Happy Easter to all of our bloggers and readers that are celebrating today. The bunny came last night for all four kids and even Molly got a basket full of bones and pig ears. The kids are already showing the signs of sugar saturation.

Our kids are “double-dippers” — getting both Passover and Easter this week. They are therefore now pumping blood that is fifty percent sugar. This year, the Easter Bunny found chocolate dipped Peeps — a big improvement though I never really took to the little yellow chicks made of some mystery material. Of course, traditional Peeps were also included.

We are preparing for our annual Easter Egg hunt when we invite all of the neighborhood kids for a massive search for hundreds of eggs. We should have around 40-50 kids this year.

I will be making our traditional mustard-herb coated lambs. We have to do two for the guests and Leslie and the kids have made hilarious cupcakes that look like rabbits burrowing in grass as well as shark cupcakes. She has also made strawberry cheesecake that will be lucky to make it up until dinner.

Happy Easter to everyone — now hop to it and eat more chocolate!

Jonathan Turley

25 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!!!”

  1. Happy Easter to everyone. I remember the Easter egg hunts. I think I miss them. Never liked peeps.

  2. Happy Easter … got a card yesterday from my lone Jewish cousin. She sends them out every Easter to all the family members … god, I love that woman’s sense of humor … we all throw jellybeans at her during Easter Brunch.

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