Shock Video: Brazilian Police Shown Shooting Unarmed Child In Chest

This highly disturbing video (below) has just come to light showing five Brazilian police officers pushing around a young unarmed boy. He is then shot five times, including in the cheRst.

The video was shot in Manaus, capital of the northern state of Amazonas, on Aug. 17, 2010

The boy was hospitalized but survived.

When one visits Brazil, it is often traumatic to see the many street kids — most male — living in terrible poverty. The police have often been accused (with reason) of abusing these boys. The family was reportedly so terrified of police that they did not come forward.

Five police officers were arrested only after local television released video of them abusing the then-14-year-old boy.

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Source: Dallas Morning News

20 thoughts on “Shock Video: Brazilian Police Shown Shooting Unarmed Child In Chest”

  1. Police-men have guns “à la main” its seems more a child hunting.
    I don’t know why, all I know is that where are very important social trouble, police-gang is extremely cruel and violent, and in other hand, persons who have take face with them do it with fear.
    best regards

  2. Think of the power they have…able to shoot you, yet you have no weapons to hurt them. This is reality in the USA too. These police people are hungry to see dealth first hand. They don’t believe in life after death. Only the now. Why not shoot, to injury not to kill! The internet has revealed them. By the way, they are using mask during killing now in Brazil because of the videos. Why is the goverment of Brazil allowing this? I pray the kid and family can leave the horrible country and find peace else where.Thinking of visiting Brazil???

  3. Get those police and do the same to each of them.
    They are no better than the scum in the sewers

  4. how can they shoot an unarmed little child alive. are they human or beast ?

  5. I hadn’t heard about attempts to make filming the police a crime. That is wrong. As far as publishing their faces, blur technology could be used. Their badge numbers should be in big letters on their uniforms so they will show up in photos.

    I think the police should have video cameras on their helmets and their cars and be required to film every arrest themselves.

    We should acknowledge that many police officers have criminal records, drink excessively, and use illegal drugs including steroids, cocaine, pot etc. Also, some elected officials who supervise police have criminal records. An example is Kevin Bennett in Steamboat Springs Colorado who pled guilty to conspiracy to sell THC products but didn’t disclose that publicly when he was president of the city council. The Steamboat Springs Council, city attorney, and police didn’t disclose Kevin Bennett’s NCIC records. Perhaps the kid who was shot reported the police for criminal acts.

  6. This is why our good friends the British, and increasingly jurisdictions here in the the good old U.S.A., already have or want to make it illegal to video tape or photograph the police. These incidents happen every where. Governments want to avoid law suits (and Rodney King-like riots)

    Unless an officer is working undercover and the purpose of the recording is to expose an undercover officer there is no reason to prohibt taping other than fascism.

    I didn’t want the Olympics to come here (Chicago) We can’t afford it. Just another case of the middle class ponying up so rich vendors can make a buck. But lest you think things are peachy here. Here’s a clip of a suburban (and a very nice white suburb)cop that who thankfully was found guilty last week. The film was from HIS camara. They would have charged the photographer under Illinois eavesdropping statute had it been a civilian v tape.

  7. Just to play the devil’s advocate here – we really don’t know what precipitated this assault. Is there another side to the story? Let’s make something up. Maybe this kid was responsible for hideous acts of violence. Maybe against the police or relative of one. Revenge can be quite an ILLEGAL act of emotion. The linked article mentioned that the kid did not have any convictions. Never caught? A Charles Manson or Khomeni (forgive spelling) type that convinced others to do their dirty work while he kept his fingerprints away from the crime? Maybe this is an overt ruse by the police to give this kid cover for witness protection, should there be such a thing in Brazil. Hey, if you were shot 5 times at close range by the police – would you resemble anything other than Swiss cheese? And he walked away from this? Is that realistic?
    Hey, Devil’s Advocate remember? I really don’t believe much of this. I’m just trying to point out that we don’t know all the facts here.

    Aren’t you glad that Brazil got the Olympics in 2016 instead of Chicago?

  8. O should order an incursion to take out cops like these, instead of
    starting more wars in the Middle East that only benefit war profiteers and Israel.

  9. Horrbile story! I could not watch the clip after reading about it. To see a child hurt like that would be devastating. Buddha is correct that calling these people animals is an insult to animals.

  10. “Stel Pavlou 1, March 25, 2011 at 3:03 pm


    Please, Stel. You’re giving animals a bad name. I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again: It’s crap like this that makes me wish I was a bear.

    These people aren’t animals.

    These people are barbarians.

    Far more dangerous.

  11. Enter Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin…

    “Task Brasil started running residential care for children and young people in 1998 after receiving a very generous donation from Jimmy Page, the Led Zeppelin rock icon, who witnessed first hand the deprivation of the children and troubles in the favelas whilst playing in Rio de Janeiro. the money donated was used towards buying a house on a plot of land in Santa Teresa, a district of Rio de Janeiro. ‘Casa Jimmy’ has provided a safe and happy home for 500 young children and pregnant teenage girls who were either living on the streets, or leading lives of great deprivation and vulnerability.”

  12. Brazil is just a model of what people like the Koch brothers want to see in America and if they continue to have their way we will see it. Humanity continues to turn potential paradise for all into a cesspool of despotism.

  13. The first I heard about Brazil’s street kids was in the 90’s on a program like ’60 Minutes’. There was/are a lot of poor, unsupervised kids in the big cities (some homeless, some not, poverty was the primary characteristic) and death squads made up of private contractors, police or army, killed them for a price.

    It was an ongoing problem. Local citizen and business groups paid to have it done. On a good day they suffered all of the exploitation and abuse of impoverished, unprotected children: on a bad day they were murdered as well. The situation was brought to light internationally after a particularly large attempted massacre in Rio.

    There hasn’t been any news on the subject that I’ve seen in many years but from this story it would appear that their lot in life hasn’t improved much. The police were pretty casual about shooting an unarmed kid, that indicates not much has changed in valuing the life of poor kids in the meantime.

    Use this as a search query and some older documents and studies come up on the situation but not a lot of information from the 2000’s; maybe it’s time for some new studies and reform?

    brazil death squads homeless kids

  14. W=c:

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think you misunderstood what I said.

    “and I disagree, most people would not choose and do not choose what is available in other places….the world would STILL rather have what we possess”

  15. My stomach is literally turning after watching this clip. I don’t think I will ever be able to get the images out of my mind. This is just horrible.

    Thankfully, this young man survived. But, what about those that don’t?

    The only thing I can hope for is that this child gets the justice he deserves, and police on the streets are under closer scrutiny and held accountable for their actions.

  16. eniobob 1, March 25, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    So many people in this country who may have never had the chance to see how other people live,don’t realize how good they have it.

    And those caught up in the criminal justice system here really don’t know how good they have it,get busted in El Salvador for instance or Columbia.
    a different shade of nasty is still nasty. And no reason to accept what has been passing as law and order of late.

    and I disagree, most people would not choose and do not choose what is available in other places….the world would STILL rather have what we possess, or they wouldn’t be trying so hard to either own or discredit it….;)

  17. I like it. Maybe the Koch Brothers can now find real freedom.

  18. So many people in this country who may have never had the chance to see how other people live,don’t realize how good they have it.

    And those caught up in the criminal justice system here really don’t know how good they have it,get busted in El Salvador for instance or Columbia.

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