16 thoughts on “Deposition Interrupted”

  1. I can understand the frustration. I was once deposed for 5 hours. Most of the questions consisted of being shown material I supplied in discovery and asked “Did you write this?”

    An hour’s worth of questions were repeated for five hours.

    I was called back for a second day. The only new question on the second day was “Who did you discuss this with last night?” Then yesterday’s questions were all asked again.

  2. My favorite is the Court Reporter’s note:


    see page 5 line 1.

  3. AY,
    Just in case you don;t get back to the other thread….I like the newest elf the best!!

  4. Tell me something Bill.

    The whole tort system needs to fail? Why? Do you like the ideal of businesses deciding how calculable risk is defined in designing and creating a product….. I am a long fan of Ford….but I’ll use them as an example…. The Ford Pinto….cost X dollars to built and created Y profits…. The engineers of Ford knew that they had a design defect call the placement of the gas tank…. they knew with mathematical certainty that C number of people would be injured or die as a result of a 10 dollar fix…. they did not want to fix it because it would shut the line down for 6 months and profits would cease on that model… tell me is the above tort injury an abuse?

  5. If everyone did this, the whole tort system would collapse, which it richly deserves.

  6. As an ex-court reporter (for 20 years), largely doing depos in personal injury cases, I’ve had witnesses say they wanted to kill either the other party or that person’s attorney, but I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this!

  7. When I was unemployed and it became obvious that real estate would not be making a comeback anytime soon, I sent out my resume to any ad that said, “Experienced Paralegal.” I received a call from a law firm in the area, well-known for its specializing in divorce and family law matters … It’s examples like this that confirm for me that not calling back was a good call on my part …

  8. Seems a bit testy but manageable. I’m intrigued by his single-minded obsession with the timeframe. Sounds like good prep work to me! 😀

  9. Buddha,
    I did a few uncontested divorces in my earlier days, but I hated it. So much wining and venom. It can be very lucrative for the attorneys, if their stomach linings can handle it! I gotta get some sleep. See you tomorrow.

  10. ROFL

    Yeah, raff, it almost has to be. “You did that just to piss me off” is why I was never interested in family law, although, it can be quite amusing on occasion.

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