Gingrich: America In Danger of Becoming Secular Atheist Country Dominated By Radical Islamists

Newt Gingrich is on a roll. Only a couple of weeks ago, Gingrich explained how his “passion” for the country led to his repeated adulterous affairs. Now, he is warning about the importance of the next presidential election — and presumably his election: “I am convinced that if we do not decisively win the struggle over the nature of America, by the time they’re my age they will be in a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists and with no understanding of what it once meant to be an American.” There you have it. Atheists and Islamic radicals will take over — a curious alliance to be sure.

What is always striking is the failure of religious conservatives to recognize that they have much more in common with radical Islamists than do liberals or secularists. Islamic radicals love the attacks on the separation of church and state, crackdowns on free speech in the arts, the anti-homosexual measures, and other morality issues pushed by some conservatives.

Gingrich also threw in the scourge of intellectuals — an issue that he picked up from Sarah Palin who made being smart a virtual sign of subversion. He reportedly warned about “college professors” who are secretly undermining Christian values. Anti-intellectualism has been the sign of radicalized movements throughout history. The Cultural Revolution was based on it. The Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot actually arrested people for wearing glasses. In our country, we have had Joe McCarthy and others who told people not to trust intellectuals — and instead follow their own agendas. We are now seeing a concerted effort to demonize intellectuals and reporters to deflect criticism over the lack of knowledge or factual support shown by some candidates.

While speaking at the Cornerstone Church with the rabidly anti-homosexual, evangelical pastor John Hagee, Gingrich heralded his own Catholic faith (ignoring Hagee’s history of intense anti-Catholicism). It seemed to work. Without mentioning his multiple wives and admitted lifelong pattern of adultery, Gingrich insisted that the election was about protecting the faith and our Judeo-Christian beliefs — adding “bravery will come from our churches, our synagogues, everyday folks. It won’t come from the elites.”

It seemed to work. One member of the congregation told Politico “I was really impressed with his sincere faith. He didn’t brag, but you can tell he’s a man of God.”

Atheists appear to be the new specter for politicians and clergy alike from Tony Blair to a wide array of U.S. conservatives. Gingrich appears to want to create a trifecta of hate with atheists, intellectuals, and Muslims. (He will occasionally throw in “mainstream media” to encourage supporters not to watch news other than Fox). That has a nice ring to it . . . Atheists, Intellectuals, and Muslims, oh my . . . one can almost see Dorothy walking hand in hand with Gingrich through the forest now.

Source: Politico

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  1. @ Tony: I feel where you are coming from and I mostly agree. I disagree about your sentiments of people who say they are devout christians. I think Christians have created a fallacy for themselves, in which a good Christian only follows the bible verbatim. And because they’ve been taught to do this, many Christians struggle with applying compassion, love, and rationality towards scripture, which causes the hypocritical mess today. There are many devout Christians, who are good non-judgmental people, but in order to be like this, they have to have contempt for a lot of scriptures written in the bible. I am one of these people. Nothing hurts my stomach worse than reading the Old Testament. Sure, there are some good things in it, but a lot of it is violent filth. I suspect that a lot of it had nothing to do with God’s ‘word’, but with the will of man, and the need to justify it with God’s name.

    There’s just no way someone is going to convince me that women being on their periods is an occurrence worthy of suspicion and or superstition. No one is going to convince me that men have more worth (even at birth) than women. No one is going to convince me that slavery or forced servitude of any kind is a good and or natural thing. And as far as Numbers 31 goes, that had nothing to do with God in reality. It is my belief that God was used as a justification for brutal ancient warfare tactics (wouldn’t be the first time). It’s similar to Fundamentalist Christian’s crusades against gay people. These are all fine reasons of why no particular religious institution/ideology/or lack there of should be in control of any Country. Just know Tony, that not all Christians are for a theocratic takeover of America. Some of us are with our non-Theist, non-Christian, pro-equality American brothers and sisters, in the fight for freedom, justice, and peace.

  2. So, if a 50% tax is okay with Moses, why not America? All those anti-bible conservatives, tsk, tsk. Also don’t forget, there is the death penalty for kindling a fire on the Sabbath day, even for heathens that know nothing about your religion. Moses chose to have them captured and then stoned to death. Oh, and death penalties for children that disobey their father, and for the fathers that fail to execute their children for disobedience. One more thing for you men: If you sell a woman or daughter as a slave, God says the price should be half the price of a male slave. Just in case that ever comes up; like if a friend drops by and wants to purchase your daughter.

    C’mon you guys! Read The Book!

  3. @Tk: Understood.

    That’s the funniest (ha ha hilarious funny) thing about modern Christians; the utter hypocrisy of claiming the Bible is the infallible Word of God — Except for the parts that get in their way.

    I could give a list, but anytime somebody tells me they are a devout Christian, I check for their tassles. No tassles, no respect. Either they have never read it, or they cherry-pick.

    (Numbers 15:38, for the curious; Goog it).

    (As long as you are in Numbers, read 31, where Moses orders the death of all the males in a country. When his soldiers return with captured women and children, he orders all the captured women that are non-virgins put to death, all the male children put to death, and gives the remaining 32,000 female virgins to the soldiers for their pleasure. Except he sacrificed 32 of these female virgins on the altar, to give thanks to God for victory. He also orders a 50% tax of war booty to the community there.)

  4. @Rafflaw: Wow! We should form a club or something.
    I am Irish-Swedish / German-Italian. With a dash of something else; my maternal grandfather had a Swedish last name, but himself was the result of American mixing back to a single male Swede arriving in the 1880’s.

    I think it is funny how so many of us owe our Americanity (I just coined that word, or perhaps re-coined it) to religious intolerance and social conservativism in other countries, yet ache to implement precisely the same intolerance here.

    Honestly, it is too bad independent thinking is not a heritable trait. (Or if it is, it is hopelessly recessive).

  5. @ Tony C.: You misunderstand me Tony. I am in no way, shape, or form trivializing the rhetoric and or implications that Gingrich is spouting. What I’m merely questioning is how sane people can even get towards a discussion about the likelihood of his comments, when his very statement defies reality. But apparently my incredulousness is irrelevant. After I posted my first comment, I later told my mom what He said. She simply replied: “I don’t blame him for thinking that way”. I was aghast. Not surprised or anything (my mother is a traditionalist Christian. Even though that doesn’t apply to her being a ‘female’ Minister…), but I was disgusted non-the less. So then I made her aware of the gross contradiction in his statement, and she, being slightly embarrassed, laughed at its absurdity.

    What makes it worse, is that my mother is drinking the ‘white panic'(I didn’t come up with this term) kool-aid. Or what I mean to say is that, as a black woman, she is doing the very thing to Muslims and Atheist, that white people have done to blacks:Which is wallowing in irrational panic, fear, and prejudice against groups that threaten her traditional ideology that Christian hegemony is the only American way of life (or the only way our nation will survive). I’m very disappointed in her. None of this however changes the fact that if people immediately identified the fallacies in Gingrich’s argument, there would be no need to debate the validity of his claims. It’s demagoguery at its best (or worse to those of us who understand justice).

  6. I am an Irish-German-Swedish American. Don’t hold it against me!
    Oh, and before I forget, Gingrich is a nutcase who screwed the country once before and now that he is on his third wife, he thinks he has “seen the light”! Is he trying to save the country from radical islamists by having radical Christians take control?

  7. @Tk: Of course we do; but to me that simple fallacy isn’t the issue. The issue is an attack on me, as if my being a secular atheist essentially makes me to a terrorist or inherently evil.

    The surface illogic is immaterial, he can explain that away (he said, “I meant to say ‘or'”). But the deeper lie is claiming this false equivalency and promoting this view that “If you aren’t a God fearing Christian, you aren’t an American.”

  8. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Why are people arguing over the validity of Islamist and atheists taking over America, without recognizing the contradiction in Gringich’s statement? He says that this country will become a secular atheist Nation, most likely run by Radical Islamists. How can a country be a secular atheistic nation, even though it’s run by RELIGIOUS extremists of ISLAM? Does no one see the fallacy of this man’s statement?

  9. Just finished a posthumusly published collection of Carl Sagan’s lectures for “The Gifford Lectures.” Well worth it for anyone who seeks to understand how people can have morals, or a sense of wonder, without a belief in any sort of god.

    It also contains one of my favorite quotes about Buddhism: The Buddhist’s God is so great he doesn’t even have to exist.

  10. people want the state to behave as the state…..and the church to behave like the church….with respect and not derision from one to the other.

  11. I am a secular atheist.

    @anon, says: Without a common conviction about the course and direction of human history, it is inconceivable that foundations can be laid for a global society to which the mass of humankind can commit themselves.

    What do these two things have to do with each other, at all?

    The foundations of a global society are secular, and what the vast majority of humans want is actually secular, even when framed in their own particular religion’s words.

    What the vast majority of humanity wants are the freedoms expressed in our Bill of Rights that have nothing to do with religion (except for keeping government out of it). What they want is non-oppression and non-exploitation and (consequently) a reasonable amount of protection from crime, fraud and endangerment. They want the right to choose their own path through life, whether it is a life of 24/7 worship or secular science or artistic endeavor fueled by peanut butter sandwiches and cherry cola.

    WHY people obey the rules of society is immaterial, whether for religious belief or secular, for fear of supernatural punishment or secular punishment, as long as they obey, they can have a society.

    We don’t need history to understand a fair system, we don’t need a common vision of where we are going. We don’t have to be going anywhere; what people do with their time, within the rules, is their own business.

  12. Pete and Tilly (Blouise),

    And God and Country….Us versus them….

  13. Is the idea that only intellectuals can be “secular atheists”? 23% of U.S. potential voters don’t even graduate from high school. Are they “secular atheists”?

  14. Mike Appleton
    1, March 29, 2011 at 7:48 pm
    I’m convinced that Republicans hold a secret contest each year. Each contestant is given a list of words to incorporate in a speech of specified duration. The word list will vary from year to year, but recent lists always include socialist, marxist, communist, Kenya, gay, lesbian, atheist, secular, Islamic and sharia. The list will also include important phrases, such as “take our country back.”

    it’s kinda like the perfect country music song, it has to have something about a pick-up, a train, the rain, your mother and your dog.

  15. I think I may have finally figured out what the “Republicans” mean by taking our country back; they mean back into the stone age or before…

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