Chinese Businessman Destroys $750,000 Lamborghini In Fit Over Mechanical Problems

We just saw how one Chinese mogul decided to display his wealth by paying $1.5 million for the world’s most expensive dog. Now we have a Chinese businessman, Han Nan, who wanted to show his frustration over the failure of Lamborghini to fix a problem with his Gallardo. His solution: hire workers to destroy the car with sledgehammers . . . to teach his mechanic a lesson. The price of the car is much higher given the need to ship to China.

Han is a businessman from the city of Qingdao in eastern China who bought the car for about $750,000.

Han has made his money in a wholesale lighting company.

Now if he had just given it to me, I could have promised an angry letter to his mechanic every day.

By the way, Lamborghini insists that the problem was fixed. I hope someone told Han before he brought in the guys with the sledgehammers.

Source: AOL

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  1. and asked him what the best Jaguar to buy for dependability was and he told me “anything they’ve put an after-market small block Chevy motor in”

    Thats because in the older Jags they used a GM tranny and the small block would bolt right up. They also used GM’s AC components.

    The knock was Lucas electrical components. Because Jaguar was financially strapped they could only afford the B bin parts. Thats what Ford brought them was parts buying power. The 97 XK8 became the first Jaguar production car totally Lucas free. All electrical was supplied by Nipon Denso who provided Jaguar a single wire harness for the entire car.

  2. Right, in 1990 the year Ford purchased Jaguar they were last in the JD Powers CS survey. By 2000 they were #1 going from worst to first in ten years. The first Ford influence on the sedan came in 95 with the new XJ6 and the extended wheel base Van den plas. Then the XK8 which came out in 97 and then the XJ8 series for the sedans in 98. I’ve driven the XK8 and R at Road Atlanta in 97 and the sedan series at the Morroso Race Track in Palm Beach. I had a professional driver with me at all times and if you have never expirenced someone screaming brake while trying to wrestle the steering wheel from your control at 120 mph it’s quite harry.

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  3. bdaman,

    Old Jaguars that was indeed the case. I was talking to a Jag mechanic back in the day (mid 80’s) and asked him what the best Jaguar to buy for dependability was and he told me “anything they’ve put an after-market small block Chevy motor in”. The newer models are a helluva lot more dependable than anything they built before the 90’s. Their QC when up quite a bit under Ford’s watch. And yes, the xkR-S is, as Artie Johnson used to say, “Veddy Interesting”. Plus it’s the sexiest car on the road next to an Aston-Martin One-77 (too hard to get worked on most places) and – of course – Ferraris of damn near any model (still a two-fer though).

  4. Jaguar xkR-S

    Nice car, especially the ability to manually shift without a clutch.

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