Today’s Picture of the Week

Jeff Boal, visiting from Weaverville California, took this picture in front of the Supreme Court recently that seems to confirm the view of many on the current trend of the Court.

Perhaps the greatest concern of Jeff is not the move right sign but the rather the nearby “no u-turn” sign.

We are always happy to see pictures taken by our regulars.

10 thoughts on “Today’s Picture of the Week”

  1. Cute photo, but was it really taken in front of the Supreme Court? Looks to me like it could have been photoshopped. If the sign is real it has to be temporary, judging by the way it’s nailed to a 4 x 4.

  2. “Fate, it would seem, is not without a sense of irony.” – Morpheus, The Matrix

  3. Great picture and so appropriate. The Supreme Court is not only going one way, they are going there in a limo provided by their employers, Big Corporations and the Wealthy elite.

  4. Ah…did you miss the possibilities of the Cross…..on the One Way Sign….

  5. The only thing that could be better is, if it was a wrong way sign.

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