Onward To Syria? Government Reportedly Massacres Citizens

The Syrian government has reportedly opened fired on protesters soon after President Bashar al-Assad promised to put an end to protests. The reported massacre occurred in the city of Sanamin near Daraa. Given President Barack Obama’s rationale for going to war in Libya, doesn’t that mean we will soon be bombing Damascus as we have Tripoli? After all, both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton insisted that they had no choice when it was clear that the government was shooting protesters. Now, Syrian protesters can claim the same right to a U.S. led “time-limited, scope-limited military action.”

The Syrian killings follow crackdowns in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and other allies. We have already spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the military campaign in Libya in bombing its capital and other cities. Now we have videos of protesters being shown no mercy in Syria.

It is not that Obama is pushing an unconstitutional policy, it is an incomprehensible policy to other nations. We have to strong arm NATO to give the appearance that we were no longer the dominant countries leading the war in Libya. Now, however, as Obama and Clinton try to articulate why they encountered into a civil war, these other countries are undermining any credibility over our foreign policy of military engagement.

Source: Al Jazeera

15 thoughts on “Onward To Syria? Government Reportedly Massacres Citizens”

  1. Fill up the KC-135’s

    Load up the B-52’s

    cause people we’re going on a BOMB HEARD ROUND THE WORLD bombing tour*.

    we’re gonna circle the globe and bomb the hell outta all our enemies, our friends enemies, and a couple of people we just really don’t like.

    need their oil…BOOM
    don’t like their government…BOOM
    tired of pronouncing their names…BOOM

    *comming soon to a third world country (not so) near you.

  2. In August 2009, I wrote on this blog:

    Next stops: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria. Later Venezuela (just to install a government) and then eventually to Mexico if our drug policies force it to become a full blown narco-state.

    In my opinion the best chance to stop these crimes is for Russia and/or China to take the other side. Even if that doesn’t happen, eventually the US currency and financial system will collapse under the weight of this multi-trillion dollar global empire.

    Perhaps we’ll move into nuclear blackmail after that.

  3. rafflaw,

    “Is it our oil under our sand, isn’t it???”

    Lol – actually, I think it goes, “It’s our oil under their sand.” Either way, works for me!

  4. Nobody has any “right” to make demands on the USA or the benefit of its foreign policy. It may seem insufferable that the government actually has a responsibility to consider national interest and potential for benefit in things like this, but, well, they do. Pretending simultaneously that we should both adhere to a strict and absolute logic in these decisions and somehow also that we must be entirely sentimental about them isn’t a coherent foreign policy.

  5. Hey, gotta make the world safe for Corporations and their stockholders … everybody loves their sweet, fat dividend check.

  6. Jesus H……Christ…..and I suppose the UN is going to have another counsel…..and oil will yet go up because of the fear of the unknown will drive the price of oil up yet again…..

    Is someone serving Punch someplace…..Might as well be….we are slowly being demised….

  7. So what are the chances we can add another helping of war to our already brimming plate?

  8. Oooo. The prospect of ever expanding war and ever ending peace. Sweet. Alrighty then. Let’s see how badly Washington can screw this up. Everybody, sing along!


    Be seeing ya’ll around the nuclear ravaged wastelands soon enough!

    Later days,
    Greater lays,
    Don’t absorb
    Those gamma rays!

  9. Does unrest in Syria threaten American/Multinational corporate interests? If yes, then Syrians watch the sky, if no, then SSDD.

  10. Perhaps it is time to again take the wraps off of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and impose a Pax Americana on the rest of the world, by declaring ourselves an empire. Maybe though the Plutocrats running our Country will wait for the end of Obama’s term to do that, so as not to have a Black President declared Emperor. Jeb Bush anyone? This is yet another step in the inexorable direction we are heading. I decry this even though I loathe Syria and the oligarchy controlling it. When a country does as little to care for its’ own people and its’ own infrastructure, it lacks the right to determine how other countries are run

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