Crackling Cologne: Chicago Man Releases New Bacon Based Fragrance

Ever stop at a truck stop and think, “Gosh, I wish I could smell like this bacon everyday to drive women crazy.” Well, wait no longer. Chicago’s John Leydon has released “Bacon” by Fargginay, which will give you that “fresh from the diner” smell.

You can choose between “Bacon Classic” (with a “spicy maple aroma) and “Bacon Gold” (“sizzling citrus.”) for $36 a bottle.

You can wear it on a date to Denny’s which has introduced Bacon Sundaes.

Leydon insists that the fragrance is perfectly unisex — both sexes can be improved by smelling like a short-order cook.

After all, pigs were the product of “husbandry” going back for centuries.

The brand is named after John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher “who accidentally uncovered a ‘magical elixir’ of oils and the essence of bacon in 1920.”

By the way, I recommend that you put on your bacon cologne before using your bacon torch:

Source: The Star

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