Under Siege: Steven Seagal Attacks Home in Arizona with Armored Cars and SWAT Members to Arrest Man Accused of Cockfighting

We have previously followed the feudal system created by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. Arpaio’s insatiable desire for media attention has led him to turn over areas of his office to Hollywood producers. Last week, Arpaio’s unhinged administration gave the public another bizarre scene as Steven Seagal was seen attacking a home with a tank, armored cars, bomb robot, and dozens of SWAT team members. The crime? Suspected involvement in cockfighting.

The police acknowledge that there was no evidence to suggest that the man was dangerous or that he was armed. He was indeed arrested without a struggle and no guns were found in the house. Well, without a struggle on his part. The armored Seagal attack blew its windows out and caused the neighborhood to think that an invasion was afoot. The huge operations (and its attendant costs) was basically a stage set up to give Seagal good footage for his reality program, “Lawman.” Seagal is shown riding in the tank in the assault on the suspected cockfighter.

In response to the obvious excessive use of force and needless cause of property damage, Sgt. Jesse Spurgin simply said“We’re going to err on the side of caution. We’re going to make sure that we have the appropriate amount of force in case we do run into anything like that.” I understand now. Allowing Seagal to parade around in a tank with a film crew is simply being cautious.

The people of Arizona have allowed this circus to continue with Arpaio. It appears that no constitutional violation or public scandal will shake his control of the county. What is remarkable is that even his choice of actors is low grade.

Source: KPHO found on Reddit.

Jonathan Turley

26 thoughts on “Under Siege: Steven Seagal Attacks Home in Arizona with Armored Cars and SWAT Members to Arrest Man Accused of Cockfighting”

  1. Does anyone know the name of the man whose home was bulldozed in error by our out of control Sheriff. I thought the guy was only suing for 50,000 when in fact 50 million would be more appropriate. Hopefully the FEDS will nail Arpaio soon, but what’s the rush, they’ve only been looking into him for three years

  2. Seagal is a pathetic weenie liberal who plays tough guys in bad movies, with a relish for making up stupid stories about corporate corruption and … gasp! … industrial polluters.

    Perfect for a paramilitary attack on an unarmed cockbiter or fighter, or something.

  3. When will law enforcement start going after the real criminals?
    What a waste of resources.

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