Florida Lawyer Charged With Break In After Cellphone Is Found Charging In Victim’s Home

Lawyer William Webb Greenfelder has been charged with breaking into a vacant mobile home and stealing electricity. The evidence is rather strong. First there was Greenfelder’s cellphone plugged into an outlet at the home and then there was orange extension chord that ran from the home to just short of Greenfelder’s mobile home.

The police say that the cord had been covered with leaves to conceal it but Greenfelder, 38, denied any role in the break in or the theft.

Greenfelder was suspended by the Florida bar for failing to pay bar fees and was then arrested in a domestic dispute. Police say that Greenfelder hit his wife with a candlestick, punched her, and refused to let her out of their bedroom. When police arrived, she showed them cocaine, pills and guns. However, Greenfelder was able to show that the search was illegal and suppress the evidence.

He has been suspended for only 91 days and told to undergo psychiatric and substance abuse evaluations. Those will have to wait until he is tried on these latest charges.

Source: Tampa Bay

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  1. what is so “worrisome” we can’t discuss?

    I don’t believe I will be murdered for what I posted as it is all public information anyway except for my meeting the daughter who alleged her dad was a dealer — past the statute of limitations.

  2. W=c: You got it kiddo. Smart move. This thread has turned worrisome. But to better things; I do not care for cooked lemon in desserts, but like pears. We have a pear tree in the back yard. Hope your experiment turns out well.

  3. quite a serious turn here in the blog-o-sphere…..I’m back to my vids and a beeeeautiful pear and lemon tart (experiment…) which is much more my speed this evening…

  4. I just couldn’t resist commenting again.

    So basically “pete” your perspective as a resident of Telluride, a Colorado community similar to Steamboat Springs, is that my reports that I was criminally prosecuted without a criminal complaint or warrant or criminal summons signed by a police officer, because I had complained about zoning violations including extra buildings that aren’t on the tax rolls even though they have building permits and actually exist, is actually possible in the context of a Colorado mountain resort community when the owner is involved with the drug trade and tied into local business interests?

    I’ve been to Telluride. I went to a Grateful Dead Concert there. I have a bunch of photos.

  5. as far a cocaine and colorado goes

    they hide it up in telluride, i mean it’s here to stay

  6. Damn, BIL, she has less sense than we gave her credit for. To use an old Southern expression, “She is eat up with the dumb-ass.”

    How can one explain the moth to a flame behavior? Sockpuppets are so transparent. Damn. Why in the hell would she want to poke that dragon’s lair with a pointed stick?

  7. http://www.justice.gov/ndic/pubs4/4300/cocaine.htm

    Many white-collar professionals reportedly purchase powdered cocaine for personal use at nightclubs, bars, and offices.


    The tax evasion charge may be bland, but Ewing’s presence in Denver since his retirement from pro skiing has been anything but. His last decade has been a (literally) orgiastic swirl of shady characters and call girls and inter-swinger club warfare in a city not particularly known for its underworld or its libertines.

    The brothel, known as the Denver Sugars and Denver Players Club, was raided in a 2008 sting after police spent two years surveilling the operation, which Ewing had sold to a woman named Brenda Stewart three years prior. (The bust threatened to unveil the “client list of professional athletes, politicians, judges and other power players” — don’t everyone run to the roster of the 2006 Denver Nuggets at once now! — but ultimately only one guy was outed: some poor judge whom the girls nicknamed “Naughty.”)

    “Basically there was allot of drug use, drinking, almost orgy type stuff going on,” she said of the late night gatherings at the club.

    She said the women were paid around $2,000 to have sex with numerous men. Asked who the men were, she said they were “business guys, rich businessmen.” She said participants in the parties snorted cocaine and had sex throughout the club. “People were having sex on the pool table, couches … in the locker room, in the steam room,” she said.
    The story also includes a tale of Denver’s mayor leaving his robe at the club and girls parading around in it and the inclusion of a well-known Denver lawyer, a city money manager,

  8. Blouise,

    I have to go with OS, Mike and AY on this one. Kay talking gibberish about the law is one thing, but what she’s doing here? Truly stupid and asking for trouble. As someone who has personally removed someone else from the clutches of drug dealers who wanted them dead, these are not the kind of people you screw with unless you want to wear a pine box or have absolutely no other choice and an angle. To achieve any kind of heft in the drug business requires some serious – and I do mean serious – sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies. Their “day jobs” are irrelevant. Once you hit distributor level in the black market drug trade, you are dealing with dangerous animals who may look like people but aren’t. Think reptiles who walk like men. Think stone cold killers. Personally, as long as she doesn’t threadjack, I don’t give a damn what Kay does. I make no bones about the fact I don’t like her one damn bit, but by the same token I don’t exactly wish her dead either. If what she claims is remotely true, then what she’s doing here is actually dangerous to more than just her freedom and to more lives than just her own. If they come for her, they won’t leave any witnesses.

    If she had a lick of sense or would take advice from anyone (which she won’t), she’d contact the Prof. and ask to have those posts taken down ASAP. I also hope she hasn’t spread this stuff elsewhere where she can’t get it removed either. On a stupid scale of 1 to 10, this is about a 15.

    And that’s no bullshit either, Blouise.

    I’m as serious as a heart attack.

  9. Blouise,

    If I may add my two cents… Colorado is unlike other states…But it does hold the distinction of where the rich and powerful from around the world and the US and those well connected meet to play in the snow…..many definitions of the meaning….

    I know a person that was the front man for a major branded hotel….

    Maybe, I was not clear when Kay asked….. We don’t care if she contributes…I encourage her to…. it is open to all…. but when you start airing others laundry for spite….. I think I take exception….of all the years I was in practice….I only can think of 3 or 4 people in the criminal world that hold my respect….not for the crime of course….but that they refused to take anyone else down when they could have escaped exposure to jail for certain…if they’d given names…. to take for example Kay, named name based only upon what someone else said to her….why? I have to ask myself….

    I think that this is a distinction with a difference…

  10. Blouise: Kay described a scenario in which she is playing with fire. You do not tweak the rich, powerful and connected where drugs are concerned. If she persists in that, she is walking on dangerous ground. I am aware of more than one murder, including the son of a distinguished judge, that came from situations similar to that she described. BTW, that murder has “never been solved,” by the local police department and is relegated to the cold case files.

    She insists on keeping the fire alive, but that is not really where she wants to be. I am trying to save her skin, not hurt it. She is the one who seems hell-bent on throwing herself into the flames.

    Here is a “for instance.” I knew most of the principals in this case, although I did not know Mrs. Sherry. These types of people are not to be trifled with by amateurs. If they can get a judge and his wife, what makes Kay bulletproof?


  11. Otteray Scribe
    1, May 3, 2011 at 2:15 pm
    Kay has managed to hijack another thread with her incessant navel-gazing self-absorption.


    No she hasn’t and no, she wasn’t … she was trying to follow rules that keep changing.

    Hey big boy … why don’t you just tell her she wants to commit suicide again … being a professional and all.

    Sorry guys, I have truly read enough of this “you’re going to get killed or you’re going to kill yourself” crap.

    Kay … whatever your problems may be, perhaps this is not the best place for you … it sure as hell is no longer a place I want to be.

    Man’s inhumanity to man … disgusting!!

  12. Do not go to local law enforcement to complain about local wrongdoing and expect results.~Otteray Scribe

    wise words OS…as the saying goes; ‘A mighty dragon cannot crush a local snake’ ….

  13. Carolyle

    Also I did read the review of Alexander’s book on the Friends of Justice website this morning. I basically agree with the premise, but I have almost no personal knowledge to add. When I was detained at Clear Creek Jail in Georgetown Colorado (without being charged with a crime, I have NO criminal history record), there were only two black women prisoners there. There were a lot of prisoners there for drugs and they were all white except for the two. I didn’t interact with male prisoners.

    In the mountain communities in Colorado there are a lot of issues related to drugs but at least when I lived there there were only one or two families that were black. My husband said that when he grew up in Steamboat there was ONE black woman who was a friend of his family but some people didn’t like her. Some American Indians. So the drug issues there were basically all related to money.

  14. Kay has managed to hijack another thread with her incessant navel-gazing self-absorption. 🙁

  15. AY, what is your attraction to the adorable little elves???

  16. Otteray Scribe
    1, May 3, 2011 at 9:53 am
    There are just some things that defy the imagination.

    On a more serious note, we may start seeing more of this as energy prices go through the roof.

    we may start seeing more of this as peope can no longer afford the extravagant fees of those who don’t do thier jobs well….
    kay sieverding
    1, May 3, 2011 at 10:48 am
    OK AY, how’s this then:

    I was in jail in Colorado without being charged with an offense and I discussed this with the other inmates. A woman told me that her father was a big lawyer with an office on 17th St in Denver. She said that her mother caught her father with a shoebox full of cocaine and that is why her mother divorced her father. She said that her mother said that her father was selling the cocaine to lawyers and judges.

    Kay….you rock……hahahahahaha!

  17. Carolyle

    I have a subscription to Alan Bean’s Friends of Justice website and even posted there a few times.

    One theory I heard was that they made pot illegal to supplement the income that law enforcement lost when alcohol became legal.

    A white middle class student from my high school, which had very few black students, died from a heroin overdose when we were both in high school. I didn’t know him.

    A police officer told me that one of the basic principles of regulation is that there shouldn’t be laws that aren’t enforced because that results in disrespect for law in general and increases law breaking. In Steamboat there was a road where the speeding limit was only 15 mph and he thought that was bad.

    When I complained of zoning violations from my neighbors extra buildings it followed his lawyer on his behalf threatening me for having employees in my home. And the City almost bankrupted someone I knew, and tried to have his house torn down, because he had built 18 inches into the setback area. He did that because his house was cracking due to a plan approved by an unaffiliated licensed civil engineer so he had to have external supports.

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