“You’re Going To Like Where We Land”: United Under Fire For Ad Placed Above Ground Zero

Some New Yorkers were a bit displeased to see a sign put up at the Cortlandt Street R subway stop above ground zero for United Airlines reading “You’re going to like where we land.” The last flight to land at the location was United Flight 175, which struck the south tower on September 11th. This has not been a great week for United, which had to apologize for reinstating the flight numbers for the flights that crashed into the World Trade Center and at Shankville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

United blamed the use of the prior flight numbers on a technical glitch and the ad at ground zero on a third party vendor.

Flight numbers 93 and 175 were mistakenly assigned to two flights by Continental Airlines and with the merger of the airlines ended up as United flights.
“You’re Going to Like Where We Land is also the Facebook page of United Airlines where President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Smisek promises that this will be “an exciting time for all of us.” I expect many executives are hoping for a less exciting time next week.

Source: NBC

8 thoughts on ““You’re Going To Like Where We Land”: United Under Fire For Ad Placed Above Ground Zero”

  1. I suspect some in United’s marketing department, as well as its outside advertising agency responsible for billboard buys, will be joining the gainfully unemployed very soon …

  2. And some people wonder why corporatists need to be kept out of government . . .

  3. I had to do a double take the other day,I was across from Newark Airport and saw a plane going for a take off and on the tail was the Continental logo as shown above with United on the fuselage of the plane.I had forgot they had merged.

  4. And if I can prove it….the incorporation of Bush and Cheney….for misfeasance while in office….I do believe that they knew….but waited like the US to use as leverage just like they did in the Pacific Theater…..Pearl Harbor…..

    And think the US was not ready for WAR then….they had been building and stock piling every need for war…..Tanks, Planes, Jeeps….If you think I kid….look at Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties of Michigan…..and where did Rosie the Riveter come from….

  5. Frank,

    United deserves the full backlash of their customers, employees
    and stockholders…

    Has Jeff Smisek been replaced yet?

  6. Come on! How can this be anything but sabotage? Nobody in their right mind (and, while will be the first to say most ‘C’ level execs are not really right in the mind this is an area where they do understand reality) would approve something like that ad.

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