Flying While Muslim: Two Imams Thrown Off Flight To Conference To Discuss Islamophobia

Two Muslim religious leaders were tossed off a Delta flight in Memphis after a pilot refused to take off with the men on board. Imam Masudur Rahman and Imam Mohamed Zaghloul, of the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis were told that they could not reboard the flight after it returned to the gate. It is the latest example of discrimination against Muslims due to their appearance.

The men were allowed to board the Delta Connection flight from Memphis, Tennessee, to Charlotte, North Carolina. They were headed to conference discussing Islamophobia or fears of Islam and discrimination against American Muslims. Delta helpfully supplied a roaring example for discussion groups.

Rahman said that Delta officials spoke with the pilot for 30 minutes but the pilot continued to refuse to fly with the men. They were allowed to board a later flight and Delta apologized for the pilot’s conduct.

The flight was operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, which is investigating the incident. However, since Delta makes people fly these contractor airlines when they book with Delta, it is Delta that must take responsibility for this action.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Raff,

    Indeed, happy birthday. I am running ahead of you at 64 but soon you will be one of those seniors who only think about themselves and vote republican.


  2. I wonder if pilots would get a clue how stupid they look if TSA security guards started trying to do their jobs — coming into the cockpit and checking the guages. “Hmm, these engine readings don’t look too good. Better cancel this flight!”

    If a pilot feels it is unsafe to take off with a certain passenger on board, then the airline should have the option to replace THE PILOT, or ground the ENTIRE FLIGHT. Those two options should suffice. This BS about “Gee, our hands are tied, you know, like, what can we do?” is what shouldn’t fly.

    What if he didn’t feel safe flying with midgets on board?

  3. I have loved a good mojito since my college days, raff. They were Hemmingway’s favorite drink. They’ve got enough club soda in them to stave of the dehydration and the worst effects of a hangover; important when you get up every morning at five to write like Papa did.

  4. Happy Early Birthday, Raff!

    Many many happy returns too.

    I raise my mojito in your honor!


  5. Hmmmm. This is the first I heard of Delta’s dress code. WShat other articles of clothing are forbidden by this airline and why isn’t this policy posted beforehand?

  6. I have a tickee to ride. A little known fact, we use more sheets per head than anyone else. It is not the hair count but the thread count. We prefer Muslim over Percale, Percale is rough.

  7. I’m tired of these mutha$#@$ muslims on this mutha%%$## plane.

  8. Well, what can I say, “Muslim In a Plane” is the Title of my new Series. It seems after reading this Blog that that title has been Hijacked as well. This will call for a Holy Jihad to you.

  9. Obviously profiling is only one factor. There are many others. However simply wearing “muslim garb” wouldn’t be a factor as statistics don’t show that a preponderance of terrorist were wearing a certain type of clothing.

    Insurance companies will pay for mammograms for women of a certain age but won’t for men. While men can get breast cancer, they are far less likely. It isn’t a prejudice or a bias. It is statistics.

  10. rafflaw,

    the no-win situation is that when the follow the law, they are accused of not doing enough to prevent terrorism and are sue unless the government gives out millions of dollars so they won’t be. And if they don’t follow the law, when they are overzealous, they get sued (rightfully) for violating civil rights.

    Also, following the law gets them sued and harassed and protested against even if no attack happens.

    And as far as profiling goes, fine. I guess you are right. That little amish girl has an equal chance of being a terrorist as anyone else. I hope you never post anything denouncing the TSA or other legal actions being done on some 101 year old nun or anyone else.

  11. A passenger aboard a Chicago-to-San Francisco flight was wrestled to the floor by flight attendants and fellow passengers late Sunday night after the man began yelling and banging on the cockpit door as the flight approached SFO, according to authorities.

    28-year-old Rageh Almurisi of Vallejo was seated in the coach section of American Airlines Flight 1561 when he allegedly started to walk briskly toward the front of the plane within 30 minutes of its scheduled landing at SFO, San Francisco police Sgt. Michael Rodriguez said.

  12. 2many,
    No,profiling does not have to be taken into account. The airlines are not in a no-win situation. They only have to follow the law. Period. It is not difficult.

  13. when are they going to change the phrase “shouting fire in a crowded theater” to “yelling muslim on a crowded airplane”.

    were any of the 9/11 hijackers or the shoe bomber or the underware bomber dressed in traditional muslim garb?

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