Flying While Muslim: Two Imams Thrown Off Flight To Conference To Discuss Islamophobia

Two Muslim religious leaders were tossed off a Delta flight in Memphis after a pilot refused to take off with the men on board. Imam Masudur Rahman and Imam Mohamed Zaghloul, of the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis were told that they could not reboard the flight after it returned to the gate. It is the latest example of discrimination against Muslims due to their appearance.

The men were allowed to board the Delta Connection flight from Memphis, Tennessee, to Charlotte, North Carolina. They were headed to conference discussing Islamophobia or fears of Islam and discrimination against American Muslims. Delta helpfully supplied a roaring example for discussion groups.

Rahman said that Delta officials spoke with the pilot for 30 minutes but the pilot continued to refuse to fly with the men. They were allowed to board a later flight and Delta apologized for the pilot’s conduct.

The flight was operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, which is investigating the incident. However, since Delta makes people fly these contractor airlines when they book with Delta, it is Delta that must take responsibility for this action.

Source: Daily Mail

44 thoughts on “Flying While Muslim: Two Imams Thrown Off Flight To Conference To Discuss Islamophobia”

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  2. What is odd is that the 2 men were apparently wearing middle eastern dress. The 19 men who flew the planes on 9/11 wore western garb, I guess the pilot thought they were doing a double reverse. That pilot needs a new job: talk radio maybe.

  3. Unless you can tell me what a terrorist looks like racial profiling is a waste of time. I can easily bring 10 Muslims from my neighborhood to the airport and you would probably only ID 2 of them. Meanwhile you would probably call out my Sikh neighbor and be grilling him while one of the more European looking ones held the goods. Ethnic profiling is a crutch for the small minded and a real help to the bad guys who know if you are looking for ‘X’ don’t look like ‘X’.

    As a security professional who runs penetration testing occasionally this is one of the basic commandments.

  4. Thanks Andy, but I will not vote Republican unless they end wars, take care of the middle class and the poor and fairly tax the rich and corporations and stop their war on women. I think I would have to live to 150 and that still would not be likely. 🙂

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