Obama Embraces Al Sharpton With Major Appearance

President Barach Obama launched his reelection bid this week with a video announcement on the Internet — which generated fewer hits than a parody by the Republicans. Now, in his first major appearance since the announcement, Obama will be appearing with Rev. Al Sharpton and speak at the annual convention of the National Action Network which Sharpton founded. Sharpton’s history of race-baiting and demagoguery has made him one of the most divisive figures in American politics. Yet, the President is about to share a podium with him. For liberals who denounced Republicans for their association with Sarah Palin, the question is whether they will be heard with equal vigor in the association with Sharpton.

The NAN website is all about Sharpton, featuring numerous pictures of Obama with Sharpton (including one in the Oval Office). The Republicans are likely to be featuring the same photographs. The website proclaims that Obama will be appearing with Sharpton. Strangely, NAN posted a press release on Obama’s decision to join Sharpton but added “***THE INFORMATION BELOW IS FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT FOR DISCLOSURE***” Notably, also joining Sharpton is “MSNBC PRESIDENT PHIL GRIFFIN,” who will be “honored” by the Reverend.

Sharpton has a long history of alleged corrupt practices , tax disputes, and federal investigations. He came to fame with his infamous role in the Tawana Brawley hoax that led to civil liability for Sharpton.

Obama, however, is willing to embrace Sharpton in anticipation of a tough reelection — another example of politics overcoming principle.

Source: NY Daily News

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