Cacaccino: Civet Droppings Become World’s Most Expensive Coffee

How much do you want that really perfect cup of coffee? This article from Reddit caught me eye. It was not that Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee at as much as $3000 a pound (though I have seen other bags offered for as little as $200 a pound, but then again, you have to ask yourself, is it pure civet poop?). It was the unique processing used to produce the beans.

Kopi Luwak is made by collecting the droppings of the civet, a small mammal found in Indonesia and the Philippines. That’s right. The civet eats raw coffee berries and then you wait for the animal to digest and pass the beans in feces — a type of expresso. The little nuggets are shown by this Kopi Luwak “farmer.”

The result is a regular civet and a great cup of Joe. It appears that the digestive track of the animal eliminated bitterness in coffee. I just want to know who the first guy was who saw a civet defecate and said “I really would like to grind that up and drink it.”

Enjoy your morning coffee, my friends.

P.S.: Coffee prices are on the rise so if you do have civet droppings, you may want to bag and store them.

21 thoughts on “Cacaccino: Civet Droppings Become World’s Most Expensive Coffee”

  1. For the true coffee connoisseur with money, expensive price does not matter which is important to enjoy the best quality coffee with aroma and taste that will not be forgotten. Maybe that’s why it sold Luwak coffee and coffee lovers look for even if the price is very expensive. it was so expensive, some coffee shops do not dare to sell it for fear there would be no customers to buy.

  2. Pete-

    You can probably change your dog’s name to Grumpy. I tried the same thing with the cockroaches who dwell in my house. Giant Failure! Those squeaky little farts kept me awake all night long.

  3. i’ve been trying this all day with my dog sunny. i’ve been feeding him folgers all day. i’ll let ya’ll know how it comes out if i can catch him.

  4. HenMan,

    Ours is not to reason why … ours is simply to get on our camels and ride!

  5. People used to tell me to “eat s–t and bark at the moon”, but I never knew you could make money doing it. Or did I misunderstand this article?

  6. “I just want to know who the first guy was who saw a civet defecate and said “I really would like to grind that up and drink it.””

    The same guy who opened up an oyster, smelled it, and said “I think that looks good enough to eat”.

  7. My previous “comment” posted before I was finished… What’s between the links was pulled directly from

  8. “Like Civet excrement coffee, it is very expensive to our economy, and it stinks.” –Dredd

    Oh, so true. Wicked things going on in these United States and the truth — all of it — needs to be exposed. Lots of money going down the proverbial drain…, not to mention the human toll…

    Thanks for the links, Dredd.


    “Cacaccino”, indeed… Think I’ll refill my cup now…

  9. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ” My God that coffee tastes like s@$t!”

  10. OK… That’s it! Who was the first person in a zoo, with friends, each one crouched behind a different animal, large , small, from all phyla, saying.. “hey!!! Let’s all see which excrement makes the best coffee.”?? Who did this? Probably was in hiding for a long time, until sales boomed. haha

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