In Need of Stimulus: Biden Naps Through Obama’s Budget Speech

With all of the stimulus floating around, no one can give Vice President Joe Biden a cup of coffee? A cup of Joe, anyone?

Biden was out for a full 30 seconds as Obama addressed the debt crisis. This would indicate that raising taxes may not rebound the economy but tapes of the proposals could help incurable insomniacs around the country.

32 thoughts on “In Need of Stimulus: Biden Naps Through Obama’s Budget Speech”

  1. I just caught this on AMERICAblog News – this is fantastic!

    100 days and no jobs bill—Rep. Joseph Crowley gives GOP the “silent treatment” on the House floor
    by Gaius Publius on 4/14/2011 03:12:00 PM

    Rather clever. Dem House member Joseph Crowley gave the following “speech” on the House floor. Watch:


    Very well written; perfect lead-up to his close; nice ironic punch on the last line. Someone’s got himself a decent writer on his staff.


  2. I guess his falling asleep is better than him shouting, “Give me a f**king break!” or “This is a big f**king deal!”

  3. Joe was simply doing some yoga meditation exercises to prepare himself for the nonsense that is about to go down over this dangerous budget proposal by the Teapublicans. I would rather have him sleeping than crying over it!

  4. Swarthmore mom,

    re: “This is where we are at.”

    You are exactly right.



  5. Say what you will about Obama, the man gives a great speech. You’ve got to be having some problems to sleep through one of them.

  6. Having watched that YouTube video clip frame by frame, I see no clear evidence that Biden was actually asleep…

    I observed no facial expression transition typically characteristic of having been asleep and awakened…

    Biden’s apparent neck muscle activity is typical of being awake with eyes closed…

    Did anyone ask Biden if he took a nap?

  7. Elaine,

    From what I can tell, 99% of them are sleeping their days away. They clearly aren’t drafting laws or regulations. They leave that job to their corporate lobbyists. All that time they spend wining, dining and golfing sure makes a person as tired as if they actually did their job as described by the Constitution.

  8. He’s probably been pulling a lot of late nights, lately. Right after lunch is a heck of a time to throw a speech, though.

  9. I’m beginning to think that our country would be much better off if politicians in Washington spent their days sleeping.

  10. Power naps are good… Gotta take ’em when you can…

    If I were in his shoes, though, I might try to find some kind of “zapper” to wake me up, if I were to nod off — if the head drops, the napper gets a little jolt… Having said this, he looks exhausted…

    It’s happened to the best of us… Poor guy…

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