by the DEA. This was apparently for introducing the DEA agent to someone who sold him cocaine. This happened less than a year after Judge Thompson ruled that adjoining neighbors don’t have standing to enforce the zoning. So what I think is that Bennett knew that the judge’s girlfriend was involved with cocaine and that he black mailed the judge and that is why he ruled that adjoining neighbors don’t have standing to enforce the zoning.

    As regular readers have heard, I don’t have a criminal record but was a federal prisoner without a criminal charge or bail hearing. When I was in jail as an uncharged federal prisoner,a woman came to me and said that her father who was a lawyer was also a dealer who sells cocaine to lawyers and judges in Colorado. She said her mother caught her dad with a shoebox sized box of cocaine and that is why she divorced him. I wrote down her name and address and information about her father and wrote to the Colorado AG about this, but they didn’t write back. That is possibly provable because the wardens were reading and photocopying my mail.

    One of the wardens told me that a friend of his got a job for the Steamboat Springs police but he quit because of drug related police corruption. The same warden told me that he escorted another prisoner to a hearing in a state court. He said he had a personal friendship with the prisoner from childhood. The charges were dismissed so he asked the other prisoner why he said. The warden said that the other prisoner told him the charges were dismissed because he was the judge’s drug dealer. I also heard from other prisoners that the judge’s son was a user. And I heard something about someone who was caught with two pounds of pot but the police report said he only had one pound.

  3. Moar, the police always have the best drugs. Lol, the first person to ever offer me illegal drugs was the son of a rather famous local police chief… good times 😉

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