The Perils of Pedagogy: Student Yawns So Widely In Class That She Has To Be Rushed To Hospital

Teachers cannot always guarantee to keep the students on the edge of their seats. An occasional yawn is an occupational hazard. However, one teacher at Northampton School for Girls in England has the dubious distinction of causing a yawn so great that it sent a girl to the hospital.

Holly Thomson,17, was in a Government and Politics lecture when she yawned so widely that she dislocated her jaw. Her mouth was left locked open and she was taken to a hospital after the teacher noticed a friend trying to help her close her jaw. An emergency room doctor succeeded in wedging open Thomson’s mouth with a stack of 26 splints and it cracked back into place.

It is not clear if the school will now post a warning that “Government studies can lead to lock jaw and life threatening yawns in some people.” What is clear is that Thomson may want to look into a literature course as an alternative.

Source: Daily Mail

7 thoughts on “The Perils of Pedagogy: Student Yawns So Widely In Class That She Has To Be Rushed To Hospital”

  1. Sa Raff,

    Like any good fraternity not wanting to let another get away without total humiliation and shame….did you all hold him down and give him the “Original Tequila Shot”? It would be ashamed and loss of the perfect opportunity to let that go to waste…

  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    ….my necessary morning chuckle….THANKS!!!!

  3. I had a fraternity brother who was “making out” with his girlfriend and his jaw locked up and we had to call the paramedics for him. Needless to say he never lived that episode down!

  4. I’ve had a dislocated jaw. While it’s hardly comfortable, it’s also not life-threatening, except for the risk that she could have died of embarrassment.

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