California Mother Sues Chuck E. Cheese As An Unlawful Gambling Operation

In California, Denise Keller, says she is trying to keep children safe from gambling. The mother of two daughters has filed a class action against Chuck E. Cheese for games that she says is just a form of toddler gambling. Before those five-year-olds turn “whac-a-Mole” into whacking mob moles, Keller wants the chain to held liable for violating California’s gambling laws. She even found a lawyer in such a Quixotic lawsuit, attorney Eric Benink.

I am personally tired of getting muscled from those CEC heavies whenever one of the kids wins big at the gaming room. “Where A Kid Can Be A Kid”? More like where a mark can be a mark.

I know that many will view these games as just harmless fun but they fail to see the daisy-chain of token games leading to more serious crimes like insider baseball card trading and lunch money loan sharking. It is the very problem found in Riverside (not Riverside California, but it could be any day now):

There is no indication that Keller is a band leader. She is a real estate agent. She is however asking for damages and restitution of at least $5 million.

Chuck E Cheese lawyers (presumably costumed figures with giant heads) insist that the lawsuit should be dismissed without even tickets for Keller to redeem from some token toys. They have added that, even if this were considered gambling, Keller comes to court with dirty hands as an admitted participant in the alleged illegal activity.

While many may question this lawsuit, the video below from a Chuck E. Cheese in New York may change your opinion. After this scene, Marlon Brando redeemed his tickets for the actual souls of the other kids:

Source: San Diego

19 thoughts on “California Mother Sues Chuck E. Cheese As An Unlawful Gambling Operation”

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  3. When I was a young man, Gino’s sold hamburger’s for 5 cents. Now, children are groomed from the cradle for Vegas. Everything has a tie-in. We stay in Vegas permanently.

  4. CEJ,

    Honestly, the only vocalese I’ve ever been able to Stomach is Carmen McCrae’s Monk album. And thanks.


  5. Gyges,

    “Vocalese makes me twitchy.”

    How about Joni’s version of “Twisted” any exception?

    More important, Congratulation’s on the birth of your little one!

  6. CEJ,

    As much as I enjoy all the musicians involved, I just could never get on-board with that album. Vocalese makes me twitchy.

  7. Never held a little kid’s birthday party there but attended some. It is awful,pardon me.

  8. Keller’s lawsuit can be seen as a gamble itself. 5M payoff vs. looking like a blithering idiot before the world.

  9. Now to be clear, this is just my opinion!

    Chuck E. Cheese’s AKA Chuck E. Diseases should be avoided by all during cold and flu season; and no one should take a newborn or immune compromised person there at any time.

    On a lighter note:

    “The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines”

    music by Mingus
    words by Joni

    I’m down to a roll of dimes
    I’m stalking the slot that’s hot
    I keep hearing bells all around me
    Jingling in the lucky jackpots
    They keep you tantalized
    They keep you reaching for your wallet
    Here in fool’s paradise!

    I talked to a cat from Des Moines
    He said he ran a cleaning plant
    That cat was clanking with coin
    Well, he must have had a genie in a lamp
    ‘Cause every time – I dropped a dime – I blew it
    He kept ringing bells
    Nothing to it!

    He got three oranges
    Three lemons
    Three cherries
    Three plums
    I’m losing my taste for fruit
    Watching the dry cleaner do it
    Like Midas in a polyester suit
    It’s all luck
    It’s just luck
    You get a little lucky and you make a little money!

    I followed him down the strip
    He picked out a booth at Circus Circus
    Where the cowgirls fill the room
    With their big balloons
    The cleaner was pitching with purpose!
    He had Dinos and Pooh bears
    And lions – pink and blue – there!
    He couldn’t lose there!

    Des Moines was stacking the chips
    Raking off the tables
    Ringing the bandit’s bells
    This is a story that’s a drag to tell
    (In some ways )
    Since I lost every dime
    I laid on the line
    But the cleaner from Des Moines
    Could put a coin
    In the door of a John
    And get twenty to one
    It’s just luck!

  10. Chuck E Cheese has lousy pizza. I was forced to take my children there. Screw that rat and his band.

  11. This reminds me of two movie references:
    W.C.Fields in one of his movies –
    Rube: “Is this a game of chance?”
    Fields: “Not when I’m dealing!”

    Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”
    His boss at the carnival explaining why he shouldn’t worry about not being good at the ‘Guess Your Weight’ booth –
    “Navin, you have taken in fifteen dollars and given away fifty cents worth of crap, which gives us a net profit of fourteen dollars and fifty cents.”

    Both work well for the lactose rat & adult friends, boys Dave & Buster

  12. I wish to be the lead Plaintiff in the Class Action lawsuit…..I have been duped into games……They have taken my money and shared not one cent of the wealth…unless you consider hard cash (paper money) for worthless bobbles and trinkets to be a suitable exchange…which I do not…..

    It is not where a Kid can be a kid….I won’t go into details…but they will asked you to leave….especially if you try and hog the games…because you know you are going to hit just right…..or….if….say….you “accordantly” snag someones else’s tickets by mistake…..They can make it hell…..all while trying to live up to the motto…..

    What are the different theory’s….. needed for a successful result… Injury…..Cause….proximate cause….. ok…

    How about Duty, Breach of Duty, Causation and Injury……. They all seem to be present….how about….social embarrassment…..hmmmm…..

    I’m in……..

  13. I am forming a group to take on the Dave & Busters consortium. No more games; no more prizes; it’s all conspiracy to force the kids into Ballys.

  14. Sigh … I feel sorry for this woman’s kids … she’s a major buzz-kill!

  15. I am surprised that this idiot did not hire our favorite Birther attorney to represent her in this waste of court time!

  16. I’ve reviewed her allegations, but all I can conclude is “Where is the beef?”

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